​How To Use Gold Jewelry To Look More Beautiful?

​How To Use Gold Jewelry To Look More Beautiful?

May 1st 2022

To be beautiful with gold and jewelry, you should know the principles of using these accessories and do not use them too much.

The use of jewelry plays a very important role in the style of each person and you can emphasize your type with a necklace or ring. Here we teach you how to use any piece of gold or jewelry to make your look more beautiful.

The effect of gold and jewelry on looking more handsome

The right choice of jewelry and ornaments can completely change the type of your type and the clothes you wear and give it a special beauty and style. But if you do not choose the right jewelry and jewelry and use whatever you can get, you may look slutty, untidy and even amateur in the eyes of others. It all depends on what kind of gold and jewelry you use.

For example, simple and small jewelry is the best choice for the type and clothes that have crowded designs, sequins, crochet or embroidery. But if the clothes you are wearing have a simple print and cut, for example when you are going to wear a white uniform with black jeans, you can choose more crowded jewelry.

Or, for example, if you want to have a professional and formal look in the office and workplace, you should choose elegant necklaces and stud earrings. If you want to add a little classic charm to your bridal gown, you should use pearl necklaces or diamond earrings.

effect of gold and jewelry

Criteria for looking good with gold and jewelry must be considered

To look good with gold and jewelry, clothes and accessories must be together. At first glance, setting jewelry with clothes may not seem very strange and difficult to you, but in fact you are wrong! This choice can be a difficult and confusing one. This is because you may find that after wearing clothes and hanging new jewelry, it does not fit the color of your clothes, skin color or the shape of your face or clothes. For this reason, it is necessary to be aware of a set of general principles and rules about setting gold with clothes in order to always look good in clothes.

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Which is more important: clothes or jewelry?

This is the question you have to answer. Do you want to show off your jewelry more than anything else, or do you prefer your clothes to stand out? When you can answer this question for yourself, you can make the right choice for accessories. With a special piece of gold, you can turn a simple dress into a stylish and unique look. But if it is more important for you to see the clothes, we recommend that you go for small and sparkling jewelry that do not attract too much attention and the emphasis is more on the clothes.

Choose jewelry according to your clothes

Most tasteful women know that in order to look more stylish, it is necessary to use accessories whose color and design fit perfectly with the clothes they are wearing. For example, if you wear black and white, it is better to use white or black jewelry. Or if the collar of your dress is open, use long necklaces and pendants.

Get help from the composition of metals

Fortunately, these days the combination of several precious metals can be seen in the designs of many world goldsmiths and emerging designers. Many artists who are active in the field of making handmade gold, like the designers of Amin jeweler, combine gold and other metals or materials to design and make very stylish and unique ornaments that are unique in their kind. When you use different metals such as gold, silver, copper or brass together, it means that you have combined several different textures and colors that make your style more beautiful. You can use jewelry that has different materials in layers together to have the best look and feel.

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Use different models of earrings

Never forget the earrings. Earrings are among the jewelry that are more visible than other accessories. When you talk to another person, the only jewelry he or she sees is earrings. That's why it's so important to always choose earrings that fit your hairstyle, hair color and face shape. To be stylish, go for colors that are more in line with your type and create a beautiful contrast with your hair color.

You need to change your earrings according to your clothes and hair shape. Be sure to note that earrings have a great impact on your type and style, and do not neglect its miracle of being fashionable. Therefore, it is necessary to have various samples of this accessory in your gold and jewelry box, from pendant samples to jewels, pearls, clips, etc. If you love to buy jewelry, we recommend that you focus more on buying earrings that are more beautiful each time with different samples.

Use different models of earrings

Use rings, necklaces and bracelets in several layers

What is meant by multiple layers? Choose different designs, textures and sizes of a piece of jewelry and use it at the same time. For example, tie a short chain with a very small plate around your neck so that it does not hang. In the second layer, choose a longer chain from which the pendant or a larger stone hangs, or has a special design in itself. In the third layer, the necklace chain should be longer and so on. Different colors, designs and sizes together create a much more beautiful look of gold.

In the case of bracelets, you can also use different designs and colors together. Several not-so-thick bracelets, each with its own design and pendant, will look much more beautiful on your hands than a single bracelet. You can even use a combination of leather and gold to make it even more attractive. In the case of earrings, you can combine the jewel samples with a pendant and hang them in several layers from the ear. You can also get help from piercing.

Know the correct time to use jewelry

We said above that using jewelry in multiple layers is more beautiful and makes you look stylish and fashionable. But here we remind you to be careful not to overdo it! If you have used delicate and multi-layered necklaces to draw more attention to your neck and chest, you no longer need to use multi-layered bracelets or earrings. Because excessive use of jewelry has the exact opposite effect and instead of looking beautiful, it will hurt your brigade.

Always keep in mind minimalism and even go for delicate gold in multi-layered designs. "Always look in the mirror carefully before leaving the house and take off one of the accessories that hangs from your head and neck," said Coco Chanel.

Practical tricks for using the right jewelry

Ask yourself, which piece of gold is most important to you? This question means that you have to decide which part of your type and clothes should be seen the most. In order to create a focal point for your jewelry, you only need to pay attention to one part of the body. For example, neck, hands or corners. Simply put, if you are wearing a long or large necklace, you should use small and simple earrings and bracelets that will get the most attention.

Another principle of being elegant and stylish is the clever use of jewelry. As mentioned above, you can use gold and jewelry to turn a simple dress into a special and stylish type. You just have to know what gold to use for what clothes.

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Our recommendation is to stand in front of the mirror and set your jewelry with your clothes. In the end, you will find out which accessory is more suitable for your type and has more effect. In this way, you can have different types with your limited resources. With repetition and experience, you can find the right models for you. Take time to prepare yourself every day, because then you can try different combinations of jewelry and ornaments with your type and dress to finally find a perfect fit for the special occasion of the day. Over time, you will learn what jewelry is right for you and what does not fit your type and outfit.

Originality and elegance or fashion

Being a fashionista is not a bad thing at all. But if you focus on what you need to buy now and what color and fashion it is trendy, you leave almost no room for creativity and specialness. Always try to rely on your taste and creativity. When you have your own type and style, you will have more self-confidence and you will be seen more. This also applies to the selection and use of jewelry. That is, when you want to set jewelry with your clothes, do not look for what is fashionable now, but refer to your heart and wear the most appropriate option.

make jewelry

When buying jewelry, be sure to pay attention to your personality and mood. Because each piece of gold or jewelry you use conveys a message about your personality to others. For example, having a ring on your finger is a sign that you are married. Or, for example, simple and delicate jewelry that is free from any luxury and crowds, will evoke the impression in the viewer's mind that you are a person who pays great attention to simplicity but fashion.

Where can we make jewelry according to our taste?

You need to choose the right models to look good with gold and jewelry. To make this jewelry, you can also buy your favorite gold from gold shops or online and reputable stores. Amin jeweler is one of the reputable online stores in US that offers a variety of gold jewelry for women, men and children. All products in this store are handmade and made of the best quality of materials.

Tips to know to look good with gold and jewelry

- If your skin color is cold, it is better to choose white gold, silver, steel, platinum and white and light jewelry. But if you have warm toned skin, you should look for a variety of yellow, orange, honey and similar jewelry.

- The higher the grade of gold, the more pure it is and the less peripheral metals are used in its construction. As a result, allergies are less likely to occur.

- You should choose your clothes and jewelry based on the conditions. If you want to go to a friendly dinner party, you do not need to hang a bright and patterned earring from your corners. Or if you are in a formal meeting, you should definitely use simple and classic earrings.

- Long necklaces are not suitable for short people at all. Also, short necklaces are not seen at all on the necks of tall people and as a result will not have any effect.