​Tips of Being Handsome; How to Be the Most Beautiful In Any Community?

​Tips of Being Handsome; How to Be the Most Beautiful In Any Community?

Apr 29th 2022

The principles of being handsome are the factors by which you can look more attractive and fit than you are. For this purpose, you should also consider the criteria that we have fully and comprehensively explained to you in this article. But at a glance, these criteria include attention to clothing size, skin color, body shape, hairstyle, face shape, clothing type, and the type of accessories you choose. For example, if you have a large body and you are considered obese, it is better to wear high heels, or choose clothes that have vertical lines and dark colors to show your body more delicate. Or if you are too thin, it is better to wear a checkered dress to look a little fatter.

In general, clothes and accessories play a key role in making your body and body look beautiful or ugly. So making the right and smart choice will take you several steps closer to being comfortable.

The importance of following the principles of good looks

By following the principles of good looks, you can make your body more beautiful. But beyond that, you show others by caring that you care about your health and appearance. This can have a very positive effect on work and professional issues. Because when you care about your personal and personal issues, it means that you value and value others and their opinions, and this makes you more trustworthy and orderly.

Criteria and principles of being handsome

Observing the principles of being handsome is based on recognizing body shape, skin color tonnage and recognizing facial shape. We have briefly explained the different body shapes, different face shapes and whether the skin color tonality is cold or hot.

Being Handsome

Types of body shapes and clothes suitable for each

Pear-shaped limbs

In women, it means big hips and thighs. Suitable clothing for these people is knee-length skirts, dresses with square collars, boat or open collars and A-shaped dresses.

Apple-shaped limbs

In women, the shoulders and breasts are large and the waist is narrower than them. Fully loose shirts, dresses with a weekly collar and a belt at the waist are suitable for these people.

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In men, the waist is narrower than the shoulders and the chest is stretched slightly to shoulder width. These people should use body-fitting clothes to show their body better. Wear regular length ties.

Rectangular limbs

In women, the size of the shoulders, waist and abdomen are equal. Slim waist, low curvature and small breasts are the features of this organ. These people are better to wear with a round collar or a charming collar.

In men, that is, the width of the shoulders, waist and abdomen are equal. You should wear clothes with a horizontal pattern on the upper half or a scarf. Of course, wearing extra clothes also increases the volume of the chest and shoulders.

Hourglass limbs

In women, that is, the waist is narrow and the breasts and buttocks are large. Suitable clothing for this body is tight and tight shirts. Wear tight jeans.

Triangular limbs

In women, the breasts and shoulders are large and the waist is narrow. It is better for these people to wear clothes that have a high waist or shirts that have a cloche skirt and hem.

In men, the waist and abdomen are fatter than the upper body. Therefore, it is better to choose clothes that have both upper and lower body designs and colors. To create an illusion in the shape of the body and remove the gaze of others from the back of the person. One-button suits, light colors and vertical designs are also suitable.

Types of skin colors and colors appropriate to them

Cold skin color

If the veins in your hands are blue, it means that your skin tone is cold. Cold-colored skins go well with clothing and white metals such as silver and white gold, and red, purple, and blue clothing and gems look more beautiful on their bodies.

Being Handsome

Warm skin color

If the veins in your hands are green, it means that your skin tone is warm. Clothing and jewelry such as gold and copper will double your beauty, and yellow and green orange clothes and stones are more suitable for you.

Neutral skin color

If the color of your hands was neither, it means it is neutral. All kinds of colors of clothes and jewelry are compatible with different goods and colors with neutral skin color.

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Clothing selection tricks

To choose the right clothes, you should pay attention to your body shape. Obesity and thinness of your body play a key role in choosing clothes. Therefore, in the following, we have written the tricks of choosing clothes for obese and thin people separately for you. Note that criteria such as gender, design and color of clothing are very important. In general, black and other dark colors reduce the amount of shadows seen on a person's body. This causes visual acuity and as a result makes the person look slimmer. In contrast, warm colors such as red, pink, and orange increase the field of view due to the high color effect, and as a result, make the person appear fatter.

Tricks for choosing clothes for obese people

If you have an obese body, be sure to pay attention to the following points so that the clothes look beautiful and stylish on your body:

Thick cloths are not suitable for obese people at all. Because they make a person's body look fatter.

Shiny clothes like satin are not suitable for obese people because they reflect light and make the body appear larger.

Stretch fabrics are by no means suitable for large people. Because they make the features of a person's body more visible.

Matte fabrics with dark colors make the limbs look slimmer.

Clothes that have delicate fabrics such as silk and crepe are more suitable for obese people.

Vertically designed clothes make the limbs appear more elongated and slimmer, so they are suitable for obese people.

Clothes with small designs make the limbs look slimmer and taller.

Dark colors basically make people look slimmer.

Obese people should not wear loose and very loose clothing under any circumstances.

Choose pants that are tighter at the thighs and slightly looser at the bottom because straight models make the legs look fatter.

Obese women are better to wear maxi or midi clothes.

Wear high heels to look slimmer.

Do not use cloche or pleated skirts.

Tricks for choosing clothes for thin people

Wear light-colored clothing to look fatter.

If you have slim legs, wear loose, loose-fitting trousers that are straight.

Do not wear skinny jeans or leggings under any circumstances.

If you have a slim upper body, wear blouses, shirts and loose coats with straight pants.

Floral fabrics and large designs are very good choices for thin people.

Avoid choosing large accessories. A large watch or a wide tie is not suitable for people.

Wear a coat. Coats are designed to make men's limbs more prominent and muscular.

Choose clothes that have thick fabrics.

Wear several layers of clothing to hide the slimness of your limbs under the clothes.

Clothing with horizontal stripe designs makes the chest appear larger and the shoulders longer.

The smaller the checkered design of the dress, the larger the person's body will look.

Never wear loose-fitting clothing as it will make you look thinner.

Tricks for choosing clothes for obese people

Tricks for choosing the right accessory

One of the principles of being handsome is to pay attention to accessories. Always try to choose your accessories and jewelry to match your clothes. This is because jewelry attracts the attention of others and your limbs are not too thin or obese. For example, if you are fat and large, choose large jewelry, such as large and shiny bracelets. Because they attract attention and make your body look smaller. Or, for example, you can use large earrings, glasses, headbands or attractive earrings to attract the attention of others and make you less obese.

Types of face shapes and accessories suitable for each

Round face shape

For a round face, you should choose jewelry that has a contrasting round shape. Tall necklaces up to the chest, long angled earrings with square, rectangular and trapezoidal shapes are suitable for you. Try to use less round earrings as the roundness of your face will show more.

Oval face shape

This face shape fits almost any model. Ring and dangling earrings are the best suggestion for oval faces.

Square face shape

The shape of the square face is made more attractive with ornaments that have a pendant or fine jewelry at the end to divert attention from the angled part of the face, especially the chin. Curved pendants and hoop earrings and large pendants are more suitable for square faces.

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Rectangular form

Short necklaces and stud earrings are the best choice for rectangular faces. Because, the short necklace makes the face stretch less visible. Also, stud and stud earrings make rectangular faces more compact and beautiful.

Heart-shaped or triangular shape

Chokers and short necklaces are the best choice for a heart-shaped face shape; hanging earrings will also be attractive for a heart-shaped or triangular face, as they make the chin appear narrow and round.

Diamond face form

The diamond face shape requires ornaments that increase the length of the chin; so chokers and short rings will add to the beauty of these faces.

Tricks for choosing the right bag and shoes

Another principle of being handsome is choosing the right bag and shoes for the house and the situation. Just as you can't go to a wedding with a sporty backpack, you can't go to college with high heels and a clutch bag. In general, flat heels or sneakers with backpacks and large bags are suitable for everyday situations, and high heels and small bags are used for formal occasions.

One of the tricks to choosing the right bag is its size. Party bags, known as handbags or clutches, are used for formal occasions. Larger and simpler bags are also suitable for use in everyday situations.

Tricks for choosing the right bag and shoes

Tricks to look good

- If you have a big belly, do not use long necklaces at all; because everyone will pay attention to your abdomen and this is not what you want.

- Be sure to choose your clothes according to your body size, neither bigger nor smaller.

- It is better for thin people to wear clothes with warm colors to look good.

- The use of jewelry and accessories will prevent the defects of your body from being seen. So use the accessory based on the tricks we wrote above.

To look good, always try to stand up straight, keep your chin up and your shoulders back.

The principles of being handsome say that if you are obese, do not wear fabrics with a horizontal pattern or plaid.

Men with large bellies should not wear slim waist coats or any coverings that cause the abdomen to bulge.

Lightweight fabrics such as yarn and cotton make you look slimmer.

- Clothes that have different colors of upper and lower body, such as pants blouse, make you look taller.

- Avoid wearing clothes with crowded patterns to look tall and thin.