How to Clean All Kinds of Gold, Jewelry and Silver Necklaces?

How to Clean All Kinds of Gold, Jewelry and Silver Necklaces?

Apr 27th 2022

Cleaning silver and gold necklaces will increase its useful life and maintain its luster and luster for a longer period of time. When you use a necklace on a daily basis, a lot of dust settles on it and blurs the surface of this ornament. Therefore, it is the owner's job to wash and clean your necklace every few months.

If these necklaces have a precious stone on them and are in the term of jewelry, they will be very shiny after washing and you will undoubtedly enjoy the great shine of this decorative device. But how to make a gold and silver necklace clean and shiny at home? In the continuation of this article, we have written the tricks of this work.

The importance of cleaning gold and jewelry

Gold and jewelry lose their luster over time as a result of constant use. There may even be scratches on them. Therefore, it is very important to clean the types of gold, silver and jewelry that you use regularly at home; Take it to a jewelry expert every year or two to have it electrified or plated if needed.

The reason for the turbidity and blackening of gold is that it is made of other precious metals such as silver, copper and nickel. Unlike gold itself, these metals undergo a chemical reaction with oxygen, air, sulfur, and moisture when exposed to the air, which causes your gold to become black and cloudy over time. This is why the higher the gold standard you buy, the less likely it is to turn black.

The importance of cleaning gold and jewelry is that in fact our fascination with gold jewelry is their radiance, which also has a direct impact on our decision to choose and buy.

Clean All Kinds of Gold

Differences in cleaning different types of necklaces

You can use a variety of ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, dishwashing liquid or mild soap to clean plain gold. But for example, you cannot use chemicals to clean silver necklaces because it reacts quickly. Or you cannot use brushes and toothbrushes to clean jewelry, for example, as it may damage the base of the gemstones and their adhesives. You should also not use baking soda for jewelry. Because baking soda seriously damages the texture, strength and shine of gemstones. That is why we have written about different types of necklaces in cleaning methods.

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How to clean a gold necklace

Continued use of gold pieces causes them to become dull and worn. The use of cosmetics, perfumes and moisturizers also causes the gold to lose its luster. If your jewelry comes in contact with chemicals in everyday use, it will lose its luster and shine over time. So you have to clean the gold necklace. How? As described below.

If your gold necklace is simple and has no stones on it, you can easily clean it at home. All you have to do is pour a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid into a bowl of warm water and rub the necklace with your fingers.

If you feel your necklace is too dirty and cloudy, it is best to soak it in water for 15 to 20 minutes. If the necklace chain was thick, you can use a soft toothbrush or brush. Be careful that the brush is completely soft so that your necklace is not scratched.

Then rinse the chain thoroughly with cold water to remove any remaining liquid from the chain.

Finally, dry the necklace with a soft cloth. Do not use a highly sticky towel to do this; because the particles and villi of the towel get inside the chain. The best option is a microfiber napkin or towel. This method will make the jewelry polished and shiny.

Do not use this method to clean silver or gold necklaces on which precious and semi-precious stones are mounted; because unnecessary wear will loosen the stone clamp, weaken the adhesive and cause the stone to fall.

How to clean a silver necklace

The silver necklace becomes dark and dull when exposed to the air. That is why it should be taken care of more than a gold necklace.

There are various materials for cleaning and shining a silver necklace. One of them is polishing napkins for silver jewelry. With this napkin, you can shine silver artifacts. Using this napkin is also very simple and you just have to pull on the surface of the necklace. This Another option that you can use to shine a silver necklace is the silver black cleanser that is sold in the market with the same name. But to clean a silver necklace that has a thick texture, it is better to do the following:

Brush the surface of the necklace with a white toothbrush and toothpaste to remove all surfaces below and above it.

Rinse the necklace with lukewarm water and then dry it completely with a soft, lint-free towel.Note: Note that some toothpastes have more cleansing properties than others. Depending on the type of silver used in the necklace, toothpaste may scratch the surface. Therefore, the safest way to do this is to use silver polishing paste, which is specially produced and supplied for this purpose.

clean a silver necklace

Another method you can use to clean a silver necklace is as follows:

Pour two tablespoons of salt and two tablespoons of baking soda into a bowl of hot water.

Put the necklace in this solution and let it sit for a few minutes to remove the blackheads.

Then soak the necklace and dry it with a soft, lint-free towel.

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How to clean a pearl necklace

Pearl is a natural gemstone that is extremely sensitive to acid, alkali and moisture. To keep the pearl shiny, you should keep it away from contact with cosmetics, hair spray or perfume. The best time to use pearl necklaces is to hang it from your ear or neck after wearing all the clothes, complete makeup and using perfume and spray. Because the pearl necklace is very easy to scratch and its beauty is damaged. Therefore, you must be very careful to clean it. Follow the procedure below to clean the pearl necklace:

Dip a soft, clean cloth into it. Do not use any dishwashing liquid or soap. Wipe the wet cloth on the pearl necklace.

- You do not need to put any pressure on the pearls and just gently wipe both sides of the necklace.

Note that pearl stones are also sensitive to the sweat of the human body. Therefore, after using the pearl necklace, be sure to dry it with a clean damp cloth and put it in its box so that it does not become cloudy or blurry.

How to clean a jewelry necklace (jeweled)

Follow the procedure below to clean the jewelry necklace on which the jewel and precious stone are mounted:

1- Make a small amount of lukewarm water solution and soap powder.

2- Wet a lint-free cotton cloth in the solution. Take extra water. Then use it to clean the surface of gold and jewels. Do this gently so as not to damage the stone.

3- After washing the jewelry with the soap solution, take another handkerchief and moisten it a little, then rub it on the surface of the ring and the jewel to wash the soap.

4- Finally, leave the ring aside to dry in the open air. Be sure to dry the jewelry. Because water and moisture stay on it, it causes the gem to crack.

When cleaning silver or gold necklaces, be careful not to wet them or brush them if precious stones such as opal, emerald and tanzanite are used in your necklace.

clean a jewelry necklace

General tips on cleaning silver and gold Necklaces

- Do not use toothpaste or baking soda to clean your necklace; because it causes excessive wear and scratches on your jewelry.

- Gold necklaces can also be electrified using jewelry polishes. You should get this material from jewelry stores. The correct method of using it is written on the polishing box. Make the necklace shiny and new according to the instructions.

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- Clean the stone necklace with a damp cloth. Do not apply any pressure to the surface of the necklace so that the stones are not damaged.

- Chlorine in swimming pool water is one of the main enemies of your jewelry. So to maintain the shine of gold, it is better to take off your gold while swimming.

- To prevent damage and scratches on all types of necklaces, we recommend that you use perfumes or cosmetics before using any chemicals such as detergents and bleaches.

- Never put pearls in ultrasonic devices or heater cleaners. The best way to clean pearls is lukewarm water solution and mild soap.

- If the hair is stuck between the locks of the necklace, you can remove it in the following two ways:

- Burn the hair with a lighter to remove it from the lock.

- Lock some shaving creams on the locks of hair for a few minutes. Then submerge the necklace and wash it.