​Are The Jewels You Use For A Friendly Period Also Suitable For The Workplace?

​Are The Jewels You Use For A Friendly Period Also Suitable For The Workplace?

Jul 11th 2022

Choose jewelry based on position

Choosing jewelry based on the situation shows how much you have mastered fashion and you know very well that everywhere it demands its own type and style. Undoubtedly, you know that the necklace or gold service that you use at night parties, for example, is not suitable for wearing during the day and at work.

You should choose your clothes and jewelry according to the type of party or specific destination you are going to. In this article, how to set jewelry and ornaments with your type and clothes? You can read the basics to make the right choice.

But in general, it does not matter where you plan to go; Work, a friendly party, a family get-together, a funeral, a birthday or any other kind of celebration. Periodical parties and events are the best opportunity to have fun with clothes and jewelry and to show off being fashionable and up-to-date.

From what has been said, you must have realized that choosing the right jewelry to match your outfit is also important. So try to be careful so that the things you wear and the jewelry you choose are unique and not easily found everywhere.

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It is good to know that jewelry reflects your personality and is a complement to your clothes. When it comes to choosing accessories and jewelry, your own guesses will no longer work. In fact, you cannot choose your jewelry by trial and error.

In this article from Amin jeweler blog, we have suggestions for you that keep you fashionable and stylish and help you to attract the curious and obsessive looks of the moderators.

Choose the right clothes

The first rule of fashion is to wear appropriate clothing. Wearing clothes that are over-worn or under-worn can make you feel like you are not worth the party.

You, too, naturally do not want to be the center of attention and the disgusting looks of others for the wrong reasons. Read the general guidelines below to help you choose jewelry based on different situations.

Choose the right clothes

Suitable jewelry for the workplace

Choosing jewelry based on your job position depends on what company and what space you work in. Here you have to be very careful and pay attention. Where is your work place? Is it in the office, school, hospital or other serious environments?

At your workplace, try to make classic and simple jewelry such as small rings, stud earrings, small pendants, chain bracelets or simple bracelets.

Diamond jewels or gemstones are also suitable, but try to choose single jeweled rings or stud earrings or small things with a little show-off.

If your workplace is an intimate and informal environment, you can combine and display a bit of your personality with the jewelry you choose; For example, wear large or pendant earrings or bracelets and layered patterns, large bracelets or multi-layered necklaces .

But avoid jewelry or ornaments that are too big or too flashy.

Special jewelry made from other materials, such as wood or leather, are great choices when you are, for example, a salesperson and in direct contact with the customer.

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Suitable jewelry for dinner or supper in friendly periods

Friendly and informal occasions are actually ceremonies that you have to be smart in choosing your clothes and jewelry.

This ceremony is exactly when it allows you to shine and reveal your personality. In fact, here you are free to do whatever you want; except be careful not to use the jewelry you choose for special occasions for a friendly dinner table.

Friendly periods are an opportunity for norm-breaking and free choices. Wear long earrings that you like, wear a few rings on your hands, wear wide bracelets and hang striped necklaces around your neck. It's okay to pay a little attention. You are out to have fun with your friends so be free and ignore the rules of choosing jewelry based on the situation.

Jewelry suitable for formal and special parties such as weddings or conferences

Here's your time to shine! For parties where you wear formal clothes such as a suit or shirt and evening dress, your jewelry should be special and magnificent.

Jewelry suitable for formal

Is your dress simple and does not allow you to show off? So, try not to keep your jewelry simple and balanced. Use jewelry that has large diamonds or gemstones to give you an attractive and seductive look.

If your dress has a simple color with uniform and linear cuts, enhance your class with your jewelry.

Chandelier earrings and pendants or necklaces with several jewels or stones can do the job well. If your earrings are in the spotlight, it may be best not to wear a necklace at all.

On the other hand, if your necklace stands out, pair it with a pair of stud earrings.

If you want to look attractive and magnificent, use flashy bracelets and stylish rings for your fingers.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Choosing Jewelry by Position

What jewelry is better to use for formal work ceremonies?

If you are a woman, it is better to use a necklace (if visible) or a pearl ring for such a ceremony. Of course, you should note that the short necklace and ring are also quite elegant. At formal occasions, you should not show off your clothes or jewelry because it is completely unprofessional. If you are a gentleman, try to use a watch with a classic and simple design. Your ring should also be a simple gold ring.

What jewelry is more suitable for a formal dinner party?

You have to have a lot of dignity at formal parties where there are a lot of strangers. For this purpose, pair a simple dark dress, such as a black shirt, with jewelry that has diamonds, emeralds or rubies.


On what basis should jewelry be chosen?

The first thing to consider when buying jewelry is the situation and circumstances in which you are going to use it. For example, in an educational and cultural environment it is better to use only a simple ring and chains and bracelets in such places are not a good choice at all. Or, for example, in mourning ceremonies or funerals, you should not use shiny and large jewelry. By observing this issue, you respect the owner of the parliament. But at a friendly night party, for example, when you wear a T-shirt and jeans, you can hang several long and short chains around your neck and look stylish and special.

What are the most suitable jewelry for men?

If you have a formal type, look for accessories such as a brooch (on the coat), a head button or a very thin and delicate leather bracelet next to your watch. If you are married, get a very simple ring, preferably platinum or white gold. Simplicity is always more attractive than glamor. This can be clearly seen in the various models of different brands.