14k Solid Yellow Gold Owl Lucky Bird Stud Earrings Women Children Push Back 11MM

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Very beautiful 14k solid yellow gold owl lucky bird push back stud earrings.
Size: 11*7MM (0.43" *0.28") widest points.
Weight: 0.7 gram
Type of fastening: push back butterfly
Post length: 9MM


In Japanese culture, a Lucky Owl is a well-liked lucky charm that is said to ward off difficulties. This idea derives from the Japanese word for owl, fukurou, which has two meanings: good fortune and protection from suffering. Lucky Owls are wonderful presents for friends or loved ones because they are made authentically from a variety of fabrics or ceramics. Depending on the color of the Japanese lucky owl, it may convey a different message.

  • White – promotes joy.
  • Pink is a love color.
  • Grey - promotes health.
  • The color red is lucky for you.
  • Green is a symbol for dreams.
  • Gold is extremely prosperous.

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Generally speaking, owls are nocturnal birds. They are therefore closely associated with the moon, the night, and even femininity. Owls also stand for mystery, protection, secrets, and mysticism in addition to wisdom, which is their most well-known symbol. In the eyes of the Native Americans, owls represent vision and foresight.

Ancient Greece, Asia, and America have all used owls as symbols of wisdom and magic throughout their histories. The owl is a potent totem that attracts prosperity and abundance, according to ancient Chinese philosophy. In Indo-European culture, the nocturnal bird is revered as a protector and is known as the goddess Athena, who appears as an owl in Greek mythology.

A wise owl is a symbol.

Owls are excellent thinkers and hunters; rather than resorting to violence, they favor devising their own plans for action. Ancient Greece is where the owl's association with wisdom first emerged. The owl served as the emblem of the goddess of wisdom, Athena, whom the ancient Greeks revered. As a result, the owl has stood for wisdom, knowledge, and wisdom for centuries—even as a prophecy. Owls are now associated with learning and intelligence; jewelry with this logo is frequently given as a graduation gift. Because they used this design on the coin, the Greeks are also to blame for the owl's association with wealth.

lucky owl

The owl as a protector's symbol.

Owls are also revered in some cultures as a kind of protector against harm and bad fortune. To ward off demons, owl feathers were once used. Celtic owls are depicted as warriors and guardians of honor in symbolism and tradition. The ability to comprehend the underworld's path, in the eyes of the Celtics, was a result of the Owl Warrior's wisdom. .

In American Indian culture, owls are significant figures. Each tribe has its own interpretation of the owl's symbolism. Typically, owl legends are told in the context of death, transformation, and rebirth. The owl has a special Native American meaning that combines wisdom and death. The guardian of sacred knowledge, in their view, is this sentient being. The owl is a sign of truth and, more specifically, of self.

Night is traditionally associated by many tribes with death and the underworld. This nocturnal bird is thought to accompany the deceased to the afterlife by some Native American tribes. The owl's call is a bad omen because of this. The mothers and elders of the tribe will frighten the kids with tales of owls stealing souls and killing people at night, teaching them that it is dangerous to venture outside after dark. The owl is regarded as a great teacher at night because of this.

The word "Fukuro," which can be translated as "difficult," or the combination of Kurou and Fu, which mean "no," also connotes a protective element, is pronounced as "fukuro," which means the arrival of luck. Some people hold the opinion that an owl's color and shape have an impact on one's level of luck and strength. For this reason, owl-related goods and mementos are widely available in contemporary Japan.

Although owls have a complex symbolic meaning, owl jewelry still has a special charm, and owl patterns have long been popular in the jewelry industry. It is possible to wear owl jewelry as a personal amulet to remind oneself of the creature's positive traits.

In a strict sense, wearing an owl ring, bracelet, or pendant is a representation of the wearer's feelings for owls. Nothing magical exists. Even though wearing owl jewelry can make you happy and won't actually protect you or impart practical wisdom on you, why not do it if you like owls?

gold lucky owl

Some people believe that the color and shape of the owl influence its luck and strength. For this reason, owl-related goods and souvenirs are very popular in contemporary Japan.

Although owls have complex symbolic meanings, owl jewelry still has a special appeal and owl designs have long been popular in the jewelry industry. Owl jewelry can be worn as a personal amulet to remember the creature's positive traits.

Strictly speaking, wearing an owl ring, bracelet or pendant is an expression of the wearer's affection for the owl. Nothing magic exists. While wearing owl jewelry can make you happy and won't protect you or impart practical wisdom to you, why wouldn't you love owls?  

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Other Details

Base Metal:
Yellow Gold 14k
Metal Purity:
Yellow Gold
Country/Region of Manufacture:
United States
Length (Inches):
Animals & Insects