14k Solid Yellow Gold Fairy Angel Stud Earrings Women/Children/Men Push Back

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Very beautiful 14k solid yellow gold fairy angel push back stud earrings.
Size: 13MM (0.51")
Weight: 0.7 grams
Type of fastening: push back butterfly
Post length: 9MM

The difference between fairies and angels

Fairies and angels are often confused. Although they are very different creatures, having wings can be confusing. While attending a school that only allowed crosses or holy medals, a Playful Young Granddaughter learned that this confusion can sometimes be used to her advantage. She assured the teacher that "it was the angel Gabriel" when she was asked by the teacher about the Fairy Tinkerbelle necklace she was wearing.

Even with prior flying experience, Team Leader Giddy's Aunt still finds the whole "Christmas Tree Hanger" thing confusing. Aunt Giddy is a fairy queen. So is it an angel or a fairy? In fact, that may not be the case. A few Christmases ago, the CGAs asked their Facebook friends at Giddy's what their Christmas tree tops were and most of them had stars!

The Tree-Topper question is not new. It is believed that the first Christmas tree was decorated in Latvia in 1510 with an angel at the top...probably. The tradition spread and by Victorian times, Christmas trees had become part of Christmas celebrations in England with an amalgamation of stars and angels. One star represents the Star of Bethlehem and the angel represents the Angel Gabriel of the Nativity.

But the question remains... where do fairies come from? Fairies may actually have an even older claim to evergreen treetops as part of midwinter festivities for thousands of years!

Fairy Angel Stud

If you have a tree, and whether it's a fairy, an angel, or a star perched on it, it can provide a magical, peaceful, and beautiful chapter in your life story. . Throughout the history of religions, many different types and degrees of belief have existed in many spiritual entities, powers and principles that mediate between the sacred or divine realms - i.e. the transcendental realms - and the mundane realm of time, space and reality. Cause and Effect. These spirits, when considered benevolent, are commonly referred to as angels in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and beings considered evil are called demons. In other traditions, these intermediate beings are less taxonomic, as they can be benevolent in some cases and cruel in others.

Nature and meaning


The term angel, derived from the Greek word angelos, is equivalent to the Hebrew word mal'akh, meaning "messenger". Thus, the literal meaning of the word angel refers more to the function or state of these beings in the cosmic hierarchy than to the meaning of essence or essence, which prevails in piety. popular, especially in Western religions. Therefore, angels are primarily for what they do rather than who they are.


Whatever nature or inherent nature they possess is related to their origin (God or ultimate being). However, due to Western symbolism (visual notation) of angels, they have been endowed with essential identifying characteristics that often extend beyond their functional relationship to the divine or divine. St. and their performance relationship with the normal world. In other words, the popular religiosity, fostered by angelic representations and symbols, somehow gave the characters a semi-divine or even divine status. angel. Although such events are generally not doctrinal or theologically recognized, some angelic figures, such as Mithras (a Persian god, who in Zoroastrianism became the mediating angel. between heaven and earth, and judge and protector of the created world), have attained demigod or divine status with their own cult.

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Other Details

Base Metal:
Yellow Gold 14k
Metal Purity:
Yellow Gold
Country/Region of Manufacture:
United States
Length (Inches):