14k Solid Yellow Gold Rose Flower Stud Earrings Women/Children Push Back 7 MM

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Very beautiful 14k solid yellow gold rose flower push back stud earrings.
Size: 7MM (0.28")
Weight: 1.2 grams
Type of fastening: push back butterfly
Post length: 9MM


Rose Flower


The rose is a beautiful and popular flowering plant known for its fragrant blooms. It belongs to the genus Rosa and is native to various regions around the world. Roses are widely cultivated for their ornamental value and are commonly used in gardens, floral arrangements, and as cut flowers.


Here are some key facts about roses:


  1. Varieties: There are thousands of rose varieties, each with its unique colors, shapes, sizes, and fragrances. They can be classified into different types such as hybrid teas, floribundas, grandifloras, climbers, shrubs, and miniature roses.


  1. Symbolism: Roses have long been associated with love, beauty, and romance. They are often given as gifts to express affection, admiration, or congratulations. Different colors of roses can convey different meanings; for example, red roses are typically associated with love and passion, while yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy.


  1. Growth and Care: Roses are perennial plants that require proper care and maintenance to thrive. They generally prefer well-drained soil, ample sunlight, and regular watering. Pruning, fertilizing, and protecting them from pests and diseases are important aspects of rose care.


  1. Cultural Significance: Roses hold cultural significance in various societies. They have been featured in literature, art, and mythology for centuries. The rose is also the national flower of several countries, including the United States, England, and Iran.


  1. Uses: Apart from their aesthetic value, roses have been used for other purposes as well. Rose petals and rosewater are often used in cooking, perfumery, cosmetics, and herbal medicine. The essential oil extracted from roses, known as rose oil or rose otto, is highly prized for its fragrance and therapeutic properties.


  1. Rose Festivals: Many regions around the world celebrate roses with dedicated festivals. These events often showcase different rose varieties, offer gardening tips, and include activities like parades, competitions, and exhibitions.


Roses are beloved for their elegance, fragrance, and versatility. Whether you're looking to beautify your garden, express your emotions, or enjoy their delightful scent, roses continue to captivate people's hearts.


What are the benefits of using rose as your earrings?


Using roses as earrings can have both aesthetic and symbolic benefits. Here are some potential advantages and symbolisms associated with wearing rose earrings:


  1. Aesthetics: Rose earrings can add a touch of natural beauty and elegance to your overall look. The delicate and intricate petals of the rose can create a visually appealing accessory that complements various styles and outfits.


  1. Femininity and Romance: Roses are often associated with femininity and romance. Wearing rose earrings can convey a sense of grace, softness, and a love for beauty. They can be a subtle way to express your romantic side or enhance your feminine energy.


  1. Symbol of Love: Roses have long been regarded as a symbol of love and passion. By wearing rose earrings, you can embrace the symbolism of love and carry its energy with you. It can serve as a reminder of love in its various forms, whether it's self-love, romantic love, or love for others.


  1. Connection to Nature: Roses are a representation of the natural world and can remind us of the beauty and harmony found in nature. Wearing rose earrings can create a connection with the natural world and serve as a reminder to appreciate and protect the environment.


  1. Personal Meaning: The meaning and symbolism of roses can vary based on personal beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and individual experiences. For some, wearing rose earrings may hold personal significance, such as representing a special memory, a cherished relationship, or a particular stage of life.


It's important to note that the symbolic meaning of roses can differ depending on the color of the rose. For example, red roses symbolize love and passion, while pink roses convey gentleness and gratitude. Yellow roses represent friendship and joy, while white roses are often associated with purity and innocence. Therefore, the specific symbolism of rose earrings can be influenced by the color of the roses used.


Ultimately, wearing rose earrings allows you to embrace the beauty, symbolism, and personal connection associated with roses. They can be a meaningful and visually appealing accessory that adds a touch of nature's elegance to your style.


You can purchase a stunning Yellow gold rose flower earrings from our shop!


Other Details

Base Metal:
Yellow Gold 14k
Metal Purity:
Yellow Gold
Country/Region of Manufacture:
United States
Length (Inches):
Flowers & Plants
Age Group:
Adults Children


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    Beautiful 14k gold rose flower eariings

    Posted by Tina on Nov 15th 2023

    I bought these earrings for myself as a birthday gift to myself :) and love them! They are solid 14k gold, highly detailed with secure backings! shipping was super fast and delivered the next day! Highly recommend Amin Jewelers for their great quality products and expedited shipping!