What is a trench coat and with what attractive jewelry?

What is a trench coat and with what attractive jewelry?

Jul 22nd 2022

­Trench coat or raincoat is a coat that continues to the ankle or is designed and supplied in short to top of the knee. These coats are often sewn made of waterproof fabrics and usually have a liner. In some models, of course, this liner can be separated, and coat sleeves are generally widespread, meaning it is loose and comfortable and continues to collar. Here are some thoroughly explained to you about the trenches.

What is Trench Coat?

Trenches coat, usually sewn made of waterproof fabrics such as gabardine, leather, wool, poplar, cotton and waterproof flax, are essentially a dress for army officers. That is, the process of designing and producing it goes back to pre -World War I, but because it was widely used during the war, it became known as the Trench Kat. The English word Trench means "trenches".

The trench coat typically has 4 buttons in the front, with two breasts, large collars and belts. On the sleeves of these rains, there are also straps that are closed with dogs. The main color and permanent color of the trenches is dirt, but today it is available in a wide variety of colors. These rains were only covered by men early on, and women were just after World War II who turned to this coat model. Especially after the popularity of the Trench cut among Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, other women were also interested in using these rainfalls. Since then, this rainy model has been popular among men and women and has never been out of history throughout history. Brands such as Barber and Aquascutum are always at the top of the most popular brands in the production of trenches.

Perhaps the main reason for the 100 -year popularity of this rainy model is that it is also practical at the same time. That is, unlike some clothing, it is not merely an apparent aspect, and the waterproof fabrics make it one of the best choices for rainy seasons.

Although the original and classic shape of the Trench cut is still preserved, new and modern models of these coats are designed and offered. For example, some trenches are currently sewn in silk chest and even in some cases with patterned fabrics.

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What is the trunk of coats and rainy?

The rains available today have a wide variety of colors and genders. But above, we said that the classic trench is made of waterproof fabrics such as gabardine, leather, wool, poplin, cotton and waterproof flax and only has earthy and cream color. But now you can find a pink silk raincoat in the market. Of course, if you want your body to stay too hot, it is best to use wool and leather rains that are astrofidy.

trench coat

In general, the gender of the coat and raincoat is as follows:

Turnich Gabardine

Gabardine is a relatively thick, thick fabric that is a great option for autumn and winter seasons. In addition to its strength, it is lightweight and gentle, so it is used to design and produce all kinds of rain.

Wool trenches

Although woolen fabrics are more heat than other fabrics, they are usually not a good option for trains. Because the main reason for rainy popularity is its lightweight and waterproof. However, wool rains lack these two properties and therefore, it is more suitable for coat. Wool trenches are generally due to high heat and heavy weight are more suitable for use in cold regions.

Leather trenches

Leather raincoat is available in two types of natural and synthetic leather, which in addition to its beauty, has an acceptable heat. You can use the leather types of these rains with formal and informal styles. You should note, however, that the types of rainy leather are more expensive than other types of trenches.

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Cotton trenches

Cotton fabrics, although very soft, are usually not very warm. For this reason, they are used for temperate and not so cold environments. But since the cotton coats are lightweight, they are significantly static and so they are very suitable for use in formal meetings.

Flax trench

Trench coat or raincoat with waterproof flax is a great option for rainy weather and autumn season.

What is the best way to set a coat with other clothes?

One of the great features of the rain is that you can set them with any clothing model. For example, with an informal style or with jeans and t -shirts, you can also be wearing and stylish. But the important issue in choosing rainy clothes is their color fit. It is best to choose your clothes from colors that fit the rainy color. Neutral colors such as cream, beige, gray and black are a good choice for the raincoat; But to have a stylish style, it is best to use colors such as orange, green, red, crimson, etc. that are widely used in autumn and winter.

For men, the best way to have a stylish and formal style with a coat or raincoat is to wear a suit underneath. The best colors for having a stylish formal coating with rainy are neutral colors such as black, gray, cream and beige. Also note that by closing the rainy belt, you can make your waist thinner and make your shoulders larger.

Another thing to keep in mind when wearing a coat is that the trenches should not be free or tight. These types of rain should be exactly the size of your body so that the shoulders and sleeves are not too large or small. When purchasing a coat, make sure your shoulders are not too big for you.

Wearing trench coats shows the upper body larger and is not recommended for women who have a large upper body. If you want to wear a coat in front, it is best to close the belt behind your waist.

Wearing rainy on the basis of its tall

To have a stylish type and style with rain, it is best to choose a height based on your height. For example, a short tanchy coat is more suitable for women who have small, low -height. But if the tall people wear a short coat they will be shorter.

Wearing rainy

Short coat trenches

We call tan cakes that have a long raincoat from under the thigh to above the knee. These models are suitable for men and women, and they do not make their height short or obese. Note that the shorter the coat the height, the wider and shorter. So tall people should ignore the choice and wear of short rain.

Medium -height rains

Rain fields that are high under their knees are the best choice for different people. That is, it doesn't matter if you have tall, short or small, this rainy model will be beautiful on your body. Because this is the standard size of the men's and women's coat.

Tall coat

The coats that have a long knee to the ankle are included in this category. This model is undoubtedly more suitable for high -end. But we do not mean that short and small men and women cannot wear it. In fact, short -height women can make a vision error by wearing long coats that have long and long legs. Of course, it only happens if the coat has a long ankle. Rainfalls that are underneath the knee are not suitable for short people.

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What jewelry are more torn with a coat?

The selection of ornaments proportional to the rain depends on the dress you wear below. If your clothes are formal, you should choose the glowing jewelry of precious stones. If you have informal clothes, you should use jewelry based on your style. For example, jewelry and jewelry tailored to the style of the casual include simple chains, ring earrings, rims, or chain necklaces and cartridges. You can also use a variety of leather bracelets, texture, beads or necklaces used in combination with Macramé or vertebrae to complete your casual type.

But jewelry, even if they are atomic nuclear and fake stones, are not suitable for comfortable and informal types. These jewelry is specifically designed and manufactured for formal events and occasions, and all of which are in line with formal and classic clothing.

It is also advisable to choose the color of your jewelry so that it comes to the color. If your style is selected from warm colors such as orange, red, cream and mustard, it is best to choose a variety of gold necklaces or gold bracelets. Or if your type is cold, it is best to use white gold for your jewelry. Rose gold’s gold is the most proportional to red, pink, or even pastel and fantasy clothes.

What jewelry are more torn with a coat

Last word

In this article, we explained that the trenches, also known as the rainy, are called Katie, which is waterproof and made of flax, leather or poplin. The trenches coat usually has two rows of buttons and one belt and its sleeve is Rebalance. This coat is available in different sizes and is size from the thigh to the bottom of the knee. These coats are always fashionable and available in a variety of colors.

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