​8 Interesting Facts About Gold And Jewelry

​8 Interesting Facts About Gold And Jewelry

Jul 17th 2022

Interesting facts about jewelry are not few. It may come as a surprise to you to know that jewelry has been around for tens of thousands of years and that it happens to play an important role.

In 2018, Americans spent an incredible $ 80 billion on expensive jewelry and luxury watches. How much of your annual income do you spend on jewelry? How much do you know about jewelry?

Although jewelry and jewelry in general are very lovable and have a lot of fans, but there are still interesting facts that you are unaware of. For example, what was the first form of jewelry we know? Or why do engagement rings have diamonds?

In this article, we are going to share some interesting facts about jewelry with you that by knowing them, you will appreciate your jewelry and you will be even thirsty for more information about them. Follow the Amin jeweler blog.

1- The oldest form of jewelry

How old do you think the oldest piece of jewelry is? It's probably older than you think. In 2004, archaeologists discovered a necklace in South Africa that dates back 75,000 years!

This necklace was made of oyster shell and was made by the first humans by piercing oysters and connecting them to each other. The result of their efforts was a very beautiful beaded necklace in ancient times.

Other ancient forms of jewelry included beaded strings made of necklaces or bracelets made of emerald eggshell in Kenya and dental ornaments made in Bulgaria. So, the next time you hang a necklace around your neck, appreciate this ancient heritage.

The oldest form of jewelry

2- Discovering the first diamonds

Most diamonds were formed more than 900 million years ago but were not discovered and mined until 400 BC. Man discovered the first diamonds in India. It then made its way to China and other parts of the world via the legendary Silk Road, which traded between nations. Initially, people valued diamonds as a means of cutting their equipment or used in magic rather than jewelry.

Mankind in ancient times believed that diamonds can only be found in India. Although the diamond industry is a very small industry, diamonds are also mined from diamond mines in Russia, Canada and sub-Saharan Africa.

Diamonds are still used in machinery and tools. Drills, drills and saws with diamond blades are very important in the industry. This is because diamond is a very durable and hard stone.

3- The most expensive stone in the world

The largest diamond found is the Kalinan diamond. This large gemstone weighs more than 621 grams or about 1.5 pounds.

The Kalinan gemstone was not sold in London for many years until the Transva government bought it and presented it to King Edward VII of Britain. The British royal family hired the Royal Diamond Company in Amsterdam to split the diamond into 105 small diamonds.

Although the Kalinan diamond is the largest diamond discovered, it is not the largest gemstone because it belongs to the Bahia emerald. In 2001, Brazilian miners discovered a rock that they said was a real monster. This emerald weighed about 340 kg!

most expensive stone in the world

4- The reason for using a diamond gem in an engagement ring

Have you ever wondered why so many engagement rings are adorned with diamonds? The story of the diamond jewels is perhaps the most interesting fact about jewelry that you read in this article.

In the 1930s, less than 10 percent of the population used diamonds in their engagement rings. In 1990, about 80% of diamond engagement rings were shown. What do you think has changed over the last 60 years?

The story is about the big diamond company De Beers. The company adopted a clever strategy for marketing diamond rings and was able to turn diamond rings into the most lovable and dreamy engagement ring; As a result, it became increasingly popular and in high demand. This is where the slogan Diamonds Are Eternal came into play.

So what do you think makes a diamond so special? A: They are millions of years old and almost unbreakable. For this reason, they can be a symbol of love in marriage for engagement rings; An eternal bond that is unbreakable.

5- The most expensive jewelry in the movie

Following the interesting facts of jewelry, you should know that there are several pieces of jewelry that have been made and made famous by the cinema. Which jewels do you think are in which movies? The heart of the sea necklace in the movie Titanic? Or a single ring in The Lord of the Rings movie?

The most expensive piece of jewelry to date in a movie is Nicole Kidman's necklace in Moulin Rouge . This stunning gold necklace is made of platinum and diamonds and its estimated price is over one million dollars.

In the second place in the list of the most expensive jewelry in the movies, Julia Roberts diamond and ruby necklace in the movie Beautiful Lady and Carrie Bardshaw's engagement ring with the black diamond jewel in Sex and the City 2 can be seen.

6- Variable value according to geographical location

Diamonds are believed to be the most valuable gemstone in the world; but in fact it is not true! The most expensive gemstone in China is jade. Chinese buyers love the jade type of jade.

When you think of jade, you probably think of it as a light green gemstone, but jade is not always green. Jade is also available in purple, yellow, red and blue.

What do you think has made jade valuable in China? In Chinese beliefs, jade is a symbol of honesty, justice, generosity and benevolence. This means that this stone, regardless of its aesthetic value, is valuable to the Chinese people for other special and more important reasons.

7- The same gemstone but with a different name

Another interesting fact about jewelry is the culture of jewelry. Sapphire and ruby are both essentially the same mineral and are composed of a mineral called corundum.

The same gemstone but with a different name

The change in the color of the stone is due to the mineral content contained in each of the stones. Titanium and iron are both the result of the blue color that identifies sapphire. Ruby red color is due to the presence of higher amounts of chromium in the stone.

8- The possibility of making diamonds in the laboratory

Did you know that humans were able to find a way to make diamonds in the 1950s? These synthetic and machined diamonds are chemically the exact equivalent of organic diamonds.

However, synthetic diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds. For this reason, some people prefer to buy synthetic diamonds instead of natural and mined diamonds for economic or moral reasons and to respect nature.

Diamonds made with heat and pressure in nature take a long time to form. But in the lab, the manufacturing process is faster. It takes just a few days to make diamonds that are made in the heat of the laboratory under heat and high pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Interesting Jewelry Facts

On what date was the first wedding ring used?

The need for a wedding ring at a wedding was first announced in 860 BC by a man named Pope Nicholas.

What is the "Star of Asia"?

One of the world's largest rubies is called the "Star of Asia" and is currently housed in the Smithsonian Institution of Natural History (Washington, DC).

Is it true that there is gold in the depths of the ocean?

Yes, about 10 billion tons of the world's gold is in the depths of the oceans.

Is diamond used only to make jewelry?

No, it is interesting to know that only one in a million diamonds mined becomes jewelry.