​The Most Stylish and Latest Models of Gold Necklaces in 2022

​The Most Stylish and Latest Models of Gold Necklaces in 2022

Sep 7th 2022

If you are also curious about the latest necklace model, don't miss this article. Necklace is one of the most popular jewelry that women pay special attention to. You can find various types of these gold necklaces designed and offered for different tastes in Amin jewelers website. But before that, it is better to familiarize yourself with the latest necklace models and the use of each of them. For this purpose, we invite you to stay with us until the end of the article.

A look at the necklace and its effect on different styles

The necklace was the first jewelry used by humans. The initial necklaces are quite simple and made using natural elements such as feathers, bones, tree bark and plant materials. Early human cultures played a significant role in the creation and development of jewelry, including necklaces. Necklaces and their special gender have actually shown the status of people, their prestige and elements of their identity. At that time, the most and most important use of necklaces was in ritual, religious and magical ceremonies and burials.

But nowadays necklace is an accessory to complete the look and style and many women and men use all kinds of necklaces Cartier gold necklaces or elegant chains are among the models that almost never go out of fashion. These models can be used by all people regardless of whether they are men or women. Since this accessory has a great impact on people's style, below we have introduced the most popular, most common and newest gold necklaces.

Introducing the latest models of gold necklaces

The most fashionable and newest gold necklace models in 2022 can be considered Cartier models, chain necklaces, multi-string chains and pearl necklaces. Below we have introduced each of these accessories separately.

Cartier necklace

Cartier is the name of a Swiss brand that has luxury products. This brand is one of the most popular and famous brands among gold and jewelry, which has countless fans. Cartier focuses on designing, manufacturing and supplying a variety of bracelets, rings, necklaces and watches. Cartier texture design is one of the most enduring, famous and popular gold models of this brand that most people think that the name of the model of these chains is Cartier. But this design was originally for the Cartier brand and after that many designers copied and offered it. These woven chains have different types and are made and supplied as punched or stuffed.

Latest Models of Gold Necklaces in 2022

Leather necklace

Among the latest necklace models that have become very popular this year are leather models with gold plaques. These accessories have a narrow leather band or leather texture, which are often designed and offered in choker size.

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The latest model of stone necklace

Stone bracelets are made and offered from various precious stones. Among others, we can mention onyx, marble, amethyst, garnet, turquoise and lapis lazuli stones. You can find and buy various types of stone necklaces at Amin jewelers website.

Delicate women's necklace

Delicate women's necklaces are one of the new necklace models that will never go out of fashion. You can use these elegant accessories single or multi-stranded. The most important issue for using a delicate necklace in the form of multiple strands is the difference in the length of the chain. You should have at least three or four necklaces of different sizes to create a beautiful and minimal layered combination. The shorter the first string, the better. For the second layer, look for an option that complements the first layer. The distance between two layers should be between 2.5 and 5 cm. The third strand of the necklace for the multi-strand design should be longer than the previous two necklaces to have an effect. It is very important to maintain the distance between the third and second necklace.

The latest pearl necklace model

Pearls are a beautiful gem that you wear to give a certain credibility to your style and it doesn't matter whether you are going to a formal party or a friendly gathering. There is no need to use bright or milky colors for the pearl necklace. Contrary to popular belief, having too many sets of clothes and ornaments is not very attractive and it is better to use complementary, contrasting or warmer/cooler colors.

Titanium necklace

Titanium necklaces are popular among people. This precious metal has great strength and hence people choose titanium necklaces for their daily use. Other precious metals such as silver or even leather may be used in making titanium necklaces. It is your art to add other options to make these necklaces look more beautiful or not! For example, you can use the pendant of precious or atomic stones. Titanium is available in two colors, black and silver. Of course, some titanium ornaments are prepared from the combination of both colors of this metal.

You can match the titanium necklace with silver jewelry. Or use jewelry that has black onyx. The only jewelry that should not be paired with titanium is yellow gold or rose gold. These two jewels do not match each other and instead of being beautiful, they will give a very ugly effect to your look.

Fish blade necklace

You have probably guessed from the name of this chain what shape it can have; A wide, flat metal chain with interlocking sections. Small pieces of metal are stacked together in a heft shape to create a shape similar to a fish blade. The biggest problem and disadvantage of this chain is that it twists easily. Since all parts of the chain are smooth and thin, if you pull the chain a little tighter than usual, it may bend and deform. Another drawback is that depending on the clothes you are wearing, these small pieces of metal may get stuck in it and the chain can tear easily.

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In general, our advice is to wear this necklace only for special occasions and after returning home, immediately remove it from your neck and put it in its box so that it remains safe.

Fish blade necklace

chain necklace

One of the newest models of necklaces is chains. Chain necklacesare made and offered in various models and metals such as platinum, sterling silver and colored gold. These artifacts have various designs for women and men. In the guide article for buying gold chains and tips you should know before buying this necklace model, we have written everything for you.

- Anchor chain: double-sided rings are placed next to each other in order to give a strong and unbreakable appearance to the chain. This design is inspired by the ship's anchor, and its most common model is the flat chain, which has a stylish and beautiful appearance.

- Rattan woven chain: As the name of this chain suggests, it has a design similar to the woven wicker used in baskets.

- Bead chain: small balls are connected to each other by fine wires to form a rosary-like shape. This model is also called a ball chain, where the distance between the balls may be visible or all the beads are stuck together.

– Venetian Chain / Box Chain: Small square beads are interlocked to form a box-like shape. Narrow and delicate examples - Venetian chains are very popular and often used with pendants. These chains are very soft and beautiful. In addition to these, they have very high resistance and strength, and therefore, they are very popular among gold lovers.

- Byzantine chains are another of the latest models of gold necklaces, Byzantine chains. Although Byzantine chains have been very popular since ancient times and still have a special place among people. In these chains, golden wires are intertwined and wrapped with great elegance and beauty, giving it a romantic look. This chain may consist of circular or oval rings. In this design, the rings are delicately arranged together and, contrary to its appearance, it is very easy to make.

- Ring chain: As the name suggests, ring chain is made with multiple rings. These rings may be circular or oval and is one of the most common and popular chain necklace models. It should be mentioned that sometimes the ring chain may be mistaken for an anchor. The reason is that in both models, interlocking rings are used to form chains. In some models of anchor chains, the rings are double-holed and others are single-holed.


- Infinity ring chain: As you can guess from the name of this chain, it consists of connecting infinite rings. This ring is similar to the English number 8, which is a symbol of infinity when horizontal.

- Omega chain: This chain is different from the other examples mentioned above. No rings or beads are connected in its construction. The Omega chain is made of soft and smooth metal. The inner part of this chain is made up of intertwined wires or a metal network. This internal part helps the flexibility of the chain and that is why Omega is considered a very strong chain. Of course, this chain may be flat instead of round. In this case, it has a soft and smooth surface that reflects light very well. For this reason, it has a lot of shine and is suitable for night parties.

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- Panther chain: Panther chain often has a smooth surface, in the upper part, it looks like several bricks are stacked on top of each other. Panther means "cheetah" in English and you might be thinking to yourself what does it have to do with bricks! In fact, the final design of this chain is reminiscent of cheetah spots. Panther chain is often three rows, but may be offered in thicker widths and more rows.

- Popcorn Chain: The design of this chain, as the name suggests, looks like popcorn. These chains are formed by connecting several metal pieces of the same size and have acceptable flexibility. These parts may be connected flat, round or recessed. It should also be remembered that all these metal parts are hollow.

- Rope chain: This chain consists of oval rings and they are intertwined in a way that looks like a spiral and finally resembles a rope. The rope chain is very old and has great strength and durability, and for this reason, it is still popular with people. Some examples of this chain have a diamond cut that gives them a dazzling shine and beauty.

Rollo chain: Rollo chain consists of circular or oval rings that are all the same size. In appearance, these chains are similar to anchor samples, with the difference that Rollo Chin is thicker and the lower part of the rings are flat.

Practical tips about buying necklaces

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a necklace is skin color. Because paying attention to skin color helps a lot in choosing the type of metal, especially in choosing a necklace. Because the correct harmony of the metal with your skin color makes your collarbone and face look more prominent, which adds to your beauty. People with a warm skin tone should wear yellow gold or rose gold, and similarly, white gold and silver are suitable for those with a cold and light skin tone.

buying necklaces

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- People's height has a great effect on the effect of the necklace. Each person should determine the size of the necklace according to their height. Long necklaces are not suitable for short people. Also, short necklaces are not seen at all on the necks of people who are tall

- Low-cut dresses, because they have a lot of open space, you can easily match and wear them with all kinds of necklaces. For example, a choker as a classic necklace is considered a very good option for a décolleté collar.

Boat neck dresses are in the category of classic and stylish dresses. So you should choose a simple and elegant necklace that does not disturb the balance of this simple beauty.

- Multi-strand necklaces are suitable for open collar dresses. Of course, for this form of collar, any necklace you choose must be placed right between the two breasts. For example, a long pendant is suitable for an open collar.