​Gold Earrings Online Shopping Guide; How to Choose the Best Option?

​Gold Earrings Online Shopping Guide; How to Choose the Best Option?

Jul 3rd 2022

Buying gold earrings online is like buying it from a store. The only thing you need to consider when shopping online is the credibility and authenticity of the store from which you are shopping online.

But in general, it is good to buy gold earrings, in addition to the beauty of gold that you see, pay attention to its fit with the shape of the face, skin color, lifestyle and purpose of using earrings. This means that you should not just look at a beautiful gold earring and buy it. But later you find out that it does not fit with any of your clothes or the color does not match your face.

To make a smart choice, just consider a few options before buying. In this article, we have listed all the things you should consider when buying gold earrings online. Hope you have a good purchase considering these items. Be with us.

Guide to choosing gold earrings based on face shape

To choose earrings, you must first pay attention to the shape of your face. The earrings should complement the shape of your face. What does it mean? For example, if you have a round face, the best model of earrings for you is a rectangular shape. Why? Because rectangular earrings with sides can show the roundness of your face more balanced.

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In other words, to choose the best gold earrings for your face, you should look for a design that contrasts with your facial features.

Below, we have briefly written the various face shapes and suitable earrings for you:

Gold earrings for oval face: People with oval face can use any model of earrings they like. There is no limit to the choice of model for these people. Of course, pendant earrings that are oval fit the face more than other models. But note that gold pendants should not be too long or wide.

Gold Earrings Online Shopping

Gold earrings for round face: Long and rectangular earrings are suitable for women with round faces. Pendant or teardrop models are also suitable models for these people because the height of the earrings makes the roundness of the face less visible.

Gold earrings for the heart face: Pendant earrings that have multiple lines and curves are the best option for the heart faces. For example, earrings that have a wider lower part are a good option to fill the empty part of the cheeks towards the chin.

Gold earrings for a square face: Gold earrings that have a circular shape reduce the sharpness of the square face angles and make the face look balanced. Arguably the best earrings for these faces are very large hoop earrings that go down to the chin.

Gold earrings for a slim and elongated face: Ring, chandelier or long teardrop earrings are good options for this face shape. The roundness of the earrings, which are also tall, helps to make the face less visible.

How do I know what my face looks like?

Oval face: If the face is oval, the width of the forehead is equal to the width of the chin bones. The face narrows from the cheeks to the chin, forming an oval shape.

Round face: It is a circular face that is the widest part of the face in the cheeks and becomes narrower towards the chin or forehead.

Heart face: Heart faces are those whose foreheads are wider than the cheeks. The cheek becomes narrower and narrower as it goes to the chin.

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Square face: Faces are square that have almost no narrow part from the forehead to the chin.

Narrow and elongated face: Elongated (rectangular) faces are generally similar to square faces. This means that no narrow part can be seen from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin. The difference with the square model is that this face shape is just elongated.

Guide to choosing gold earrings based on hair color

Blonde and light hair: Yellow gold earrings are much better than white or platinum gold for light hair.

Dark hair: White or platinum gold earrings are more suitable for this hair color.

Red hair: Yellow gold and rose gold earrings are more suitable for red hair.

When buying gold earrings online, it is good to pay attention to the length and shortness of the hair. Those with long hair are advised to choose long pendants and shiny white earrings that shine through their hair.

But those with short hair can buy any model they like.

How to Buy a Gold earings

Rose gold or light pink pendant earrings are most compatible with dark hair and eyes and green skin. Or gold earrings with very large rings can be worn with darker clothes and shine in the house you are in.

Guide to buying gold earrings online according to other jewelry you have

To buy gold earrings online, you should also pay attention to your other gold and jewelry.

When you have yellow gold earrings, choose the rest of your jewelry from yellow gold. It is better not to look for other metals. White gold, rose gold, silver or copper are not suitable for setting with yellow gold at all.

Yellow gold is set with almost any stone or gem. From colorless and shiny diamonds to rubies and emeralds, they look very stylish and beautiful on gold.

So the Amin jeweler’s suggestion is to choose your birthday moon stone and put it on your favorite earring or ring.

In the case of asymmetrical earrings, you should note that two earrings up to one pair should be the same color. Or have contrasting colors, such as black and white. The metal and stone used in both pairs of earrings should be equal to each other. In this way, in addition to showing the difference, you will show the harmony and pairing of both earrings.

Introducing different models of gold earrings

To buy gold earrings online, it is good to know the different models of this decorative device to have a good choice. Below we have briefly introduced the different models of gold earrings and said which pink shape is more suitable for them:

Clip-on earrings: In this model, a strong clip on which the earrings hang, grabs the earlobe and holds it in place.

Stud Earrings: Stud earrings with and without precious stones are suitable for slim and elongated faces. It is suitable and can be used for any type, from jeans and sports pants to evening dresses and formal parties.

Hoop earrings: In this model, it has a circular shape and a hollow round space is formed between the earlobe and the lock of this circle. These earrings are the best option for square faces.

Drop Earrings: Drop earrings can be all metal or a combination of metal and jewelry. Diamond or pearl is worked on the end of the pendant chain. These earrings do not move much. The pendant is a good option for women with long hair.

Chandelier pendant earrings: The multi-branch pendant is suitable for oval faces and heart-shaped faces. Also, women with long hair should choose this type of earrings.

Introducing different models of gold earrings

Threader earrings: This type of earring has a simple chain-like design. It hangs from behind the ear and may be made of plain metal or supplied with precious stones, diamonds or other metals. These earrings do not have a lock and they sink into the ear hole themselves. String earrings are suitable for heart faces.

Huggie earrings: In this model, as in the example, the rings at the two ends of the earrings meet and so-called hug each other. Huggie earrings are often short and small.

Ear Cuff: Ear buttons, like clip earrings, do not require an ear hole and are designed to hang from the outer ear. This model of earrings can be a simple metal that is clipped on the outer ear or a pendant made of stone and gold. These earrings are suitable for women with short hair. Or they put their hair behind their ears.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Gold Earrings Online

Is it possible to exercise with earrings?

Yes, why not! If you have small, delicate earrings that are constantly in your corners, do not worry about damaging them while exercising. However, if the earrings are large or of the pendant type, we recommend that you remove them from the ear at the gym or during exercise so that they do not get stuck or hit. Heavy earrings may also come off when you jump up and down while exercising. Do not use these earrings in the club afterwards.

Can short women wear long earrings?

If you are a short woman, do not insist on hanging long earrings and chandeliers from your corners because it will make you shorter and make your body look ugly.

Set big earrings and pendants with clothes?

Set your big earrings with a black type. When all your clothes are black and dark, the earrings look much better. Especially if the earrings are bright and shiny. You can also use pendant and colored earrings with a skirt and denim jacket. Collarless blouses and ripped jeans are one of the suitable types for using pendant earrings.

What accessories can a hoop earring be made with?

It is better to go for delicate rings or bracelets. If you like to have a necklace, be sure to choose a delicate and slim pattern.