​How to Buy Gold Bracelets Online?

​How to Buy Gold Bracelets Online?

Jun 11th 2022

Measure the wrist to determine the size of the gold bracelet

As mentioned above, the first step to buying a gold bracelet online is to know the size of your wrist. You can use a cloth meter, ribbon or even a simple thread to measure your wrist.

The standard size gold bracelet should fit snugly on your wrist and not go up and down too much. Note that the widest part of the wrist or the lower part of the wrist bone, which is located next to the palm, is usually measured for the size of the bracelet. Measure this part with a thread or meter and write down its exact number.

When buying a bracelet, you should add 1.3 cm around the wrist so that the gold bracelet is not too tight in the hand. If you want the gold bracelet to be free in your hand and move a lot, it is better to add about 2.5 cm to your wrist, not 1.3 cm.

With this trick, you can buy gold bracelets online and not worry about its size.

Different types of bracelets

To buy gold bracelets online, you need to know the different models of this accessory.

Chain gold bracelet: It has no stones and gems and its nature is such that it looks quite simple and stylish.

Charm Gold Bracelet: Most are metal chains with small pendants or fountains hanging from them. The advantage of this type of bracelet is that you can decorate it to your personal taste. How? By adding or subtracting the pendant to the bracelet.

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Pearl Gold Bracelet: Pearl is very stylish and classy and you can set it with any type.

Tennis Bracelet: Consists of an integrated row of diamonds on hook bases. Although the main nature of tennis bracelets is with diamonds, in recent years, other stones have been used in its construction.

Determine the gold color of the bracelet based on skin color

Everyone has their own unique skin color. But in general, skin color is divided into two categories: cold (pink, red and blue) and warm (yellow, peach and gold).

If your skin color is cold, go for white gold, silver, steel, platinum and white jewelry to buy gold bracelets.

But if you have warm toned skin, you should look for gold bracelets in yellow, orange, honey and the like.

Cold color for cold skin and warm color for warm skin. This formula is also used to choose hair color and clothing color.

Now how do we recognize the color of our skin? It's very simple. Hold the inside of your wrist under the light of the lamp and see if the color of your veins is blue or green!

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If the veins are blue, it means that your skin color is cold and you should go for jewelry with blue, purple or red colors.

If the veins are green, it means that your skin color is warm, you should go for jewelry with yellow, orange and green colors.

Buy gold bracelets based on lifestyle online

People with neutral skin tones are free to choose. This means that whatever color they choose for the gold bracelet, it will be suitable for them and they do not have to worry about this.

Be aware that some gold and precious stones are more compatible with some skin tones and contrast with others. In order to have the best choice and purchase of gold bracelets based on skin color, it is better to pay attention to the effect of gold color on the skin.

Rose Gold bracelet is a great option for light and pale skin because the redness in it creates a beautiful warmth on the face.

Buy gold bracelets based on lifestyle online

If you are a bold person, we suggest you choose large gold or jewelry that attracts attention. Choosing this style of accessory will make your real personality look better.

Conversely, if you have a calm and conservative personality, it is better to go for elegant and simple models to buy gold bracelets. Jewelry that is small and delicate does not attract attention and is more suitable for you who are not very sociable.

People who are special and like to be special should also go for bracelets that are not seen in the hands of another person. For this purpose, they must order the production of a bracelet that has its own design and color.

Guide to using gold bracelets and watches at the same time

If you want your gold bracelet to be seen and noticed by others, you should not use it next to a watch. For example, if you see the watch on your left wrist, be sure to use the bracelet on your right hand.

If you do not care if the wrist looks crowded, fasten the watch and bracelet in one hand (it does not matter right or left).

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You can use the bracelet next to a watch that has a leather strap, but not in other watches with a strap and metal plates!

If you have a luxurious and expensive watch, we recommend that you never expose it to scratches with a gold bracelet. That means do not tie both in one hand.

Always take your bracelet and watch out from under your sleeves to be seen.

To which hand should the gold bracelet be worn?

The simplest answer to this question is which hand you like.

Of course, according to Chinese medicine, you should never wear the bracelet on your left hand as it prevents the tendons and ligaments of your left wrist from functioning properly. This is a belief that the Chinese have believed for thousands of years.

They also believe that men should wear watches and bracelets on the left hand and women on the right.

Our suggestion is to tie the bracelet to your main hand, that is, the hand with which you do all your work. If you are right-handed, it is better to use a gold bracelet in your right hand; and conversely.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Gold Bracelets Online

Does the Amin jeweler also have gold colored bracelets?

Yes, you can see all the models of bracelets in this gallery by visiting the products section of our online store. From colored gold to beaded bracelets, textures, chains and leather are available in this store.

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Is skin tonnage the same as skin color?

No, skin tone is not the same as skin color. Having darker skin does not indicate that the skin tonnage is warm. This means that a person with fair skin can have a cold or warm body.

What color of gold bracelet is more suitable for light skin?

Light gold is suitable for cold skin. Also, light stones such as red, green or purple are the best choice for this skin color because they make the hand look more attractive.

What should a gold bracelet look like for large handles?

You should always choose your jewelry based on your body shape. If you have large handles, be sure to buy large gold bracelets. Delicate bracelets on your hands will not look so beautiful because they are not visible at all.