​How to Remove the Ring from the Swollen Finger?

​How to Remove the Ring from the Swollen Finger?

Apr 11th 2022

How to remove a ring from a swollen finger is not difficult but should be done with caution. If your finger becomes swollen for any reason and you cannot get the ring out of your finger, do not try to reach your goal by force and stubbornness. If your finger is not injured, numb and painful and pale, you can remove the ring with the right home remedies.

How to remove a ring from a swollen finger is not difficult but should be done with caution. If your finger becomes swollen for any reason and you cannot get the ring out of your finger, do not try to reach your goal by force and stubbornness. If your finger is not injured, numb and painful and pale, you can remove the ring with the right home remedies.

To get acquainted with these methods, we have first written the reasons for the swelling of the fingers and then the methods of removing the ring from the swollen finger. Follow the Worship Gallery blog .

What are the causes of finger swelling?

Fingers can become swollen for a variety of reasons, many of which are harmless, but can sometimes be dangerous and require a visit to the doctor. Among the causes of finger swelling can be mentioned the following:

High heat

The heat causes the blood vessels in the skin to dilate. As blood vessels dilate, some of the fluid in them can leak into the surrounding tissues and cause swelling. This type of swelling usually goes away with regular activity.

finger swelling

Excessive use of salt

The body tends to maintain a balance between salt and water, and high salt intake causes water retention and swelling in the body. Swelling from eating too much salty food usually goes away on its own within a day.

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It is the swelling of the fingers in the morning and is an autoimmune disease that attacks the lining of the joints. It can happen to anyone at any age and can cause swelling in the wrists and joints.

Possible obstruction in the lymphatic system

Lymphoma is a disease of the extremities caused by insufficient drainage of lymph fluid, which causes swelling of the entire limb. In rare cases, this disease can cause abnormal swelling of the lymphatic system.


This type of swelling occurs in pregnant women and is characterized by high blood pressure. The sign of this complication is swelling in the hands and face; especially if the pressure with the finger causes a visible indentation on the skin.


Hands may become swollen during exercise; because the blood vessels in our body respond to the increased demand for energy in the muscles. During exercise, the body produces heat. The vascular system allows more fluid to enter the fingers and toes to lower body temperature.

If the kidneys do not excrete excess fluid, the body retains it, which causes swelling.


Some medications cause swelling in the hands, including blood pressure medications, diabetes medications, steroids, and birth control pills.

How to remove a ring from a swollen finger

As we said, using tried and tested home methods, you can try to remove the ring. But again, do not use these methods if your finger is damaged, pale, or numb and painful.

swollen finger

Reduce finger swelling

Put your hand in a bowl of ice water or place the ice pack on the swollen finger for 10 minutes and then hold your hand above your heart to reduce the swelling. That is, in fact, place the injured part and the visible swelling at a higher height above the level of the heart to reduce swelling in that area.

Then hold your injured finger above your heart. Holding the hand up helps drain blood from the tissues and reduces swelling. Do not lower your hand during the whole process of removing the ring, otherwise you will have to continue working with the swollen hand. Hold your hand up so you can pull the gold ring out of your hand.

Grease the finger

Try lubricating the parts of the finger that are above and below the ring with greasy oils and creams, and then pull the ring out of the swollen finger by twisting it. In this method, you can use lubricants such as Vaseline and lubricant gel to remove the ring. Do this slowly because too much speed will cause more swelling. Be aware that during this process, you may need to freeze your finger several times with ice.

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Tie the finger with a thread

Use a thin gift ribbon or wide floss. Thread a ribbon or floss under the swollen finger ring. Use a toothpick if needed. Then, while holding the end of the thread, wrap the thread tightly around your fingers. Tie the free head to secure it or ask someone to help hold it for you. Grasp the end of the thread with the other hand and gently pull the ring forward. In the figure below, you can see the working method.

What if home remedies for ring removal do not work?

Do not spend too much time trying to remove the ring from the injured finger. Trapping a swollen ring or wedding ring on a swollen finger can cause blood vessels to close, trapping blood at the tip of the finger, and can cause permanent damage to the hand if left untreated.

If your swollen finger is blue or purple, or if there is no sensation on the finger, do not touch or remove the ring.

Always try to bend the ring finger slightly as this will reduce the protrusion of the skin on the finger and therefore make the cartilage of the finger a little smaller.

swollen finger

If you are not able to remove the ring with the swollen finger removal methods mentioned above, the best way is to go to the fire department, hospital emergency room or goldsmith to remove it from your finger with safe methods.

After removing the ring, clean the area where the ring was stuck, so as not to damage the finger, and do not put any ring on the finger until the swelling goes away.

Be sure to choose the right ring size for your finger when shopping so you do not have problems later.

Frequently asked questions about how to remove a ring from a finger

How to determine the correct size of the ring?

The ring should fit snugly in your finger and not play much. But it should not be too tight that you cannot rotate it.

Yes, a goldsmith can easily cut a ring and ring stuck in the finger because he has the right tools to cut the ring and will be able to remove the ring without damaging the finger.

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How can inflammation and inflammation of the finger be reduced?

Swelling, if it occurs regularly and persistently, must be checked by a doctor to make sure there is no medical reason. But in general, to reduce temporary swelling, you can use an ice pack and apply it on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes.

Why is it said to raise your hand so that the ring comes out easily?

Because when you raise your hand, all the excess fluid and water moves down the body and away from the finger joints. This will make your fingers narrower and you will be able to remove the ring more easily.

What should we do if the finger becomes swollen due to arthritis?

Try lubricating the area around the ring with butter or oil. Ibuprofen may also reduce swelling.