Guide To Setting Up Asymmetrical And Flat Earrings

Guide To Setting Up Asymmetrical And Flat Earrings

Mar 29th 2022

earrings are a new fashion and trend that has attracted the attention of many people in recent years. According to this fashion, the two earrings are not similar. For example, one of them is long and the other is nailed. Or one of them is the moon and the other is the star. The remarkable thing about unmatched earrings is that despite the similarity, the theme of both is the same. This means that you can not hang two ordinary earrings that have nothing to do with each other from your ears and rock the look!

These jewellery models often have a meaning, a story or a message. As we mentioned, the two earrings complement each other. That is, although they are independent and have a common feature with each other. This feature can be colour, material or design. This fashion is also very popular among celebrities and in recent years, various models of it have been offered all over the world.

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Asymmetry has received a lot of attention from designers not only in the jewellery industry, but also in modern architecture and the fashion and clothing industries. This shows that man in the present century is avoiding repetition and is looking for new and different designs.

Is symmetry always good?

Although symmetry and equality are very important in the lives of many of us, the lack of symmetry can be just as dazzling and unique. Or a slight change in a half-jewel or pearl that has not been repeated on the other side can add several hundred dollars to the value of that gold artefact.

Flat Earrings

Why buy asymmetrical earrings?

These days, most people like to create a lot of variety and changes in their type and appearance, and they are tired of following traditional and old customs and designs. How long can a person who loves jewellery buy diamonds, pearls and yellow, white or rose gold and still be happy with them and be satisfied with his purchase? Classic designs become boring and repetitive after a while, so how much better it is to be able to give a new spirit to your jewellery with new ideas.

Following this pervasive and global issue, jewellery designers began to produce earrings that did not follow a long-standing tradition; That is, the same unequal earrings (earrings with bangs). These gold artefacts may seem strange at first glance, but you will get used to them very soon.

You also use asymmetric gold and jewellery to send a message to others that you are an intellectual with modern ideas and that you welcome new and unusual ideas. Also, those who choose this design of earrings are undoubtedly not ordinary human beings with ordinary desires and are looking for new excitement and events in life.

We also mentioned above that the design of pan earrings is not such that you can take two pairs of ordinary earrings and use them. Uneven earrings are quite conceptual. For example, one of the earrings is a telephone and the other is the body; Or, for example, one is a hoop earring and the other is a stud jewel. That is, two pairs of earrings in a pair complement each other's concept.

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Guide to choosing asymmetrical earrings

The choice of design, colour, shape or concept of this model of earrings depends entirely on your personal taste. Of course, it also has a direct bearing on the situation and occasion in which you are going to use this gold artefact. For example, you can not use puppet earrings for a formal event such as a wedding party because they do not create a beautiful combination with evening dress and will even look ugly and irrelevant.

asymmetrical earrings

Or in friendly and ordinary periods, it is better not to use diamond or emerald earrings. Because it will not look very interesting next to jeans and a T-shirt. Being over dressed sometimes is worst than being under dress!

Therefore, the correct choice of design and material of the earrings depends on the assembly and how it looks in the end on your outfit.

In the next step, it is better to pay attention to the colour of the earrings. Two earrings up to a pair should be the same colour. Or have contrasting colours, such as black and white.

The metal and stone used in both pairs of earrings should be equal to each other. In this way, in addition to showing the difference, you will show the harmony and pairing of both earrings.

In general, with earrings, you can give a special shape, colour or effect to your type and style. But to choose this gold artefact, you need to pay attention to certain principles and rules and do not buy only what you just like. The model you choose should be appropriate for your hair colour, hair height or even the shape of your face. To help make your face, hair and personality more beautiful.