Familiarity with Classic Style, Clothes And Jewelry Related To This Style + Classic Jewelry

Familiarity with Classic Style, Clothes And Jewelry Related To This Style + Classic Jewelry

Apr 9th 2022

Justified personality and in addition to maintaining dignity and simplicity, he also looks very stylish, attractive and adorned. Many of us have a lot of value and respect for those who have a classic type. Because these people, with the simplicity and minimalism of their clothes, show us that they can be attractive without glamor.

Clean and delicate sewing line, neutral colors, no pattern and folding and printing of fabrics, well-tailored and dignified clothes all show the classic feminine and masculine styles.

Classic is a simple but stylish style in which glamor and screaming colors have no place. In this style, the quality and material of the fabric and the stylish and classy clothes are very important. High quality, simplicity and attractiveness are the main factors that must be considered in this style. This style is actually a kind of investment. Because once you buy, for example, an expensive coat and you can use it for many years. Because in addition to good material, simple and minimalist design of this style makes your clothes never go out of fashion and can always be used.

Classic style + Classic Jewelry

Black, navy, jade, crimson, white, and neutral colors such as gray, gray, and ninety colors such as brown, cream, and beige are most commonly used in the classic style. The material of the dress is often chosen from soft fabrics such as silk, cashmere and velvet, and hard, stretch and adhesive fabrics have no place in this style. Very few floral designs and prints on fabric are used in this style. The cut and edge design of the clothes of this style are very soft and gentle, and you can rarely see the wavy and pleated designs in the classic clothes.

In general, when your clothes, accessories and jewelry are simple but stylish and attractive, it means you have a classic style. In the following, we will explain in more detail about the criteria, factors and differences between the classic styles of men and women.

Classic style + Classic Jewelry

In the classic style, the fabric of the clothes is very important; Cotton, wool and silk are the fibers from which classic fabrics are made. These fabrics must have the best quality in production.

The color of the clothes should be neutral because the meaning of being classic in these colors means. The color of the clothes should not be bright and glamorous.

Another important point in this style is the size and fit of the clothes. Unlike casual style, the size of the dress is very important in the classic style.

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A person with this style should also have a classic behavior; the dignity and sobriety that can be seen in your cover should also be reflected in your behavior.

This style can be suitable for any place because its principle is based on comfort and minimalism. You should note that in this style, it is better to keep your hairstyle and make-up simple, because it will make your classic style look more beautiful.

Trench coats, raincoats, formal and stylish coats and skirts, coats and blazers, baggy pants, match pants, knee-length skirts, loafers, classic shoes (men's form), leather cross bags, leather ankle boots, leather boots Fabric crotch pants that have a classic look and the like are all very suitable options for formal and stylish styles.

Introducing a variety of gold and classic jewelry

If you choose the classic style, your jewelry should be simple and minimal. A lady or a gentleman with this style should not use a lot of accessories in his brigade. A watch, a very simple design bracelet, an engagement ring and simple hoop earrings for women are all you will need for this type.

Diamond earrings with diamonds, very elegant and stylish bracelets or simple rings are the best gold and jewelry of this style. Of course, we should mention that for women who are interested in the classic type, pearl jewelry may be the best choice. Because pearls, while being simple and stylish, go very well with classic clothes and add to their charm. This ornament makes an attractive contrasting combination even with jeans.

variety of gold

The jewelry and jewels that are designed, made and offered with this gem have a very wide range and cover any type of taste with any budget. You can hang a very short pearl necklace around your neck or set its long strands by twisting it around your neck a few times. Most 20-year-old women have a collection of short necklaces with tiny pearls. That is, choker and pecan necklaces are very suitable for this generation. These necklaces are either attached to the neck or are up to the shoulder. Women in their 30s prefer to wear longer necklaces. These women often choose opera or rope models so that the necklace will show off well on their chests.

Diamond jewelry shows the most fit with pearls. Both stones are brightly colored and together they can create a stylish and minimalist combination that is the best choice for a classic style. Diamonds and pearls support each other well. Pearl balances the beautiful shine of the diamond, and at the same time, the diamond gives the old and classic form of the pearl a unique look to look modern and up-to-date. That is, the cooperation of these two stones together is a two-pronged deal; both pearls will look more attractive and diamonds will look more attractive.

Classic style

Men's classic style can be considered as the basis of men's fashion. With this style, men show their self-confidence and control. Especially in office environments, this style has a special formality and popularity.

Neutral colors in men's style are also among the main criteria. As a man, you can wear woolen jackets, plain white shirts, V-neck t-shirts and classic shoes. It is also very important to wear clothes that fit your body size. The more appropriate the size of the dress, the more handsome and attractive you will look.

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It can be said that one of the main items of classic style is a formal suit. When buying a suit, it is better to choose two-slit and two-button models with classic colors such as gray, black or charcoal. When choosing a coat, consider your body shape and height, and if you are tall, buy a long coat, and if you are short, buy a short coat.

The use of hats, watches, varnish shoes, leather and suspenders is very common in men's classic style; In this style, leather clothes have a good place. For example, in winter, the use of leather gloves is very common. Leather bags are also very important in the classic men's style.

If you want to wear jeans, it is better to choose men's jeans from the right designs. Wearing men's sweaters in winter can be a good choice for you. Polo shirt, linen pants, oxford shoes, watch, round neck jacket and classic bags are in style.

Classic women's style

Clean stitching lines, neutral colors, simple stripes or minimal details are the features of classic women's clothing. It is interesting to know that red lipstick is one of the inseparable criteria of the classic feminine style.

Being classic is not difficult at all, and choosing clothes in this style has a few simple rules that we have explained above. But as a reminder, for example, you can make a classic and attractive look for yourself with a short and simple shirt, a pair of glitter earrings and a pair of high heels. Or, for example, wear a women's blazer jacket with a pair of shoes and jeans and hold a beautiful clutch bag. Or, for example, white shoes are among the clothes that almost never go out of fashion and you can use this dress to be classic.

Women's striped T-shirts and blouses, inspired by the French navy uniforms of 1985, are other classic outfits to choose from. Cashmere sweaters, ski collars, knee-length skirts, flat shoes, sneakers, leather jackets, camel-colored coats and simple jeans are some of the classic style women's clothing.

Classic Jewelry

The simple and short shirt (LBD) is one of the classic style items and Coco Chanel introduced the short and black shirt to the fashion arena for the first time. One of the good combinations of this shirt is with simple earrings and a pair of high heels.

Another good combination for a classic style is baggy or straight pants. Provided that they are completely simple and unadorned. If you do not want to use pants, you can wear a short skirt. These skirts should cover up to your knee. Midi domains are also a good option.

Famous women who have always had a classic style include the beautiful Audrey Hepburn, Kate Middleton and Jacqueline Kennedy. Grace Kelly's classic style - the model, the famous Hollywood actress and the Queen of Monaco - was also flawless. He always wore a long, simple shirt and chose neutral colors. The Queen of Monaco, even if she wanted to dress casually, wore only a ski collar with trousers. Always wear plain, sleeveless shirts, pants and black shoes. Even her jewelry was simple, and for all occasions, formal and informal, she was content with pearls.