Get Acquainted With Different Types of Ring Bases

Get Acquainted With Different Types of Ring Bases

Apr 8th 2022

The types of ring bases may not be very important to many of us, but you should know that when buying a suitable and beautiful gold ring, it is very important to know the right base. Before buying a ring with diamonds, you should decide on the material and base color. Choosing the right base for a diamond is one of the most important parts of buying jewelry because you need to make sure that the stone stays firmly in place and will not cause any problems.

How the diamond looks on the base, how shiny it is, and how firmly it stays in place are crucial. That's why you need to get acquainted with the types of ring bases to choose the most suitable option based on the diamond you are going to buy.

Application of ring base and its effect on ring beauty

Ring is one of the most popular and best-selling types of jewelry used by both men and women. Sometimes even the use of a ring on different fingers indicates different meanings. For example, when you put a gold ring on the last finger on the left hand, it means that you are showing others that you are married.

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Of course, here we are not going to talk to you about the ring itself. Rather, we want to provide a complete description of the types of bases used for different types of rings. What is the benefit of getting acquainted with the base of the ring? That you can make the best choice based on it and rest assured that the jewel on the ring is properly and in the most beautiful position in place. For example, you should not use pedestals that cover the space around a stone to show the brilliance and coarseness of an expensive diamond. This is because it prevents the diamond from shining, and instead it is better to choose, for example, the base of the diamond.

ring beauty

Or, for example, if you like to have a small piece of jewelry on your fingers, it is better to go to the base of the Pave ring to attract all the looks to your hands with its special shine and design.

In general, the importance of choosing the right types of ring bases is that you can display the value, beauty, shine and effect of metal and stones in the best and most appropriate way. In general, the base of the ring should be selected based on the characteristics of your gold and the purpose of using the jewel. The fewer teeth at the base of the ring handle, the more light hits the rock, resulting in more light being reflected. Now, in order to get acquainted with the different types of ring bases, we have introduced different models below.

Types of ring bases

The basic types of rings include handles, solitaires, holes, paving stones, etc., which we have introduced separately below and have included photos of them so that you are fully acquainted with them.

Prong ring base

The base is more useful for single-jewel models because it focuses more on the jewel than the metal itself. The base of the ring is often used for very high value jewelry and diamonds. This is because its design allows more light to shine on the diamond, resulting in more shine and beauty. Also, this base has a very high strength and is the best choice for diamonds.

Of course, it also has disadvantages. For example, it may stick to clothes or hair. This option may not be suitable for people who want to wear their ring every day.

V-prong ring base

This base has a fork that is curved V from the top. The V-shaped handle base is often used for precious jewels such as diamonds that have angled corners, such as the square-cut corners of a prince or the tip of a pear-shaped diamond. This is because the base knobs protect the sharp corners of the jewels well.

Tiffany ring base

Tiffany pedestal is a kind of pedestal that has 6 forks and is designed and made to make the diamond shine as much as possible. Because Tiffany's company made it and other brands are not allowed to use this design, the base name is also known as the company's brand. One of Tiffany's basic disadvantages is getting stuck in clothes or hair.

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The walled base, as its name suggests, surrounds the jewel with its walls. This base is often used to protect and maintain fancy-cut stones, such as pear-shaped diamonds. The other type, in the form of an arch, covers only a part of the diamond, which is called the half-wall model. This model, which is often used for fancy cut diamonds, gives a modern look to the base, in which an arc of precious metal surrounds the narrow corner of the pear and the V-shaped handle, the narrow part of it. When choosing a wall mount, make sure the ones you are considering are safe or secure.

Solitaire base

One of the basic types of ring is solitaire. The solitaire is such that only one stone is placed in the center. This model is very popular and emphasizes more on stone and diamond than metal. Solitaire is often associated with the chin model. But there are also solitaires that are designed in the form of wall bases.

Channel base

This special base is round diamonds and creates a shiny and luxurious look. By choosing round diamonds, it creates an orderly design of the stones with a greater luster than the baguette stones. In this model, the jewels are well protected and their edges are not exposed to any impact or abrasion.

Types of ring bases

Ring paving base (Pave)

When the surface of the ring is covered with a number of small diamonds, it is called a paving stone (Pave). The name was chosen because the surface is paved like a piece of street with granite stones.

In this model of ring base, the size of the diamonds must be exactly the same. Although their size is small, in general, each stone contributes to the light scattering of this model. To determine the quality of the ring, make sure that its surface looks like a carpet of jewelry.

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Another type of ring base has a single base design and a number of tiny diamonds that can be placed together in the form of a flower or an imaginary design. The stand is usually placed on several levels with a considerable height above the hand, which may be very open and spacious, or it may be more compact. The shape of the finger is effective in choosing any of these. Remember, the open type draws attention away from the fingers, while the compressed type draws attention to the plain and fingers.

Flush base

In this type of base, the surface of the gem is equal to the base surface and only the outer surface and a little from the upper part of the gem can be seen. In this model, the diamond does not shine much, but it still looks beautiful.

Ballerina stand

One of the classic rings is the ballerina multi-jeweled model, which derives its beauty from the way the baguettes are arranged in a cone around a center, creating the appearance of a ballerina skirt.

Things to know about the base of the ring

If you notice that the jewel or gemstone on the base of the ring is loose, it is better not to use it and go to a skilled jeweler as soon as possible to repair it and tighten it in place. Otherwise, the probability of falling and losing the gem increases significantly.

We recommend that you check the base hooks of the ring from time to time; to make sure they are not bent and also to hold the stone firmly in their heart.

Note that the smaller the number of knobs, the more light reaches the gem and as a result, its brightness increases; especially if it is a diamond. But when the number of rings is large, the glow of the jewel decreases, but instead it is firmly and securely fixed on the ring pedal.