3 Main Factors That Men Should Know When Using Jewelry

3 Main Factors That Men Should Know When Using Jewelry

Apr 4th 2022

The use of gold for men seems a bit complicated, and the reason is largely clear. This is because the phrase "men's jewelry" has been almost intangible and strange for decades, and many men are not interested in using jewelry. This has led to much less attention being paid to men's jewelry and jewelry than female models, and their production and supply rates are very low.

Until a few years ago, it was the case that men who wanted to attract attention, or some artists or rappers, wore large gold necklaces, bracelets or rings. This has led many people to think that men's jewelry is not suitable for the general public. In some cases, even the use of these accessories is considered contrary to the official type.

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But you should know that these taboos are being broken. In recent years, we have seen a strong presence of men's jewelry. Today's young men wear different types of earrings, bracelets, chains, necklaces and cufflinks, and their type is not ugly at all; it is even very attractive and lovely.

Therefore, it can be concluded that if men know the correct way to use jewelry, they can undoubtedly add to the attractiveness of their type. But if they are not familiar with the principles of using jewelry, they may cause their appearance to be ugly and ugly. Accordingly, the Worship Gallery goes on to fully explain the principles and rules that men should know about using jewelry. Hope this article is helpful to you. Be with us.

What are the principles of using gold for men?

Men can have an artistic and creative style with the help of jewelry and ornaments. Creativity always attracts attention. The first thing to consider when using men's jewelry is that it is simple and stylish and that the accessory in question does not have an expiration date. That is, after several months or several years, it does not go out of fashion and has a design that can be used forever.

Using Jewelry

What should men's jewelry look like?

Undoubtedly, men's jewelry should be simple and express the personality of the person. Most of the time, the jewelry that is offered to men in the market is big, thick and very rough. But with a little change in the design of these accessories, their beauty can be given as a gift to the masculine type and style.

"I think in designing and making men's jewelry, I think people should remember this design and be able to relate to it," said Michael Seiger, one of the world's lesser-known creative jewelry designers. . I mean, the nostalgic design is important to me. That's why I use drawstrings, for example, to make men's bracelets. "These ropes are created with a pair of sterling silver and a beautiful and nostalgic bracelet."

What should be considered when buying men's jewelry?

Your eye, choose it and do not be too obsessive. Note that jewelry is supposed to make your daily look more stylish. So you do not have to use all the jewelry in one place. Wear one of the different types of accessories such as bracelets, necklaces or chains with each type and style. Below we have described in detail what to consider when buying.

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1- Using gold for men: bracelets

In the past, wide, thick metal or leather bracelets were offered to men. But now the world is moving towards minimalism. This also applies to the selection of men's bracelets. You should look for simple but stylish models. For example, for a simple cufflinks, it is best to get a bracelet that has a different texture. Or, for example, a leather or textured bracelet that is narrow and monochromatic is also suitable for this purpose.

When you decide to wear several bracelets at the same time, you need to consider balance and fit. Stylish bracelets alone are beautiful and attractive, but if you want these bracelets to look good, it is better not to use them too much and use a variety of materials and textures. For example, wear a beaded bracelet, a leather bracelet, and a bracelet next to your watch. Or use a woven bracelet instead of a leather sample. When the material and texture of the bracelets are different, they will make a better and more beautiful combination.

Using gold for men

2 - Use of jewelry for men: ring

If you wear an inlaid ring, be aware that you should not use any other ring on either hand. If you really want to use more rings, it is better to just wear another simple ring in the same hand and do not overdo it. Always keep in mind that the simpler, more stylish.

Other thick and large rings are out of fashion. In addition, this ring model is not easy to use at all and prevents men from doing any activity while typing or doing physical work. Therefore, the best choice for a ring for men is light and slim models, so that when a person wears it, he will forget that he has a ring in his hand. Our recommendation is to choose rings with a width of less than 4 mm.

3- Using gold for men: necklaces

To choose a men's necklace, it is better to go for chains that you can put on the clothes. We emphasize again that you must consider the simplicity and minimalism of jewelry. As a man, you can use delicate and not so big pendants for necklace chains. Preferably go for sterling silver or white gold.

If you are in the habit of always wearing a T-shirt, we recommend choosing medium chains that fit over your chest. These necklaces give identity to your simple clothes and make your look more attractive. Avoid large, thick, gold necklaces with diamond cuts. Shiny chains are not suitable for all men, preferably go for matte patterns.

If you are going to hang several chains around your neck together, try to make the necklaces long and short. For example, use a necklace 60 cm high without a pendant next to a 50 or 55 cm chain with a pendant. For this purpose, your clothes should be a T-shirt or a sweatshirt. You can also use several different metals together in several layers.