How to Measure the Strength of a ring before Buying It? + Measuring ring resistance

How to Measure the Strength of a ring before Buying It? + Measuring ring resistance

Apr 14th 2022

Choosing a durable ring is important in that it saves you the next cost of repair and maintenance. When you buy a ring with the right metal, the right size and 18 carats, you can rest assured that you can use it everywhere and always and do not worry about breaking it. But how to measure the strength of a ring before buying it? In this article, we have explained the methods of doing this to you. Follow the Amin jeweler blog.

The need for ring resistance

One of the most common reasons for a gold ring to break and bend is that the metal that makes it wears out and becomes thinner over time. The more you wear the ring, the more likely it is to wear out; That is, it will be thinner than the moment it is bought, and as a result, it will break quickly. In some rings, this erosion process is well visible.

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Therefore, for the rings that you want to get full time every day, you should consider durable metals. Platinum, for example, is one of the best options for everyday use. Of course, the high cost of this metal may make you think of buying it. But know that buying platinum in the long run is cheaper than yellow or even white gold. If you do not have the budget to buy platinum, go for colored gold. Rose gold, for example, is made from a combination of pure gold and copper metal and is more durable than pure yellow gold. Or you can even choose low-grade gold for your permanent ring. These golds are stronger than high-grade gold due to their impurities and the presence of other metals.

Tips for measuring the resistance of the ring before buying

Tips to consider when measuring a ring before buying include the following:

Notice a gold ring

One way to tell if your ring will wear out over time is to choose a reliable metal. In principle, soft metals are not a good choice for jewelry that is to be used on a daily basis. This means, for example, that high-grade gold is softer than lower-grade gold, resulting in less durability and stability than low-cost models.

Different Types of Ring Bases

Note that 24 carat gold is much softer than it can be used to make gold artifacts, so we do not have any 24 carat gold jewelry. But in comparing 18-carat and 20-carat gold, we recommend 18-carat gold because it has more strength and durability.

Do not go for narrow pedals

Some rings do not have thick walls and this can be easily seen in their appearance. Therefore, it will be financially rewarding for you to refrain from buying such rings. Our reason for this claim is that metals wear out over time, resulting in thin rings breaking and breaking much faster. As a result, the gold artifact breaks or bends, and you have to repair it and pay for it. So it is better to make sure of the long-term durability of the ring by examining the thickness and diameter of the stirrup from the very beginning. If the subtlety of the ring is very important to you, we recommend looking for metals such as platinum, which are very strong.

Choose the right size of the ring

Another reason for the thinning of the ring tape is its resizing. Zooming in or out of the ring is done from the ribbon part. They cut the ring, reattach it, and finally polish it. All these steps make the ring thinner. Therefore, the safest way to prevent the ring from being corroded as much as possible is to buy the ring the size of your hand so that it does not have to be resized.

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Of course, the fingers may become thinner or fatter over time. So it may need to be resized. This is another reason to spend your money to buy a strong and thick ring.

Repair the stirrup of the ring before breaking it

As the ring pedal can not be prevented from being worn, we recommend that you take the ring to a jewelry repairer after it has worn so that the pedal can be completely replaced. In this way, the thinned stirrup is replaced with a new and thicker sample. Or cut the worn part of the ring and replace it with new gold pieces. Of course, the durability and stability of this repair method depends on the metal that you use for this type of patch and callus.

ring resistance

To prevent the ring from breaking or being eaten, you can sell it to the gold once every two years to check the ring and make sure that it cannot be broken. Of course, if the gold has a high grade, it is better to repeat this once a year.

Tips to follow after breaking the ring

Gold is a soft material and its surface is easily scratched. Therefore, get rid of it during hard and heavy physical work.

Note that repairing a gold ring with a jewel and a precious stone is a bit difficult. This is because the repairman must be careful not to damage the jewel and its base during the rounding process and not to tilt or loosen the jewel base.

Hard metals, which are less likely to bend, cost more to repair. For example, repairing a broken tungsten ring will cost you much more than repairing a gold ring.

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Do not expose the ring to extreme heat.

In general, if you use the ring only for occasions and ceremonies and parties, it will have a longer life and will retain its shine and beauty for more time.

Keep your jewelry separate from the rest of the jewelry. It is best to put it in a cloth or bag and then put it in a box. Or put it in a separate box altogether.

You can always count on us for expert help on choosing the right jewelry.