The Importance of the Jewelry Box and Its Selection Guide

The Importance of the Jewelry Box and Its Selection Guide

Aug 10th 2022

When it comes to choosing a jewelry box, we all think of a very stylish and special box that perfectly matches our bedroom decor. But the fact is that this box should be practical and useful, and its appearance is the second priority.

The jewelry box should protect your gold artifacts and precious jewelry well, prevent them from getting tangled together, and prevent them from being exposed to air and dust. In order to buy a suitable jewelry box, you must consider the factors that we have introduced to you in this article from Amin jewelers blog.

The importance of the jewelry box

What is a jewelry box? As its name suggests, it is a device that can be used to put different types of gold, silver, titanium, etc. jewelry inside it. By buying a jewelry box, you can safely store all your jewelry in one place. The design of this box is such that necklaces, earrings and rings have a specific place and fit inside without any tangles.

When choosing the types of jewelry boxes, you should be aware that the box has high resistance against natural accidents and also that the lock is in a way that it cannot be opened easily. In addition, if the jewelry box is made of wood, it should not absorb moisture and not rot.

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In general, by answering these questions, how many pieces of gold do you have? What are these artifacts and how big are they? How many earrings, bracelets, necklaces or pendants do you have? You can decide on the right box for your jewelry. For example, if most of your gold is rings, you should choose a box that has multiple ring stands. Or, for example, if most of your gold consists of bracelets and bangles, choose a jewelry box that has a lot of space so that you can arrange the bracelets in it without tangling. If you have a lot of necklaces, choose a box that has stands on the door to hang the necklaces. In this way, you can keep your gold artifacts and precious jewelry in the most ideal condition possible.

It is also better to choose a design and color that matches your bedroom. For example, if your room design is rustic, be sure to use boxes with the same style. Or if it has a classic decor, choose a box that has many and varied decorations. For modern designs, choose simple but stylish examples.

Introducing all kinds of jewelry boxes

Undoubtedly, there are many different types of jewelry boxes on the market, from glazed and enameled examples to metal boxes with classic or modern designs. But if you are buying a jewelry box with the intention of protecting your precious jewelry (not just to decorate the room), we recommend that you go for the wooden ones. In the following, we have introduced different models for you.

Wooden jewelry box

Wood prevents the formation of moisture in the interior of the box. It is also a suitable insulation for gold and jewelry. Wood is naturally beautiful and has attractive colors and does not need many decorations. It means that it is very stylish at the same time and matches with any decor. We recommend using red oak, pine or spruce wood boxes for your jewelry. Handmade wooden jewelry box is one of the most beautiful models. The wooden box has an acceptable quality compared to other models in the market in terms of security.

Metal jewelry box

This model of boxes is made of metal and you can put different types of gold in it. The durability and quality of this model is higher than the wooden model, and if you are thinking about the high security of your jewelry box, buy the metal model that has a lock.

Enameled box

This box model will have a high value and quality. The quality of the enamel box is acceptable as in the previous two cases. The only difference between it and other models is that it has a high price. So if you have no problem with the price of this product, we suggest you to go for it!

Inlaid jewelry box

Khatam is a combination of regular polygons with different number of sides that are formed by using different raw materials in different colors. In the art of inlaid work, the quality of an inlaid product depends on the fineness of the triangles placed together, or the polygons; that is, the finer and more delicate these polygons are placed together, the higher quality and valuable the inlay work.

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The work of Khatam is done on objects made of wood, copper and brass, each of which has its own beauty. One of the most widely used Khatam products is wooden boxes, which are used to store coins, gold and ornaments in addition to the decorative aspect.

Handmade miniature jewelry box and inlay

Jewelry boxes, which combine the two arts of khatam and miniature, often have a suede lining and polyester lining, which are offered in a variety of sizes for a variety of needs.

importance of the jewelry box

Jewelry stand

In addition to jewelry boxes, there are special jewelry storage stands in the market. These stands have very attractive and diverse designs and can even be used alone as part of the decorative decor of the dressing table. By hanging all kinds of bracelets, necklaces, rings and other ornaments on these stands, you not only give a different look to your room, but all your ornaments are always available.

Other types of jewelry boxes

Apart from these cases, jewelry boxes are also made of other materials. Among others, we can mention the velvet jewelry box, which is very useful and suitable for bride and groom sets. Or, for example, the bow tie jewelry box is very fancy and is used for teenagers' jewelry.

Tips you should know before buying a jewelry box

Jewelry boxes are often lined. Before buying the desired box, be sure to open its door and touch its lining. The fabric should be soft and free of roughness. It should not have lint either. Any type of abrasive or rough coating can damage the body of jewelry. Rough fabric will scratch the gold and make it look old and worn.

In addition to these, to store jewelry such as pearls, you must put them in special jewelry bags and then put them in the box. So that dust does not sit on them and scratches do not occur on their surface. Pearl stones are quite resistant to impact, but they are easily scratched if they come into contact with sharp objects. To prevent such problems, it is better to close the locks of necklaces, earrings or bracelets and preferably do not put them together so that the sharpness of each lock does not scratch the other. When you leave pearls in a box for a long time, they become dehydrated, so try to use these beautiful jewelry once in a while.

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Another thing that you should pay attention to when choosing and buying a jewelry box is whether the box has a lock or not. Of course, this depends on your main purpose for the lockbox. Basically, those who have precious jewelry keep it in a safe at home, in a safe deposit box in a bank or in a safe with a lock. But if your only reason for buying a jewelry box is to easily move it around the rooms of the house and you just want to keep your gold out of the reach of children, a simple lock on the box is enough. Of course, some of the boxes sold by jewelers also have a child lock, which you can choose and buy to keep your gold safe.

It is better to pay attention to the design and color of the jewelry box. Your jewelry storage box should match the color of the rest of your bedroom furniture.

If the design on the boxes has precious stones, it is better to keep it inside the chest.

Cardboard or bow-tie jewelry boxes are not suitable for precious stones and pearls.

Last word

The most popular type of jewelry box is the traditional handmade wooden boxes decorated with various designs such as Khatam motifs. Of course, the variety of jewelry boxes is very large and includes glass and crystal models, boxes with felt, fabric, leather or velvet tops.

In the end, it is good to remind that we offer all kinds of women's and men's gold at various prices in the online store of Amin jewelers. You can order your chosen models online so that they will be sent to you in the shortest possible time.