​Knowledge of gold and jewelry + 38 Strange and Incredible Facts about Jewelry

​Knowledge of gold and jewelry + 38 Strange and Incredible Facts about Jewelry

Aug 20th 2022

Interesting facts about jewelry recounts the statistical facts, historical legends, and structural characteristics of various gemstones used as jewelry around the world. In this article Amin jeweler blog, we intend to express some statements and beliefs about precious stones. Most likely, knowing these facts is interesting for you to read.

Interesting facts about diamonds

1- All diamonds turn into graphite over time.

2- All diamonds in the world are more than 3 billion years old.

3- The United States of America is the largest consumer of diamonds in the world.

4- Only one out of a million diamonds mined becomes a gem.

5- Although diamond is thought to be the hardest material in nature, scientists have recently proven that nanomaterial have a much higher degree of hardness than diamond. It is also said that if you hit a diamond gently with a hammer, it will shatter.

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6- It is believed that the sun will turn into a bright and huge diamond star in millions of years.

7- Until 300 years before Christ, diamonds were used to engrave and cut other gemstones.

8- Diamonds can be burned. To burn a diamond, a temperature between 1290 and 1650 degrees Fahrenheit should be used.

9- The largest diamond that was discovered is the Kalinan diamond. This large gemstone weighs over 621 grams or about 1.5 pounds.

10- In 2014, Russia produced the most precious diamonds in the world.

Interesting facts about pearls

11- It might be interesting for you to know that in some cultures and countries of the world, people swallow pearls correctly and completely to cure their diseases.

12- The largest pearl ever discovered weighed 6.35 kg.

13- It is interesting to know that pearls are formed in only one out of every 10,000 oysters.

Knowledge of gold and jewelry

Interesting facts about gemstones

14- In ancient times, some people believed that precious stones are actually divine drops from the gods, that's why they considered them sacred. The ancient Chinese also believed that the jade stone is actually a gift from the sacred heavenly dragon to the people of the earth!

15- Almost 30% of the volume of agate is made up of water.

16- The emerald stone was mined by the Egyptians 3500 years before Christ.

17- It may be strange to know that very high quality emeralds are much more valuable than diamonds.

18- In 2004, archaeologists discovered a necklace in South Africa that belonged to 75 thousand years ago.

19- Ruby and sapphire are both basically the same type of stone. Their color difference is only due to different minerals that are present as impurities in these precious stones.

20- Sometimes jade stone is also referred to as heaven stone.

21- Amber is a fossilized gum that is at least one million years old.

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22- One of the world's largest rubies is called "Star of Asia" and is currently kept in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (in Washington, USA).

23- In 2018, Americans spent an incredible $80 billion on expensive jewelry and luxury watches.

24- For the first time in 1896, the Cartier Company introduced "platinum" as a jewel.

25- A Tiffany brand wedding ring in 1896 cost $40.

26- It is estimated that the gold and jewelry of the Queen of England is worth about 57 million dollars.

27- The heart of the ocean in the movie "Titanic" directed by James Cameron was not completely a myth and it is said that this very big sapphire really existed and sank at the same time as the Titanic and went to the bottom of the ocean.

28. the most expensive piece of jewelry ever made for a movie is a necklace for Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. This gem was put up for sale for $1 million.

29- Elvis Presley owned three cars manufactured by Sozto Motor Company, in which every chrome part was covered with gold.

Knowledge of gold and jewelry

30- All the gold that has been discovered so far in history can be compressed in a space of 16.5 cubic meters. That is, a space equivalent to one tenth of the memorial statue in Washington.

31- Gold is used in making the helmets of astronauts and especially its glass. Gold reflects UV rays while allowing sunlight to shine into the hat. Thus, the space inside the hat remains bright, but cool.

32- About 10 billion tons of the world's gold is located deep in the oceans.

33- One gram of gold can be turned into a shiny sheet of 1 square meter with a hammer

34- There are very small amounts of gold in the leaves of the eucalyptus tree, but the amount is so small that it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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35- In the 7th century, Italian doctors used gold to make artificial teeth.

36- Dubai is the golden city of the world. In the city of Dubai, gold consumption is so high that in 2010, the first gold ATM was installed in one of the luxury hotels of that city.

37- Some are afraid of gold. Fear of gold is called aurophobia. People who are afraid of gold have a nervous attack if they see gold. Maybe this is not really understandable for us. Because we always thought that everyone likes gold and can use it.

38- Gold is a metal that can be eaten. Gold is a non-toxic metal and its layers can be eaten with food or drink.

facts about gemstones

Last word

In this article, we introduced interesting facts about jewelry. For example, the Jewish high priests used the diamond when deciding whether the accused were guilty or not. "Australian Aurora" is the name of the most valuable black opal ever found. Or, for example, in ancient times, the Chinese considered the supreme jade stone sacred and therefore placed it between the lips, ear holes and nose of the dead to keep the devil away from the dead.