How To Repair A Gold Necklace At Home?

How To Repair A Gold Necklace At Home?

Mar 28th 2022

It might be strange to you because most of us prefer to leave our precious gold and jewellery to a specialist to have it repaired for us. But if the problem with the necklace is not too much and it is to the point of breaking the chain or locking it, you can repair it yourself at home.

But gold repairs require special tools and equipment that you must have. Another important tool is a lot of patience. Making and repairing gold is a very delicate task that must be done with great care and patience. So if you have decided to repair your gold jewellery yourself, we suggest that you do it on a day when your head is empty and you have a lot of time and patience.

Tools needed to repair gold chains at home

The tools you need to get started include:

  • magnifier
  • screw driver
  • Pliers

Note that the tool above should fit the size of the gold necklace. That means you have to have delicate samples of these devices. The magnifying glass is also for you to be able to see the necklaces of the necklace better and bigger. So it does not matter what kind of magnifying glass it is, it just has to have magnifying power.

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Also note that sometimes it may be necessary to apply a lot of pressure to the necklace to open a loop; Or, for example, sometimes it is necessary to close and connect two separate pieces with pliers. That is why we said above that you must have a lot of patience to repair a gold necklace.

Repair A Gold Necklace

Before starting work, you must consider a special place for gold repair operations. This place must be a flat surface such as a dining table, desk, sewing table or even on the kitchen island. Be sure to empty this level of any other device. Clean it and then spread out your repair kit. The reason for this is that in the middle of the work and during repairs, a piece of necklace may fall out of your hand or between the two arms of the pliers, and the table surface should be empty so that these small pieces are not lost.

Be sure to note that gold repairs are very delicate and time consuming, and if you think you do not have enough time or patience to do so, please do not start at all.

How to repair a gold necklace at home

In the first step to repair the gold necklace, you must open the last part of the chain from the torn part with the help of pliers. Once the chain loop is open, attach it to the first loop that is not torn or broken with pliers. Then close it with a screwdriver and tighten it. Do this with the utmost care and delicacy so as not to bend the chain loops.

Maintaining and repairing gold necklaces at home

In the following, we have written and answered some common questions about the proper methods of maintaining and repairing necklaces at home.

What does the examination of gold and jewellery mean?

Jewellery repair and inspection experts examine jewellery pieces. With their equipment, they can inspect everywhere the gold artefact and determine any damage. Also, if the gold needs to be paid for and polished, they will do it for you.

Can the dirtiness of a gold necklace affect its durability and strength?

Yes, it may be strange for you to know that cleaning gold not only enhances its appearance, but also makes it more durable and long-lasting. Because it prevents the gold colour from being eaten or worn. It is very important to clean all kinds of gold, jewellery and silver necklaces . Cleaning silver and gold necklaces increases its useful life and maintains its lustre for a longer period of time. When you use a necklace on a daily basis, a lot of dust settles on it and blurs the surface of this ornament. Therefore, it is the owner's job to wash and clean your necklace every few months. Because it also affects the durability of the necklace.

repair a gold necklace

Is it okay to repair a gold necklace lock at home?

Our suggestion is that if you do not have the experience to do this, never trust your home repair; For example, if you do not repair the lock of your bracelet properly, it may open and fall in crowded places such as the subway or the street.

What kind of gold needs repair the least?

It depends on the material and brand of gold. But know that the higher the gold grade, the more prone it is to break or scratch. Because pure gold is softer. Therefore, use high-grade gold only in special occasions and go for low-grade gold for everyday use.

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Gold is inherently a soft metal that can deform if used to make jewellery. For this reason, other metals are usually added to harden artefacts made of gold. These metals include copper, silver and platinum. Accordingly, the higher the presence of other metals in gold artefacts, the lower the grade of the gold chain and the lower its price, but the greater its durability. Conversely, the more gold in the chain, the higher and more valuable the grade, but less strong than low grade gold.

Why do lines and scratches fall on gold and jewellery?

Scratches and streaks on gold are sometimes due to the poor quality of gold. So that with each small and large contact may be scratched on their surface. But the main reason for the formation of these lines and scratches is due to the constant use of jewellery. When you use your gold jewellery constantly and during daily activities, it means that you constantly expose it to damage, scratches or even breakage.