Cleaning White Gold; What Should Be Done For The Permanent Shine Of White Gold?

Cleaning White Gold; What Should Be Done For The Permanent Shine Of White Gold?

Apr 25th 2022

Color cleaning methods. But because white gold is coated with rhodium and this coating may wear off after 12 to 18 months, you should use it with more caution. Therefore, the cause of yellow gold whitening or turbidity is due to the loss of its surface coating. That's why in this article we have written the best ways to keep white gold for you so that your jewelry stays white and shiny for a longer period of time.

What is white gold and how is it different from yellow gold?

White gold is the same as yellow gold, which is combined with white metals such as palladium or nickel. Of course, when this alloy is to be used in the jewelry industry, a layer of rhodium is applied on it to make it look whiter and shinier. Rhodium is a rare metal in the platinum family that is several times more valuable than gold. Rhodium is very resistant to corrosion and rust.

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Rhodium plating is used to convert yellow gold to white gold. In fact, one of the most common plating in the jewelry industry is rhodium plating. This is because the coating protects the gold from oxidation and turbidity. Rhodium also has anti-allergic properties. So if you want to turn any of your yellow gold artifacts into white gold, all you have to do is give it to a jeweler to apply a layer of rhodium on it.

White gold is sometimes made from a combination of gold with nickel, copper and zinc. These metals give white color to gold. The price of white gold is no different from yellow gold, and you can buy it both in gold shops and online.

Cleaning White Gold

Why does white gold turn yellow?

Almost all white gold on the market today has a layer of rhodium on it. Rhodium plating is not harmful to gold and does not detract from its value, but its whiteness and luster are not permanent. This coating is always subject to wear and tear. When the rhodium plating is removed, a yellowish-gold shade appears beneath it.

The more you use your white gold, the faster the rhodium plating will wear and clear. For example, if your white gold is a gold ring, because you wash your hands regularly, you are more likely to get rid of the rhodium plating faster.

If you are one of those people who polishes their gold every few months, you should know that this will make the gold rhodium plating cleaner faster. Each time it is polished, a very fine layer of gold is shaved off. Well, we know that the surface layer of white gold is the rhodium plating that you use when you polish gold, that is, you cut the rhodium. Therefore, the whiteness of the gold is removed much faster than normal and the yellow gold comes out from under it.

Why does white gold become dull?

White gold is more sensitive than other gold colors, so if you buy white gold, after a short time you will feel that it no longer has the shine it needed before and needs a plating. The best way to preserve the whiteness of white gold is to re-coat it every once in a while. Take your gold to a jeweler to apply a layer of white gold on it and it will shine like the first day again.

We also mentioned the reason above. The color of gold itself is yellow and to make white gold, it is combined with white metals such as silver, nickel and rhodium. Finally, they cover the gold piece to make it very shiny. This coating is almost always made of rhodium. When the rhodium plating is removed, the piece of gold loses its color and surface and becomes cloudy. It is good to know that the durability of rhodium plating depends on its thickness.

How to prevent white gold discoloration?

The best and easiest way to prevent white gold discoloration is to not use it while doing your work. White gold artifacts are less resistant to impact and abrasion than other gold artifacts due to their rhodium plating. Therefore, if they are dragged to the surface or hit, their coating will disappear very quickly and they will lose their color.

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Of course, you do not have to worry. Because you can polish white gold to eliminate its lines. But be careful not to do this more than once or twice a year; because it is possible to remove the coating on white gold more quickly and in a shorter time.

What to do if the color of white gold changes?

The fact is that white gold cannot be cleaned with great care and attention. Because the cause of yellowing of white gold and its turbidity is the loss of its rhodium plating over time. But you can re-shine and shine that piece of gold. All you have to do is give it to a goldsmith to plaster white gold with rhodium.

Of course, plating white gold with rhodium is not just for its beauty and luster. This coating also makes your gold anti-allergic. Because, as we said before, one of the metals used to make white gold jewelry is nickel. Many people are also allergic to nickel. If you are one of these people, it is better to re-cover it with rhodium as soon as the white gold coating disappears. So that the yellow base gold does not come into direct contact with your skin and does not cause allergies.

white gold changes

Polishing gold and jewelry is a method by which the surface of white gold is polished and if there is a scratch, it is removed. Note, however, that with each polishing, a very fine layer is shaved off the surface of the gold. Well, we know that the surface layer of white gold is the rhodium plating that you use when you polish gold, that is, you cut the rhodium. Therefore, the whiteness of the gold is removed much faster than normal and the yellow gold comes out from under it. So you should not polish the gold.

Tips for keeping white gold

When bathing or washing your hands, remove white gold, as soap will sit on it and remove its shine.

Keep white gold away from very strong detergents, high-powered chemicals, bleaches, and acidic substances such as lemon juice.

Do not use your white gold in the bathroom or pool.

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After each use of white gold jewelry, be sure to put them in the box and do not leave them on the table.

The best way to clean and shine white gold is to take it to a specialist to have the gold surface polished correctly.

The rhodium plating, like other plating, gradually wears off after about 12 to 18 months and must be renewed.

Methods for polishing white gold

To get rid of white gold scratches, it is better to go to goldsmiths’ . Because experts have special tools and equipment for polishing and polishing gold, which has a much better result. But if you want to polish white gold in your home, the following methods may help:

One way to polish white gold at home is to use polishing cloths that are sold in most jewelry stores. Of course, these fabrics are used to remove superficial and shallow scratches.

You can also use boiling water to clean white gold. For this purpose, it is enough to half-water a pot. Put it on the stove and medium flame. Pour a small amount of dishwashing liquid into the pot and stir. Then, place the white gold on the bottom of the pan and let the water boil. This removes excess material and grease on the surface of white gold.