​Do You Know About The History Of Earrings And Their Use For Men?

​Do You Know About The History Of Earrings And Their Use For Men?

Apr 24th 2022

Because earrings are one of the most popular jewelry of human beings from ancient times to the present day, they have been used in different cultures for different purposes. It is interesting to know that this ornament was first for men. But over time, women have also begun to use earrings.

A brief look at the types of earrings and their application

Earrings are one of the oldest and most popular decorative artifacts that people use in different cultures. In the past, earrings were used for three main purposes, including power, bondage, and adornment. But today it has only an ornamental aspect.

Earrings are made of different materials and different metals are used to make it. From 18ct Gold and Platinum to Titanium, Copper and Sterling Silver. But apart from earrings, this decorative device also has different types, which we have briefly mentioned below:

  • Clip-on earrings: A sturdy clip that attaches to the earlobe and holds it in place.
  • Stud earrings: The pin is locked behind the earlobe. This type of earring is usually small.
  • Hoop earrings: They are placed inside the ear hole and around the soft ear.
  • Drop earrings: They can be all metal or a combination of metal and jewelry.
  • Chandelier pendant earrings: It has a more complex and crowded design than ordinary pendants.
  • Threader earrings: It has a simple chain-like design. It hangs behind the ear. These earrings are not locked.
  • Huggie earrings: The two ends of the earrings meet and so-called hug each other.
  • Ear Cuff: Like clip earrings, they do not require an ear hole and are designed to hang from the outer ear.

History of the origin of earrings

The history of the use of earrings shows that in ancient times, earrings were actually an ornamental tool for men. Egyptian and Assyrian men used earrings to show that they belonged to a higher social class. But at the same time, in ancient Rome, earrings were used only by slaves. Wealthy Greek and Roman women also wore pearl earrings to represent their social class.

That is, earrings have always been used with different meanings throughout history and in different societies, and like now, they have not only had a decorative aspect.

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One of the oldest references to earrings is in the Christian Bible; When Moses asked Mount Aaron to bring a god to them on Mount Sinai, he commanded them to bring him earrings and other jewels for their sons and daughters.

In 1577, a note from a priest named William Harrison was published entitled The Description of England, which reads in part: "Some gentlemen and courtiers hang rings of gold, stone or pearls on their ears."

historical things about earrings

The location of the earrings in the west

Throughout history, various earrings have been used by humans, but over time they have spread to different countries of the world; For example, chandelier earrings, which have been popular in India and the Middle East for thousands of years, have only appeared in the Western fashion industry since the 1920s.

In 1590, the use of earrings became fashionable in England. Ear piercing became popular again in the 1960s. At that time, ear piercing was done at home, but after a while, doctors offered a service called ear piercing. In addition to medical centers, ear piercings were also performed in jewelry stores.

In the 1970s, ear piercing was performed using safer methods. So that this work became popular among women. In the same years, multiple ear piercings became popular in the United States for the first time. But during the middle Ages in Europe, men's earrings lost their place. In the 13th century, the Catholic Church banned ear piercing. They believed that human beings should not change the body that God created. It was then that only bandits, pirates and those from lower social classes wore earrings.

Sailors used earrings as their burial expenses at the time of death. They hoped that a burial would be held for them through these earrings. In addition, ear piercing meant traveling across the equator.

The place of earrings in Middle East

The history of earrings in Iran and the first signs of its use can be seen in the relics of Liam civilization. Later, in the statues of Persepolis, earrings were seen on the ear of an Achaemenid soldier. On the left ear of a salt man who lived during the Sassanid period, gold earrings can also be seen.

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The use of earrings was very common during the Achaemenid period. These include earrings made of gold and inlaid with turquoise, red agate and azure. Archaeologists date it to the Achaemenid period and 330-525 BC. Making this exquisite earring in a time when simple tools were the only tools, brings with it a world of mystery. The earrings (pictured below) are 1.5 cm in diameter and are now housed in the Boston Museum of Art.

In addition, cats or other sacred animals adorned themselves with gold earrings. This case is also mentioned in Shahnameh: dogs and cheetahs and ten and two thousand / which are rusty and with earrings.

History of earrings in Egypt

In Egypt in the eighteenth dynasty, earrings were common for princes and kings, and everyone wore earrings. In the culture of ancient Egypt, each color conveys a special meaning and concept. For example, the color blue was used to indicate a person's royalty as well as his or her status. Therefore, they used azure stone to achieve this purpose. Or, for example, green has been a symbol of fertility and success.

Goddesses and aristocratic women also wore gold hoop earrings with precious stones. However, the iron ring earrings in the ears of some lowly people indicated their slavery.

Today's application of all kinds of earrings

We are all familiar with the modern use of earrings. This decorative device has no use other than decorating and completing the look and feel. Although earrings were first used by men in history, today the number of men who have earrings is very small. However, in recent years, ear, nose and eyebrow piercings have become very popular among men, and compared to recent decades, men's earrings have found a more stable position among the general public.

History of earrings

History of earrings for men

We explained above that earrings were first for men and then gradually women also used them. That is, before it was considered a female ornament, it was used as a means to show the power, social status and wealth of men. In the images carved on the walls of Persepolis, the use of earrings by male soldiers can be clearly seen.

In the 1590s, wearing earrings in men's ears became a tradition in England. In ancient times, sailors wore gold earrings to be used as burial expenses after their death. Thus, the history of earrings for men is in fact the starting point for human use of earrings.

But it is interesting to note that in the 1960s and 1990s, wearing single earrings in the left or right ear was used as a secret symbol among homosexuals. In this way, homosexuals could identify with each other without the risk of extreme prejudice. Wearing single earrings later became commonplace as a public sign of sexual orientation to the opposite sex. The shape of the earrings worn in those years was often chosen based on personal taste rather than fashion, but jeweled stud earrings and metal rings were more common. In those years, European gay men mostly pierced their left ear, while Americans preferred their right ear.

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But today none of these beliefs have a place. From the mid-1990s, the use of single earrings as a symbol of homosexuality became obsolete. Many men now wear earrings for no particular purpose.

Interesting and historical things about earrings

It is interesting to know that in the past, boys with widowed mothers hung earrings on the left ear; the only sons of the family are also on the right ear. The man who hung the earrings on both ears also meant that he was the last man in the family. Such a man was cared for by his neighbors and was not allowed to take part in the war. Because his family roots were gone forever.

It is also not bad to know that in Islam, the use of earrings for men is not a problem only if: earrings in that area or city are not considered as an ornament for women and are not made of gold. In this case, there is no problem for men to pierce the ear and use earrings.