4 Tips to Find the Engagement Ring Of Your Dream

Jan 22nd 2020

Finally, you’ve found your true love to spend the rest of your days with. Like many couples, you’re planning to begin your journey with a commitment - an engagement ring. Whether you’re proposing a surprise or shopping together, there are plenty of things you’ll need to consider when choosing the desired band of love. 

 A diamond ring or colored gemstone

The most important decision, when selecting an engagement ring, is how the ring looks. Do you want to follow the traditional way of proposing with a diamond ring or break the trend with a colored stone? Most couples, though, prefer the diamonds, that’s not the only option. Some consider the versatile option of colored gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. 

If you decide to stick to the former choice, be sure to check the diamond’s carat weight and clarity. But when you’re considering choosing a colored gemstone, make your engagement ring even more meaningful by picking up the birthstone. 

Stone Cut and Shape

Once you’re clear with your choice of stone type, it’s time to move to the next step - the shape of the stone. It represents the stone’s form; how the ring will look, primarily, from above. There are at least eight different ways to shape gemstones. This means the choices are plenty. 

While round diamond stone is the most popular choice among couples, others prefer oval or pear-shaped stones. When you’re deciding the perfect stone shape, do not forget to consider the size and length of her fingers. Marquise-shaped stone, for instance, looks good on a slender finger, princess cut stone works best for a wider finger. 

Stone Cut and Shape

Carat size

After deciding the shape of the stone, you’ve to select the carat size that will work best for you. A carat is used to measure the weight of a jewel stone, including diamonds and gemstones. When you prefer a delicate look, pick a small car size but to make a flashy statement, go for a large size.

Once again, the size and length of fingers play a role when selecting the carat size. You don’t want to overpower the delicate look of a dainty finger with a huge center stone or select a stone that goes completely unnoticed.

Metal Color

With your diamond or colored gemstone, you’ll want a band that beautifully completes the overall look. From rose gold to white gold to yellow gold, you have a variety of options to pick the metal color of your preference. When selecting, it’s wise to look for options that complement your skin tone. White gold, for instance, is a popular choice among cool skin tones while warmer skin tones mainly prefer yellow gold band.

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Make your ring special and unique; Engraving on the engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring can be one of the most favorite wedding rituals and create the most memorable moments for the couple. Sometimes it is necessary to do creative and subtle things to show love. One of the best ways to express a couple's love for each other is laser engraving of the engagement ring. Carving a romantic word or sentence on your engagement ring can show your love well.

Laser engraving on the ring

Laser engraving on the ring

Today, the use of laser cutting and laser engraving machines has increased and this modern technology is used in various industries on various materials such as metal, non-metal, and even as special gifts.

Another popular and personalizing trend for ring laser engraving is to laser engrave names on each other's rings, but in your own handwriting! The new laser technology allows jewelers to laser engrave a person's handwriting on the wedding ring beautifully and easily.

Of course, the implementation of this idea depends somewhat on the beauty of your partner's handwriting, as drawing a signature or writing an illegible name can look like a scratch, so be sure to check the handwriting for the name or signature before ordering.

Creative ideas for ring engraving

-You can engrave any love sentences as you wish.

- Another idea is to print a fingerprint on the ring.

-Name engraving on the ring can also be done according to your taste.

-you can use the first letter of the name on the ring for laser engraving.

-Memorable dates such as engagement or wedding dates can also be engraved on the ring.