​3 Main factors that men should know when using jewelry + men's jewelry

​3 Main factors that men should know when using jewelry + men's jewelry

Mar 10th 2022

The use of gold for men seems a bit complicated, and the reason is largely clear. This is because the phrase "men's jewelry" has been almost intangible and strange for decades, and many men are not interested in using jewelry. This has led to much less attention being paid to men's jewelry and jewelry than female models, and their production and supply rates are very low.

Until a few years ago, it was the case that men who wanted to attract attention, or some artists or rappers, wore large gold necklaces, bracelets or rings. This has led many people to think that men's jewelry is not suitable for the general public. In some cases, even the use of these accessories is considered contrary to the official type.

But you should know that these taboos are being broken. In recent years, we have seen a strong presence of men's jewelry. Today's young men wear different types of earrings, bracelets, chains, necklaces and cufflinks, and their type is not ugly at all; it is even very attractive and lovely.

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Therefore, it can be concluded that if men know the correct way to use jewelry, they can undoubtedly add to the attractiveness of their type. But if they are not familiar with the principles of using jewelry, they may cause their appearance to be ugly and ugly. Accordingly, the Worship Gallery goes on to fully explain the principles and rules that men should know about using jewelry. Hope this article is helpful to you. Be with us.

Using gold for men

What are the principles of using gold for men? (men's jewelry)

Men can have an artistic and creative style with the help of jewelry and ornaments. Creativity always attracts attention. The first thing to consider when using men's jewelry is that it is simple and stylish and that the accessory in question does not have an expiration date. That is, after several months or several years, it does not go out of fashion and has a design that can be used forever.

What should men's jewelry look like?

Undoubtedly, men's jewelry should be simple and express the personality of the person. Most of the time, the jewelry that is offered to men in the market is big, thick and very rough. But with a little change in the design of these accessories, their beauty can be given as a gift to the masculine type and style.

"I think in designing and making men's jewelry, I think people should remember this design and be able to relate to it," said Michael Seiger, one of the world's lesser-known creative jewelry designers. . I mean, the nostalgic design is important to me. This is why, for example, I use drawstrings to make men's bracelets. "These ropes are created with a pair of sterling silver and a beautiful and nostalgic bracelet.

What should be considered when buying men's jewelry?

Just connect with a plan. As soon as the jewelry catches your eye, choose it and do not spend too much obsession. Note that jewelry is supposed to make your daily look more stylish. So you do not have to use all the jewelry in one place. Use one of the different types of accessories such as bracelets, necklaces or chains with each type and style. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping.

1- Using gold for men: bracelets

In the past, wide, thick metal or leather bracelets were offered to men. But now the world is moving towards minimalism. This also applies to the selection of men's bracelets. You should look for simple but stylish models. For example, for a simple cufflinks, it is best to get a bracelet that has a different texture. Or, for example, a leather or textured bracelet that is narrow and monochromatic is also suitable for this purpose.

When you decide to wear several bracelets at the same time, you need to consider balance and fit. Stylish bracelets alone are beautiful and attractive, but if you want these bracelets to look good, it is better not to use them too much and use a variety of materials and textures. For example, wear a beaded bracelet, a leather bracelet, and a bracelet next to your watch. Or use a woven bracelet instead of a leather sample. When the material and texture of the bracelets are different, they will make a better and more beautiful combination.

Use of jewelry for men

2 - Use of jewelry for men: ring

If you wear an inlaid ring, be aware that you should not use any other ring on either hand. If you really want to use more rings, it is better to just wear another simple ring in the same hand and do not overdo it. Always keep in mind that the simpler, more stylish.

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Other thick and large rings are out of fashion. In addition, this ring model is not easy to use at all and prevents men from doing any activity while typing or doing physical work. Therefore, the best choice for a ring for men is light and slim models, so that when a person wears it, he will forget that he has a ring in his hand. Our recommendation is to choose rings with a width of less than 4 mm.

3- Using gold for men: necklaces

To choose a men's necklace, it is better to go for chains that you can put on the clothes. We emphasize again that you must consider the simplicity and minimalism of jewelry. As a man, you can use delicate and not so big pendants for necklace chains. Preferably go for sterling silver or white gold.

If you are in the habit of always wearing a T-shirt, we recommend choosing medium chains that fit over your chest. These necklaces give identity to your simple clothes and make your look more attractive. Avoid large, thick, gold necklaces with diamond cuts. Shiny chains are not suitable for all men, preferably go for matte patterns.

If you are going to hang several chains around your neck together, try to make the necklaces long and short. For example, use a necklace 60 cm high without a pendant next to a 50 or 55 cm chain with a pendant. For this purpose, your clothes should be a T-shirt or a sweatshirt. You can also use several different metals together in several layers.

The use of jewelry and rings in men's style

Many men think that jewelry is for women, and men not only do not need jewelry, but also should not use it, and only a wedding ring is enough for them. But this notion is not true in any way, it is clear that the way men use jewelry is fundamentally different from women, and one should not expect a stylish gentleman to use the same amount of jewelry as women, but this is reprehensible. The presence and prohibition of jewelry is not in men's style.

Fashionable men who are considered fashion icons use enough and correct jewelry in their style, and this simple and everyday jewelry elevates their fashion several levels.

The meaning of a ring on each finger

It should be noted that using jewelry at any cost cannot make you fashionable, but you should know how to do this and use these accessories properly and appropriately. One of the most important jewelry that is more used in men's style than other types is the ring.

The ring is not only limited to the wedding ring, and this accessory has various other forms and uses, which are measured based on your position and style.

One of the most important factors determining the use of a men's ring is its position on your hand, which finger you use the ring on changes its meaning and concept and has a different effect on your style. In the following, we will tell you what the meaning and application of a men's ring on each finger will be for you.

The meaning of a ring on each finger

-The meaning of a man's ring on the little finger

If you want to get a special and different ring that has a different design on it, the little finger is the best place for it. When a ring is placed exactly on the edge of your hand, it attracts more attention and everyone sees it. Because of these features, the little finger has been very popular for men who want to convey a special message to others.

In Canada, engineers wear an iron ring on their little finger as a humorous sign of their pride in their profession.

There is evidence that in the Middle Ages priests wore a ring on their little finger as a sign of celibacy. Of course, today, such a meaning is not imagined for a ring on the little finger, but it is still a sign of luxury.

In astrology, the little finger is associated with the planet Mercury, which gives you the sign of intelligence and the power to convince others.

-The meaning of a man's ring on the fourth finger

The fourth finger is the most classic place to wear a ring, and when you want to start using a ring, you always go to this finger first.

The fourth finger of the left hand is where the wedding ring is used, but in Eastern European countries, as well as in Spain, the wedding ring is used on the right hand.

In astrology, this finger is related to the moon and is a sign of creativity and romanticism. A men's wedding ring is usually a simple ring made of gold or platinum in yellow or silver, which usually does not have many details on it, and stylish men prefer to choose their wedding ring simpler than other rings.

-The meaning of a man's ring on the middle finger

Using a ring on the middle finger is largely unconventional, because the presence of a ring on this finger can limit the function of the index finger, and for this reason, it is less used. But this same point can be an idea for a creative work and give your hands a special and different and bold look.

For this, it is better to use a more delicate ring so that it does not disturb the function and movement of your index finger. It is interesting to know that in astrology, the middle finger is connected with Saturn, which conveys the meaning of balance and responsibility.

The meaning of a man's ring on the index finger

The index finger is the most functional finger on your hand, which is traditionally used for official rings, seals, and family emblems.

Generally, high level people such as nobles, kings and senators and members of royal families put their rings on this finger and thus show their high status, but you can put your high level rings on this finger and the status Show your social skills.

In astrology, the index finger is associated with the god Jupiter, which gives the concept of honor and power.

-The meaning of a man's ring on the index finger

The index finger is the most functional finger on your hand, which is traditionally used for official rings, seals, and family emblems.

Generally, high level people such as nobles, kings and senators and members of royal families put their rings on this finger and thus show their high status, but you can put your high level rings on this finger and the status Show your social skills.

In astrology, the index finger is associated with the god Jupiter, which gives the concept of honor and power.

-The meaning of a man's ring on the thumb

From a traditional point of view, the thumb is a symbol of your personality. In Far Asia, archers wore a ring on their thumb to make it easier to draw the bowstring and not cause damage to the thumb. But today, a ring is rarely used on the thumb and only people who have a great sense of creativity do it.

In Western culture, using a ring on the thumb is not very popular, but in other cultures, a ring on the thumb means more wealth and influence.

If you also want to try a ring on this finger, it is better to know that doing this may feel strange and it will take time to get used to it, but the ring on the thumb can also be beautiful and interesting, and if the shape of your finger If you are not satisfied and think it is too thick, it is better to use bigger rings.

And some important points

Now that you are familiar with the use and meaning of men's rings on each finger, it is better to get acquainted with some important points in this connection and use your rings in the right way.

The first point is related to the fit, you can make your hands look more balanced by using the right ring. For example, if you have narrow fingers, it is better to use rings that are a little thick and their band is thin. By doing this, your hands will be stronger and more balanced. It seems

On the other hand, if your fingers are thick and rough, you should use rings that are big and thick so that your fingers look slimmer and more balanced. Another important point is about balance.

If you use two or three rings or more in your hands, do not use all of them in one hand, but try to create the necessary balance and divide the rings between your hands. Of course, this does not mean symmetry, for example, it is not necessary that you have an equal and symmetrical number of rings on your two hands, but what is important is balance.

The last important point is similarity, which has a very simple rule, and that is that all your rings should be of the same color, for example, they should all be gold or silver. It is important, for example, to try to choose all colors warm (gold, bronze, rose gold) or cold (silver, steel, white gold).

Last word

The use of gold for men, like any other accessory, has its own principles and rules that, if followed properly, will make a person look good. In this article, we have written some basic principles for you. Finally, we invite you to visit the men's gold available in the online store of Amin jeweler.