Choosing the right jewelry for your face and body shape! + jewelry and fashions

Choosing the right jewelry for your face and body shape! + jewelry and fashions

Mar 9th 2022

Choosing the right jewelry for your face and body shape is very important. Because it has a direct effect on the final effect of the ornament you choose and your type and style. Therefore, it is necessary to know the right ways to choose the right jewelry to always look handsome and organized. For this purpose, we invite you to accompany the Amin jeweler at the end of the article. Of course, before any explanation, it may be good to remind you of an important and general rule; that is, adding any form of jewelry to your look and style will intensify that shape in your body. For example, if you use hoop earrings, these earrings will make your face appear rounder. Therefore, it is very important to have a correct knowledge of your body shape and face shape so that you can buy the right gold and jewelry for them.

The importance of setting jewelry and their effect on different styles

Setting jewelry together and with the clothes you wear has a great impact on your final style. For example, you can use a variety of sizes, shapes, designs or textures of jewelry to set together. Like wear a slim gold bracelet with a wide leather and gold bracelet. We have written the full explanation in the article How to put several bracelets together. Or use your necklaces short and long: one short and without a pendant and the other long and with a pendant. Choosing these models and mixing and setting them is directly related to your personal taste and type.

Choosing the right jewelry for your face

You can even use multiple rings on one finger. For this purpose, it is enough to use very delicate rings next to pendant rings or rings that are a little wider. We have written the full explanation in the article How to put several rings together.

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If you are one of those people who like to use gold necklaces, gold earrings, gold bracelets and gold rings together, it is better to have an order and an idea in mind for your choice. Consider one of these ornaments as the main center of attention (based on the type and style you have) and implement your desired design and shape on it. But you must be aware that the rest of the gold and ornaments must be considered very simple, without design and shape to see the original gold.

Use a variety of colors to set your clothes and accessories. For example, you can use a balance of contrasting colors or complementary colors to complete your look.

Suitable jewelry with face shape and clothes

Familiarity with the types of face shapes and their suitable jewelry

Below we have introduced the different types of face shapes and in the following we have written which types of gold and jewelry are more suitable for each of these face shapes. To determine the shape of the face, it is better to stand in front of a mirror, measure the width of the largest part of the forehead, the width of the largest part of the chin and the length of the face, i.e. from the beginning of the forehead to the end of the chin. Write down the sizes and compare them. For example, if the width of your face is greater than the length of your face and your facial lines are round, you have a round face.

Round face

The length of the face is approximately equal to its width. The width of the forehead and jaw are similar.

If your face shape is round, you should choose jewelry that is in balance with its roundness. Tall necklaces up to the chest, long angled earrings with square, rectangular and trapezoidal shapes are suitable for you. Try to use less round earrings because the roundness will show your face more.

Oval face

The length of the face is greater than the width of the face. The width of the forehead is wider than the jaw line of the face.

Suitable gold with oval face shape

This face shape is adaptable to almost any model. Ring and pendant earrings are the best suggestion for oval faces.

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Square face

The length of the face and the distance of the cheeks are the same. The chin, jawline and forehead are also equal in width.

Jewelry suitable for square face shape

The shape of the square face becomes more attractive with ornaments that have a pendant or fine jewelry at the end to divert attention from the angled part of the face, especially the chin. Curved pendants and hoop earrings and large pendants are more suitable for square faces.

Rectangular face

The face is longer than its width. The forehead, chin and jaw are almost equal in width.

Jewelry suitable for rectangular shape

Short necklaces and stud earrings are the best choice for rectangular faces, because short necklaces for this form of faces reduce the elongation of the face, and also stud earrings and stickers make rectangular faces more compact and beautiful.

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Heart face

The chin is very sharp, the jaw is wide and the forehead is wider than other parts of the face.

Jewelry suitable for heart-shaped face

Chokers and short necklaces are the best choice for a heart-shaped face shape; because they make the chin appear narrow and round, pendant earrings will also be attractive for a heart-shaped or triangular face.

Diamond face

A face with a narrow forehead and a narrow chin is called a diamond. In this form, the cheeks are the widest part of the face.

Fit jewelry diamond face shape

For a diamond shaped face, you should choose jewelry that shows a wider forehead. Ring or long earrings with curves and curved earrings are suitable for a diamond face.

Familiarity with different body shapes and their appropriate jewelry

Make sure the jewelry you choose enhances or balances your body shape, depending on your purpose. By using special pieces of jewelry, you can moderate, attract attention and even divert attention from a specific part of your body. So as much as you care about the size of your clothes, you need to take the time to choose the right jewelry for your body and body shape. If your body shape is large and with large limbs, try to use jewelry with more numbers and larger sizes and remember that jewelry is more delicate and less suitable for slender body shape. If you have a big belly, do not wear long necklaces at all; because everyone will pay attention to your abdomen and this is not what you want.

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The importance of height in buying gold and jewelry

People with tall, slender waists and long legs should choose jewelry such as gold bracelets, long necklaces or pearls or hoop earrings to emphasize the beauty of different parts of their body. A necklace that is high up to the waist draws the viewer's attention to the slimness of the waist. Or, for example, gold bracelets can emphasize the height and elongation of the legs of tall people.

Long necklaces are not suitable for short people at all. Also, short necklaces are not seen at all on the necks of tall people and as a result will not have any effect. In general, tall people who are more than 170 cm tall should definitely go for necklaces with long sizes. But for example, for a height of more than 160 cm, any size of necklace is suitable and they can use different types of necklaces.

The importance of body shape in buying gold jewelry

Body shape can determine the jewelry you intend to buy. For example, when you have a slender but lower chest, especially a wider buttocks, your limbs are pear-shaped. In such cases, to maintain balance in the limbs, you should draw attention to your shoulders. For this purpose, it is better to use short gold necklaces or choker models, as well as long pendant earrings.

If you have a slim and slender body shape, you should choose delicate jewelry. Conversely, if you are large and fat, it is better to choose large jewelry to look good. To show the upper half of the body as much as possible, a necklace with a size of 50 to 55 cm is usually suitable. For those who do not have prominent breasts but have a shapely upper body, we recommend choosing a delicate necklace with a size of 55 cm. People with short necks should choose a necklace with a size of 45 cm.

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If you have long fingers, large rings will be suitable for you, and thin fingers will be suitable for small rings. For thick hands, it is better to choose a slightly wider bracelet because a tight bracelet makes the hand look fatter, and in general, the bracelet should be slightly loose.

If you have a short neck and you want to look taller, you can use pendant earrings because it can show your face and neck more elongated. But be careful, because if the earrings you choose are too long, it can have the opposite effect and make your neck look even shorter.

Choose jewelry based on personality

One of the criteria that will help you choose the right jewelry is to pay attention to people's personality. If a person has a "bold" personality, large jewelry is more suitable for them; For example, a large and prominent ring or a large number of bracelets can satisfy a bold person.

"Conservatives" are more likely to associate with jewelry that is smaller; For example, a small and stylish piece of stone on a pair of delicate earrings will make these people happy. Some people have "different" and "unusual" personalities and so-called "centrifugal" personalities. Old pieces and jewelry that no one else has worn will make these people feel better.

Getting to know a person based on their choice of jewelry

Carefulness in jewelry and precious objects is one of the ways you can get to know the person in front of you, using jewelry is not just to show off your clothes and beauty, but it is also a representative of your personality. What does your jewelry say about you?


use of pearls as jewelry has continued since ancient times and has remained popular among women. Pearls represent the purity, simplicity and purity of the heart.

Fake jewelry

Usually, people who don't care about other people's opinions and ideas use fake and ordinary jewelry, and their own happiness and good feeling is higher and more important than everything else.

Choosing the right jewelry for your body shape


People who have delicate feelings and like to use jewelry that has a special meaning, use precious stones more.


Diamond represents ambition. Those who have big goals and ideas in their heads and are always looking to be seen bigger and more important use diamonds in their jewelry.

Colored jewelry

Those who like to wear colored jewelry have happy and enthusiastic personalities. Red color symbolizes love, blue color shows kindness and yellow color shows your tender soul.

Last word

In this article, we fully explained how to choose the right jewelry for your face and body shape to look more beautiful. Finally, we would like to remind you that the online store of Amin jeweler offers different types of gold and jewelry for women, men and children. You can buy the most suitable model for your face and body shape.