12 Good-Looking Tricks That Will Make You Shine In the Crowd + how to use jewellery

12 Good-Looking Tricks That Will Make You Shine In the Crowd + how to use jewellery

Jul 30th 2022

In a world where fashion and fashion options are endless, choosing clothes to look good is a very difficult task. Especially if you are one of those people who buy every color and design of clothes and accessories that you like, and at the end of the day, you get lost as to which clothes go with which accessories, which makes it even more difficult.

But the truth is that looking stylish and handsome is not that difficult. Why? Because the secret of being handsome is following several rules and general rules. If you pay attention to the points that we are going to introduce when buying clothes or choosing them to wear, you can be sure that you will look stylish and classy.

To get to know the secrets of being handsome, stay with the Amin jeweler blog.

1- Use three colors of clothes

Even if you use a variety of textures, patterns, and prints, if you keep the color combination of your style to three, everything will look good. Paying attention to this point will not only make you always look stylish and neat, but also reduce your shopping options. Because at that time you know what color clothes you need and what color doesn't fit with your other clothes.

Of course, this rule of adherence to three colors has several notes that you should pay attention to. First, you don't have to count white as a color. For example, if you are wearing black pants, a red blazer and a white t-shirt, you can add another color to this combination. Without having a negative impact on your overall style.

Also, busy designs that have more than three colors are only counted as one color. Of course, if you use such a design, be careful to choose the rest of your look and style completely simple and free of color and design to look stylish. That is, in fact, you should only use one patterned option in your style.

You may imagine that this rule is quite simple and you can implement it very easily. But when it comes time to choose clothes, you will realize that it is not as simple as you imagine; but it is completely workable.

Use three colors of clothes

2- Display your skin smartly

If you are going to wear clothes that show part of your body, be careful not to overdo it. Fashionable and beautiful clothes do not mean to wear a short dress with an open collar and neckline. Rather, you should choose your dress form wisely. It means that only one or two parts of the clothes are enough if they are open and your skin and body can be seen. For this purpose, decide whether you want to have an open top or a bottom. That is, do you want your shoulders to be seen or your legs? Do not open your legs and shoulders at the same time. According to this principle, do not doubt that you will look better and more stylish.

3- Choose your pants based on the height of the heel of the shoes

One of the principles of being handsome is that everything fits together. If you are going to wear flat shoes without heels, you should not wear pants that are too long. When choosing clothes, if you consider all the items, it will undoubtedly be easier for you. That is, when you decide to wear your mustard suit, think about which shoes will go well with it. In the most balanced situation, the pants should be placed on top of the shoes. Or finally cover the shoes but not contact the ground.

4- Choose clothes based on your body shape

First of all, you should know your body shape and then buy clothes based on your body characteristics. If you are obese, it is better to use dark colors or clothes with vertical lines. This will make your body volume less visible. Or if you are very thin, use horizontal patterns and bright colors. Or, for example, if you have a pear-shaped body, you should choose clothes with dark colors for your lower body.

Note that the secret to being handsome is to know your body properly. If, for example, a coat or a long skirt is fashionable and you know that this style of coat does not suit you, then it is better to ignore the fashion and wear something that suits your body shape.

5- Do not match unrelated fabrics together

Don't match fabrics that don't match and don't wear them at the same time. For example, autumn and winter clothing fabrics are usually heavy, rough and thick. Meanwhile, the fabrics of spring and summer clothes are light, soft and cool and are generally made of natural fibers. Therefore, you should not mix clothes from two seasons. For example, you cannot wear woolen pants with a silk top. Or you can't match a silk skirt with a wool sweater. Because these two opposite sexes do not make a beautiful combination together.

Do not match unrelated fabrics together

6- Do not use too much jewelry

It is true that multi-strand necklaces and bracelets have become very fashionable in recent years and have a beautiful combination, but you should not overdo it with jewelry. You need to know how to match several bracelets together. If it's the first time you want to wear several bracelets together, we recommend going for simple chain bracelets that only have different colors. Or choose chains with delicate pendants hanging from them. Or, for example, you can use a bangle and a chain bracelet, both of which are made of gold and in gold color, together.

Or, for example, you should be familiar with the principles of matching several necklaces together and do not overdo it. Being simple and minimal is always more attractive than busy and flashy types.

In the past we have explained to you how to buy the best and most suitable ring for you. A ring that is chosen correctly and suitable for your fingers can make your hands look more attractive. For example, rings that are small in size and have fine details are more suitable for small hands. People with small hands should go for a ring with small round stones and gems, princess cut, oval or heart shape. And on the contrary, those with big hands should look for a ring that has large overall dimensions and a lot of details.

7- Try the classic type

You can try the classic look to be handsome. Classic is a simple but stylish style that has no place in glitter and screaming colors. In this style, the quality and material of the fabric and the stylishness of the clothes are very important. High quality, simplicity and attractiveness are the main factors that should be observed in this style. This style is actually an investment. Because you buy an expensive coat once and you can use it for years. Because in addition to the good material, the simple and minimalist design of this style makes your clothes never go out of fashion and can always be used.

8- Don't wear formal and informal clothes at the same time

Wearing sneakers with a suit or women's shoes with a formal coat and trousers is not very interesting. If you are going to go out with a formal look, try to keep all your clothes and accessories formal. If you like a casual look, choose everything casual; unless you like traditionalism and deconstruction, in which case you have no restrictions on what to wear. But if you want to dress according to the principles and rules of the world, it is better to respect the appropriateness of the material, design, fabric, color and shape of the clothes.

9- Don't buy on fashion

When shopping, do not think about what is fashionable and buy it quickly. Of course, we know that the temptation of seasonal brand discounts is very strong and it is not easy to resist them. But think about how many times you've bought clothes that you can only wear for a short period of time and then they are gathering dust in the corner of your closet? What is the solution to this? Be forward-looking and shop smart.

Buy clothes and accessories that are designed and colored in such a way that you can use them in all seasons of the year or even in other years. For example, if a phosphorescent color chain necklace is fashionable today, don't buy it. First, think whether you can use it in two months or a year or if it should remain unused in the corner of the closet.

dont buy jewellery on fashion

10- Learn to save

Buying right is one of the secrets of good looks at cheap prices. What do we mean by shopping correctly? That instead of buying from expensive and luxury centers, you can buy from auctions or even cheap markets. This may be a bit time consuming but it is worth it. Because with the same money you might pay for one dress from a luxury arcade, you can buy several dresses from city-level stores. Or if you go to the market and cheaper neighborhoods, you can undoubtedly make your purchases at a lower price. If there are branches of famous brands in your city, we suggest you shop at seasonal auctions or outlets.

11- Throw out your wardrobe and put it back together

You're probably wondering what cleaning out your closet has to do with being handsome! It's about keeping the clothes you use and discarding what you don't. In this case, you are more focused when choosing clothes and you choose more suitable clothes and accessories.

To organize your wardrobe, you must first throw everything out, categorize and separate clothes and accessories. Choose the required and necessary options and leave the rest aside. Sort and sort the selected items by color. This will help you choose the same color and matching options when choosing clothes to wear and look stylish and stylish.

12- Use bright colored jewelry

Be sure that the brighter and more golden the color of your jewelry is, the better. Dark necklaces or bracelets or crimson and dark colors are not very suitable for being handsome. You can get one step closer to being handsome by choosing jewelry with neutral colors, simple designs, and away from extra glamor.

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Use bright colored jewelry

Tips to become handsome that is good to know

Don't forget that the size of your accessories has a great impact on your final style. For example, accessories that are a little big and in strange and busy shapes are mostly combined with simple or monochromatic clothes.

When choosing and buying accessories, you should also consider your height. Because women who are almost small in size should avoid large ornaments and accessories.

Make your style more stylish with gold jewelry. For example, imagine you're wearing ripped jeans and a simple t-shirt with converse shoes and a leather jacket. If you want to look more stylish with this style, just add a leather bracelet or a handbag studded with nails.

Change your style with the help of jewelry. Let's say you're wearing a black and white cotton dress but you want to be more stylish, just add a pair of heels and a big gold necklace. Or if you want to look a little offbeat, get into that character with just ankle boots and a choker necklace.

If you need a casual everyday look, pair the same outfit with a colorful necklace. You must have noticed how you can have different types with just one simple accessory. Therefore, with accessories, you have many choices for your styles. Remember that if you don't have much time to think, just use accessories that go with anything.