14k Yellow Gold Christ/Mariners Anchor Cross Stud Earrings Push Back 11MM

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Very beautiful 14k solid yellow gold Christ/Mariners Anchor Cross push back stud earrings.
Size: 11*8MM (0.43" *0.31")
Weight: 0.9 gram
Type of fastening: push back butterfly
Post length: 9MM


The Christ/Mariners Anchor Cross symbol, which combines the anchor and the cross, holds a rich and meaningful significance. Let's further expand on its symbolism and connections:


  1. Faith in God's Protection: The anchor, traditionally associated with ships and maritime activities, represents stability and security. When combined with the cross, it symbolizes the belief that faith in Christ provides a firm foundation and acts as an anchor for the soul. It signifies the trust and reliance on God's guidance and protection, especially during times of adversity or storms of life. Just as an anchor keeps a ship steady amidst turbulent waters, faith in Christ offers unwavering support and a sense of calm in the face of challenges.


  1. Navigating Life's Journeys: The maritime connection in the symbol also carries metaphorical meaning. Life is often likened to a voyage or journey, with its ups and downs, uncertainties, and unknown destinations. The Christ/Mariners Anchor Cross signifies the importance of having a steadfast faith in God while navigating the seas of life. It serves as a reminder to keep the focus on Christ, relying on His guidance and strength to steer through the various seasons and circumstances of life.


  1. Redemption and Salvation: The cross is central to Christianity, representing the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. By incorporating the cross into the anchor symbol, the Christ/Mariners Anchor Cross encompasses the profound message of redemption and salvation. It signifies that through the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, believers can find forgiveness, eternal life, and hope. The symbol encourages individuals to embrace the transformative power of Christ's love and the spiritual anchor it provides for their lives.


  1. Maritime and Seafaring Connections: Beyond its spiritual connotations, the Christ/Mariners Anchor Cross may hold specific meaning for those involved in maritime professions or who have a deep affinity for the sea. It can serve as a unifying symbol for sailors, mariners, fishermen, and others connected to the nautical world, reminding them of their faith and the interplay between their seafaring endeavors and their spiritual journey. It acknowledges the challenges faced in maritime life while emphasizing the importance of faith in maintaining a steady course.


The Christ/Mariners Anchor Cross symbol is a powerful representation of the fusion of Christian faith and the symbolism associated with the anchor and the cross. It encapsulates the themes of faith, hope, stability, divine protection, and the transformative power of Christ's love. Whether as a personal emblem or within a community, the symbol serves as a visual reminder of the unshakable foundation provided by faith in God and the significance of navigating life's journey with Him as the anchor of our souls.

How does it impact if you use it?

The effectiveness or impact of the Christ/Mariners Anchor Cross symbol does not depend on the specific material, such as yellow gold, used to create it.

The significance of the Christ/Mariners Anchor Cross lies in its representation of faith, hope, and the fusion of Christian beliefs with maritime themes. The choice of yellow gold as a material for the symbol may add aesthetic value and visual appeal, but it does not alter the symbol's inherent meaning or its effectiveness in conveying its intended message.


It's worth noting that the choice of material for any symbol or religious emblem often varies based on personal preferences, cultural traditions, and individual beliefs. Some individuals may prefer yellow gold for its traditional association with preciousness and value, while others may opt for different materials or colors that hold personal significance to them.


Ultimately, the effectiveness of the Christ/Mariners Anchor Cross symbol lies in its ability to inspire and resonate with individuals, regardless of the specific material used to create it. The symbol's power comes from its symbolism and the personal connection it holds for the individual who wears or observes it.

Yellow gold is known for its durability and resistance to tarnish or corrosion.  investing in yellow gold earrings ensures a long-lasting piece of jewelry that can be treasured for years to come. You can buy this Yellow gold Christ/Mariners Anchor Cross earrings from our shop.



Other Details

Base Metal:
Yellow Gold 14k
Metal Purity:
Yellow Gold
Country/Region of Manufacture:
United States
Length (Inches):