14k solid two tone gold San Benedict San Benito cross charm pendant 19MM

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Very nice and beautiful 14k solid gold San Benito cross charm pendant.
Weight : 1.9 grams
Size appx : 19×19 MM (0.75")without the bail.


Where does the San Benito cross come from?


 The San Benito cross, also known as the Saint Benedict medal, is a powerful and symbolic religious artifact that is cherished by Catholics around the world. It is named after Saint Benedict of Nursia, who is known as the father of Western monasticism.


 The San Benito cross features a medal with the image of Saint Benedict on one side and a cross with the letters C S S M L N D S M D on the other. The letters are an abbreviation of the Latin prayer, "Crux sacra sit mihi lux, non draco sit mihi dux" which translates to "May the Holy Cross be my light, may the dragon never be my guide."


 The San Benito cross has a rich and fascinating history that spans centuries. According to legend, Saint Benedict himself designed the medal and distributed it among his followers as a symbol of their devotion to God. The medal was said to have miraculous powers, and many people wore it as a form of protection against evil.


 The use of the San Benito cross continued to spread throughout the centuries, particularly during the Middle Ages. During this time, the medal became associated with the Benedictine Order, which was founded by Saint Benedict in the 6th century. The order was known for its strict adherence to the principles of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and its members often wore the San Benito cross as a symbol of their commitment to these ideals.


 Over time, the San Benito cross became a popular form of spiritual protection, particularly in Catholic communities. The medal was believed to have the power to ward off evil and protect against the forces of darkness. It was often worn by soldiers heading into battle or by individuals facing difficult or dangerous situations.


 In addition to its protective qualities, the San Benito cross was also associated with healing. It was believed that the medal had the power to cure illnesses and alleviate pain, particularly when accompanied by prayer and faith.


 Today, the San Benito cross remains a powerful symbol of Catholic devotion and faith. It is often worn as a form of protection against evil and as a reminder of the importance of living a virtuous life. The medal is also frequently used in religious ceremonies and rituals, particularly in exorcisms and other spiritual practices.


 The San Benito cross has also become popular among non-Catholics in recent years, particularly those interested in spiritualism and alternative forms of healing. Many people believe that the medal has the power to bring about positive change in their lives, and they wear it as a form of inspiration and guidance.


 The San Benito cross has undergone many changes and variations over the centuries. Today, there are countless different designs and styles available, each with their own unique features and meanings. Some feature additional symbols or inscriptions, while others are made from different materials or colors.


 Despite these differences, however, the San Benito cross remains a powerful and meaningful symbol of faith and devotion for millions of people around the world. Its enduring popularity is a testament to its enduring power and the deep spiritual significance that it holds for so many. Whether worn as a form of protection or as a reminder of the importance of living a virtuous life, the San Benito cross continues to inspire and uplift all those who wear it.


What are the benefits of using a San Benito Cross?


 The San Benito cross is not just a mere religious artifact; it is a powerful symbol that has been cherished for centuries by those seeking protection, strength, and spiritual guidance. The cross is named after Saint Benedict of Nursia, a 6th-century monk who founded the Benedictine Order. The design of the San Benito cross is instantly recognizable, with its large cross and smaller chi-rho cross intersecting in the middle. The chi-rho symbol represents the first two letters of the Greek word for "Christ," and it has become an emblem of faith and protection.


 One of the primary benefits of using a San Benito cross is protection. Many believe that wearing or carrying a San Benito cross can help keep them safe from physical or spiritual harm. The cross is thought to be a powerful talisman, capable of warding off negative energy and malevolent forces. Some even go as far as to say that the San Benito cross can protect against the evil eye, a superstition that has been prevalent in many cultures around the world.


 Another benefit of the San Benito cross is its ability to provide spiritual strength and resilience. The cross can serve as a reminder of one's faith and beliefs, helping to keep them grounded and connected to their spiritual path. During times of difficulty or adversity, the San Benito cross can provide comfort and reassurance, offering a sense of hope and renewal.


 The San Benito cross is also believed to have healing properties, particularly when it comes to physical ailments or illnesses. The cross is thought to be able to channel positive energy and promote overall health and well-being. Some even use the San Benito cross as part of their healing rituals or practices, believing that it can help to enhance the effects of other healing modalities.


 In addition to its spiritual benefits, the San Benito cross is also a beautiful and ornate piece of artwork that can be used to decorate one's home or office. The cross is often made of high-quality materials, such as silver or gold, and can be intricately designed with engravings or precious stones. Whether displayed on a mantel, hung on a wall, or worn as a piece of jewelry, the San Benito cross can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.


 Ultimately, the San Benito cross is a symbol of hope, faith, and protection. It has been treasured by people from all walks of life for centuries, and its popularity shows no signs of waning. Whether used for its protective properties, its spiritual strength, or its decorative appeal, the San Benito cross is a meaningful and powerful symbol that will continue to inspire and guide people for generations to come.

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