What are the four elements and what does it have to do with people's personalities?

What are the four elements and what does it have to do with people's personalities?

Mar 19th 2022

This is the question that we intend to answer in this article from the Amin jewellery blog.

According to many religions, man is made of a combination of the four elements of fire, earth, air and water. All human beings have these four elements in them, but the amount is different in each person.

This difference makes each person's element different from the other person and distinguishes their behavioural characteristics.

In other words, all humans on the planet are said to be composed of four factors: heat, cold, dryness, and humidity. The combination of these items together constitutes one of the elements of human existence and are called four elements, which we have explained below each element:

Introducing the four elements

Heat + dryness = fire element

Heat + humidity = air element

Cold + dryness - soil element

Cold + humidity = water element

These four elements, along with the soul, are the main constituent elements of human existence. Of course, it is worth mentioning that Abu Ali Sina said in the book of law that two heavy elements, namely soil and water, are the builders of the organs of the body, and two light elements, namely fire and air, constitute the human soul.

You should know that this view is not popular and shows a correct understanding of the universe to man. In this way, soil represents the solid state, water symbolizes the liquid state, and air resembles the gaseous state, which together form matter.

Fire is also considered to represent energy, which describes the changes that occur in matter and its states.

With this introduction, if you are curious to know more about each of these elements, we invite you to join the Worship Gallery at the end of this article.

The four elements, the element of fire

Existential element of those born in the months of: April, August and December

The element of fire

The first of the four elements is fire. The person whose element of existence is fire is very passionate, warm and intimate and illuminates any space. These people are inherently managerial, warm-hearted, creative and full of life.

Fire is said to be the first element to be born during the formation of the universe. Fire has the ability to change and purify. This element, while warming and life-giving, has the ability to burn and destroy.

Fire produces heat and light, but it cannot survive on its own. This feature also applies to those born with the element of fire.

The element of fire

That is, the person whose element of existence is fire, is very passionate, warm and intimate and causes the illumination of any space. These people are inherently managerial, warm-hearted, creative and full of life. With their changing nature, they can turn negative situations into positive ones.

Of course, the same feature does the opposite. That is, fire can easily destroy everything. Get out of the rage very quickly and burn not only yourself, but also those around you.

Those who are on fire often have little loyalty and always follow the path of their desires and inclinations.

Fire needs other elements to survive. While the air causes the fire to grow, the soil can help keep the flame burning continuously and flawlessly. This means that the element of fire can not be happy and lively without those around it, and if it is left alone, it will be extinguished.

Fire is also used as a symbol for the flame or the sun. But symbolically, the element of fire symbolizes the following characteristics:

Strengths of the fire element

  • High energy
  • Activity
  • Creativity Desire the freedom the power Love
  • Insight
  • Courage
  • Perseverance
  • Weaknesses of the fire element Prone to anger and rage disloyal jealous
  • Irritable Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • The four elements, the water element
  • Existential element of those born in the months of July, November and March.

The element of water

The second of the four elements is water. Water is always flowing and most of its activities are happening below the surface. Those whose element is water may seem calm and calm in appearance, but there is a strong feeling of hookah inside them.

A person whose existential element is water is very compassionate and kind and communicates very quickly with others. These people trust others with all their being, which can sometimes be to their detriment.

Water may seem ineffective when it flows in a narrow path. But safe from the day when he gathers and concentrates in one place, then he can move the mountain as well.

Humans born with the element of water see life as a journey in which every movement is part of a specific path.

Because water has a very deep relationship with others, it feels the grief of others as well, and this causes it to forget its own wants and needs.

Sometimes the weight of the grief of others is so great on the shoulders of the element of water that it makes him a depressed person who may even become addicted.

The sensations of water fluctuate, which makes it sometimes fragile and sometimes cruel.

These people need to balance their lives and know when they need to help others and when they need to.

The element of water

Water has cleansing properties. It is a symbol of birth and at the same time it can lead to death and destruction. Clean water is good for health, while contaminated water is a threat to health. Water is also a symbol of the following characteristics:

Strengths of the water element

  • Sacrifice
  • Very high understanding trustworthy daydreaming Forgiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Unconditional love
  • Weaknesses of the water element
  • Unstable
  • Prone to depression
  • illogical
  • Believers and deceivers
  • Ignore yourself
  • The four elements, the soil element
  • Existential element of those born in the months of May, September and January

The element of soil

The third is the four elements of soil. The soil is stable and reliable. Soil is constantly moving and active, and those whose element of existence is soil have the same characteristics.

The soil element is very active and logical, it learns from its life experiences. These people are not imaginative at all, but instead plan and define a vision to achieve logical goals.

Born in the element of soil, he is very creative and artistic, and has the power of love and creation. These people are very warm and friendly and their house is open to their friends and family.

they do not easily bring anyone into their circle of close friends and do not allow anyone to be informed about their personal lives. This makes the soil always loyal and honest.

On the other hand, this feature makes him too cautious and conservative.

Just as the earth cannot be stopped from rotating, nothing can change its mind when the soil element makes a decision.

In emotional relationships, the soil is very empathetic and gives as much positive energy to its emotional partner as possible. But these people need to be careful because others may abuse this trait. Strengths of soil element Steady and consistent hard worker

Strengths of the soil element

  • Loyal
  • Logical
  • Empathy and sympathy
  • Energizer
  • Weaknesses of soil element
  • Lazy
  • Conservative Degrading
  • inflexible

The four elements, the air element

Existential element of those born in the months of: June, October and February.

constantly moving so you may not see it. The same is true of the mind of a person whose element of existence is air.

It is good to know that among the other three elements, air is more concentrated than the others. These people can make instant decisions and find the best solution to any difficult problem.

They are very far-sighted and have a broad vision of their goals and plans that others may not be able to achieve well.

However, by changing the direction of the wind, the air element can change position. While some people born with this element of logic are smart and good-natured, others may be confused and cold. These people are very good at doing several things at the same time. But at the same time, they get distracted very quickly.

Although it has the power to do multiple things at once, it works best when it focuses on a single topic.

Air also gives humans the power to speak. That's why these people are very sociable and can entertain people very well. That's why they shine on Fridays.

Of course, keep in mind that while they are sociable, they may sometimes have no social appeal. Because they often behave logically rather than emotionally.

the air element

The element of air is not very loyal and devoted, and this creates problems for him in emotional relationships.

These people are basically disregarding tradition and do not do things just because they have to. This way of thinking is considered "radical thinking" by others, and their quick decision-making power often causes them to use others to achieve their goals.

Strengths of the air element

  • Air element strengths Thoughtful funny
  • Attractive Independent
  • flexible never mind
  • Weaknesses of the air element Inconsistent selfish Deceiver two face

In this article, we introduced the four elements to you and got acquainted with the characteristics of each bottle. Amin jewellery blog is a world of gold and jewellery knowledge that you can enjoy reading.

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