Tips on buying a gold chain

Tips on buying a gold chain

Mar 3rd 2022

This is the perfect guide on how to buy the suitable gold chain whether it is for yourself or a loved one.

Perhaps this is the time to add more variety to the list of the Jewelleries you already have. How about a new and modern gold chain?

Chains are one of the most common jewellery that one could have. It is popular among both females and males. Chains are getting Nicer day by day, you don't even have to add anything to it. It is simple, elegant and can be used in a daily wardrobe. Whether you're buying a gold chain for the first time or you're looking to know how to choose a gold chain to add to complement other gold chains in your collection, here’s our gold chain buying guide with buying tips and tricks for saving your money and time.

Keep in mind that people sometimes associate gold chains with rappers or athletes. But the fact of the matter is that hip hop culture now influences is high-end fashion as well as mainstream Style.

It’s time to dive to the points you have to consider before purchasing gold chains:

1. Pay for the best

Variety of gold chains and the prices in Amin Jeweleries can be a lot. Consider your budgets and decide how much you want to spend on a gold chain. If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to make sure that you’re buying the best cheap gold chain you can. This means you want to make sure the gold is real and the craftsmanship is of high quality.

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If you do decide to wear a hollow gold chain, you need to be more careful when you wear it and make sure to clean and care for it every day, since they tend to break or get dented.

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Choose real gold chains. Plated gold chains are cheaper, but the thin plating of gold will wear off after some time, exposing the primary metal underneath. This can react with water and cause the chain to wear down. You will need to have the chain replated if you want to restore its colour, which can be a pain.

Gold-plated chains can cause allergic reactions if you have sensitive skin or metal allergies.

2. Choose your gold colour

Here are few tips to figure out which colour of gold is right for you.

Generally, for olive or darker skin tones, warmer gold tones (yellow, rose gold) really complement your complexion.

The higher the karats of yellow gold the warmer the colour and more suitable for gifts.

You can also mix yellow and white gold layered chains for a stylish look on an everyday outfit.

If you have a pale complexion, white gold works better with your skin tone and If you wear a lot of dark clothing, gold chains might be the way to go with.

Rose gold is popular in men’s and women’s gold chains for a modern gold chain link necklace. It’s also popular with many celebrities.

If light-coloured clothing is your style, rose gold and white gold may elevate the style.

Black gold chains with black diamonds are a modern style of gold chain with an edgier, more cutting-edge look. These are getting more popular in both men and women.

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There are plenty of different chains. Some have a masculine look whereas others are quite feminine. Some are able to withstand daily wear and others are better to hold pendants. Knowing why you’re buying the chain will help you zero in on the right type.

Most common types of gold chain are:

  • Bead or Ball Chain:
  • This variety of chains have small round beads of metal that are either spaced with some distance or linked closely together with just a tiny space to allow movement.
  • Box Chain:
  • This type of chain has square “box” links that are usually worn as a necklace for pendants and around the wrist with watches. The nice thing about this chain is that it is easier to repair than other types of chains. If a “box” breaks, the link can be replaced or the broken chain reattached with the remaining links. Box chains are popular among women and range in size from 0.5 mm to 1.5mm.
  • Cable chain:
  • This is probably the simplest type of gold chain and looks much like a tiny version of a common iron chain. Simple but elegant, it has identical, uniformly interlocked ovals. This chain is popular for both men and women, and ranges in thickness to suit all styles.

    And others like:

  • Figaro
  • Anchor or Mariner Chain
  • rope chain
  • snake chain
  • Spiga or Wheat Chain
  • Singapore Chain
  • gold chain for girls

    4. The Clasp Matters

    There are all different types of clasps out there- some are for functionality and some are for style.

    Clasps can easily be replaced but it's best to start off with a good clasp. Although this is a lesser-known fact, the clasp of the chain plays an important role in holding and securing the chain. There are many types of clasps used in gold chains, including lobster, spring ring, toggle, hook and screw. In general, the lobster clasp is the best option because it's both secure and easy enough to open. It also won't open unexpectedly like some of the cheaper clasps. When the clasp breaks it puts you at risk of losing your chain if it falls off your neck.

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    5. Check for the Hallmark

    The hallmark is a small engraving, typically found near the clasp of gold chains. This mark displays the purity of the chain in karats. Additionally, some chains also have the year of marking that will be etched near or on the clasp. For example, the hallmarks for 18K gold can include – 18K, 18KT or 18Kt.

    Gold chains are timeless pieces of jewelry that hold their value over time. So find a style that you like, and then try to pay as close to the scrap gold value as you can. The buying process can be as simple as that. We will help you through these steps in Amin Jewelers.