How To Set Jewelry and Ornaments with Your style And Clothes?

How To Set Jewelry and Ornaments with Your style And Clothes?

Jun 14th 2022

Set jewelry with clothes

Setting jewelry with clothes may not seem strange and difficult at first glance, but you are actually wrong! This choice can be a daunting task. This is because after wearing clothes and hanging new jewelry, you may find that it does not match the color of your clothes, skin color or the shape of your face or clothes. For this reason, it is necessary to be aware of a set of general principles and rules about setting gold with clothes in order to always look good in clothes.

In Amin jeweler blog, we have taught you these tips so that you can have the right choice of jewelry and ornaments for any type of clothing. Be with us.

What if I choose the wrong jewelry?

The right choice of jewelry and ornaments can completely change the type of your type and the clothes you wear and give it a special beauty and style. But if you do not choose the right jewelry and jewelry and use whatever you can get, you may look slutty, untidy and even amateur in the eyes of others. It all depends on what kind of gold and jewelry you use.

There are some jewels that you use always and everywhere; Like an engagement or marriage ring.

Simple and one-of-a-kind rings with pillow or cushion cuts are great for any type and outfit and can be suitable anywhere. However, wedding rings that have a distinctive and strange design may be dazzling and attractive at first glance, but it may distract others from your particular type and dress, which may have emptied your pockets for it and with a special obsession. You have chosen it. Therefore, before the wedding ceremony, you should think carefully about the design of your engagement and wedding ring so that you do not have to update your choice and buy a new ring that is suitable for every ceremony and situation.

Set Jewelry and Ornaments

1. Choose the right scale

The scale and dimensions of jewelry and ornaments is one of the most important criteria for setting jewelry with clothes. If the jewelry you choose is too small for your type and size, it will not be visible at all. If it is too big, it will look ugly, messy and cumbersome.

Simple and small jewelry is the best choice for the type and clothes that have crowded designs, embroidery, crochet or embroidery. Here is what we suggest: A pair of stud earrings and a string of pearls can make your look very attractive and lovely at such times.

But if the clothes you are wearing have a simple print and cut, for example when you are going to wear a white uniform with black jeans, you can choose more crowded jewelry.

We suggest you: Hang a necklace or a wide chest around the neck or a bracelet or a thick pattern around the wrist. If you are trying to make your appearance more formal and cautious, we suggest you choose simple jewelry with the same simple clothes and type.

2- Pay attention to color

To set jewelry with clothes, you should know that gold and silver are usually compatible with any type; like jewelry that is a combination of platinum and white gold. Of course, if you want to choose more colorful jewelry or you want your jewelry to be decorated with precious or semi-precious stones, you need to make sure in advance that they will not ruin your look.

Color wheel or color picker circle can help you a lot in these situations. In general, you have two options:

Or you want to use jewelry and ornaments that have the same color family as your type and clothes

Or choose the color from the opposite side of the wheel.

For example, if your blouse is green, you can choose a necklace that is yellow (in the same color family) or inclined to purple (on the opposite side of the color wheel).

Be careful not to choose more than three colors in your outfit, clothes, jewelry and all your jewelry because you may look like a colorful parrot or a moving clown.

3- Define your brigade

Your personal style, style and type have a special influence on the rules of choosing jewelry and decorations that you use. The style of your brigade and the special ceremony you want to attend also play an important role in setting gold with clothes.

For example, if you want to have a professional and formal look in the office and workplace, you should choose elegant necklaces and stud earrings. If you want to add a little classic charm to your bridal gown, you should use pearl necklaces or diamond earrings.

Define your brigade

On the other hand, if you want to have an exciting and expressive look that dazzles everyone, you can use large pieces of jewelry in several layers. If you want to look attractive and charming, pendant earrings and multi-branches as well as thick bracelets are a great choice for this decision.

Find the right models by repeating and experimenting

You need to try different things for a while to see which model matches your jewelry and type.

Take time to prepare yourself every day, because then you can try different combinations of jewelry and ornaments with your type and dress to finally find a perfect fit for the special occasion of the day. Over time, you will learn what jewelry is right for you and what does not fit your type and outfit.

Eventually, you will be able to make the right choice over time depending on the type of type you want and the style you have in mind; A choice that catches everyone's eye.

Frequently Asked Questions about Setting Gold with Clothes

Is skin color effective in choosing jewelry?

Yes one hundred percent. If your skin color is cool, it is better to choose white gold, silver, steel, platinum and white and light jewelry. But if you have warm toned skin, you should look for a variety of yellow, orange, honey and similar jewelry.

Can anyone be sensitive to gold?

Most people who are allergic to gold are actually allergic to the nickel in gold products. Nickel strengthens gold. For this reason, this metal is widely used in the manufacture of gold artifacts. If you are one of these people, before buying gold online, be sure to pay attention to its high grade. The higher the grade of gold, the purer it is and the less peripheral metals are used in its manufacture. As a result, allergies are less likely to occur.

Set Jewelry with Your style

Does my height affect the choice of necklace size?

Yes, the height of people has a great impact on the appearance of the necklace. Each person should determine the size of the necklace according to their height. Long necklaces are not suitable for short people at all. Also, short necklaces are not seen at all on the necks of tall people and as a result will not have any effect.

What should I pay attention to when choosing gold earrings?

The first thing to consider when choosing the right earrings is the ceremony you are going to attend. You have to choose your clothes and jewelry according to the conditions. If you want to go to a friendly dinner party, you do not need to hang a bright and patterned earring from your corners. Or if you are in a formal meeting, you should definitely use simple and classic earrings.