10 Tips of how to buy bracelets for girls

10 Tips of how to buy bracelets for girls

Mar 2nd 2022

when you want to choose bracelets for a girl there are so many factors you have to consider.

how old is she? is she into gold or diamonds?

is she a fan of modern designs or does she rather to have a good old fashioned bracelet.

the truth is, In comparison to the other accessories one has, bracelets are the most under-rated jewellery pieces. but By wearing a simple yet stylish bracelet, anyone can instantly make a style statement at workplace, parties or any gathering they are attending. uncommon fact, she will not get a lot of bracelets as a gift. so you will be remembered! As easy it is to flaunt the accessories, it can get a little tricky to find the perfect bracelet for her.

before you make any purchases, Follow these simple tips and it will give you worthy ideas.

1. plan the journey

start by answering typical questions about her in your mind. we recommend some of them earlier

  • if you need help her best friend is the best source you can think of. find one who is trusted enough that she wont ruin the surprise, IF it is a surprise. you can guess or you can use her other bracelets
  • if you have access to her Instagram you can easily find ideas from the fashion accounts she follows search her phone. her screenshots, her saved photos in her Instagram. you won't be disappointed.

2. then you'll need her wrist size

again, you can count on her friends or family in this. if no one can help in this case you will need to work quick and smart.

hold her hand (if its appropriate) and try to remember the wrist size. if its not an option, try comparing hers, to others you can measure. this is most useful when she is not around and all you have is pictures.

3. choose the right style

pay attention to her daily jewellery.

is she a kind that like them simple and casual? or does she only uses jewelleries in parties and more formal events?

all that information can help you to choose the right bracelet.

how to buy bracelets for girls

if she is a girly one, go with the Emeralds, Ruby's or pearls.

if she is active, lively and very social, then she can not settle down with something that is elegant or hard to move around with. rather, you should go with funky or very chic in order to enhance her personality.

antique jewelleries also has its own fans; mostly among artists and unique personalities.

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4. the more the merrier

Decide your budgets and if you can afford it, always go for a diamond because Diamonds are a girl's best friend! or you can even match another piece to make the gift, more valuable.

in the other hand if you are low on the budget, Plain solid gold bangles are a good choice for daily wear specially if you want her to wear them all the time like gold chains. this is the best option for your girl best friend or the one who isn’t yet the mother of your child!

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you can always reliey on us for finding the right gift for any style with so many choices on the price.

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5. Choose “Quality” over “Quantity

which one do you rather? a low quality bracelet that can break very easily after wearing only for couple of times or something valuable and worthy of your time and money?

lets think about her. you must play an important part in her life if you are looking for a gold bracelet. if not, you will be after this!

Now that it is more clear on how to decide your gift, here are some deeper advises:

Go wild with a gemstone on the bracelet.

bracelets for girls

6. Understand Her Style:

The first and most crucial tip when selecting a bracelet for a girl is to understand her unique style. Everyone has their own fashion preferences, whether it's classic, bohemian, modern, or eclectic. Observing the jewelry and clothing choices she makes can provide valuable insights into her style. Take note of her favorite colors, materials, and overall fashion choices.

For example, if she tends to gravitate toward classic and timeless pieces, a simple gold or silver bracelet with a delicate design might be an ideal choice. On the other hand, if she embraces a more bohemian or eclectic style, you might opt for a beaded or leather bracelet with vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

7. Consider Size and Fit:

The second tip involves getting the right size and fit for the bracelet. Ill-fitting jewelry can be uncomfortable and may not look as appealing. To ensure a proper fit, it's essential to determine her wrist size. If you're uncertain about her wrist measurements, consider these options:

- Adjustable Bracelets: Adjustable bracelets are versatile and can fit a range of wrist sizes. They often feature extension chains or sliding mechanisms that allow for easy resizing.

- Consult a Friend or Family Member: If you're buying the bracelet as a surprise, consider reaching out to her close friend or family member who may know her wrist size. They might have helpful information without giving away the surprise.

- Go for a Bangle: Bangles are typically less size-dependent as they slide over the hand and rest on the wrist. However, keep in mind that they should not be too loose to avoid slipping off.

8. Choose the Right Material and Metal:

The choice of material and metal for the bracelet is a critical decision. Girls often have preferences for specific materials, and it's important to consider any metal allergies or sensitivities they may have. Here are some popular options to consider:

- Gold: Gold bracelets are timeless and elegant. They come in various shades, from classic yellow gold to trendy rose gold. If she prefers a luxurious and classic look, a gold bracelet might be the perfect choice.

- Silver: Silver bracelets are versatile and can suit a variety of styles. Sterling silver is a popular choice known for its durability and affordability.

- Leather: Leather bracelets have a more casual and rugged appeal. They are often adorned with charms, beads, or metal accents, making them suitable for a more bohemian or laid-back style.

- Beaded: Beaded bracelets offer a wide range of colors and styles. They are great for adding a pop of color and can be personalized with different bead types and charms.

Consider her existing jewelry collection and her preferences when it comes to metals. Some individuals prefer the warm tones of gold, while others lean toward the cool, understated look of silver. Being aware of her metal preferences can help you choose a bracelet that will seamlessly complement her jewelry ensemble.

9. Personalization Adds Meaning:

Adding a personal touch to the bracelet can make it even more special and meaningful. Personalization can take many forms, such as engraving her name, initials, or a special date on the bracelet. This small gesture can transform the bracelet into a cherished keepsake, reminding her of the occasion or the person who gave it to her.

Another way to personalize the bracelet is by choosing charms or pendants that hold significance to her. Consider her hobbies, interests, or special milestones in her life. For example, if she loves travel, a bracelet adorned with miniature globe charms might be a great choice. If she's a music enthusiast, consider a charm that resembles a musical note.

10. Consider the Occasion and Durability:

Finally, when choosing a bracelet for a girl, it's essential to consider the occasion and the durability of the piece. Different bracelets are suited for various occasions. For example:

- Everyday Wear: If the bracelet is intended for everyday wear, prioritize durability. Look for materials and designs that can withstand the rigors of daily activities. Stainless steel, leather, or silicone bracelets are often durable choices for active lifestyles.

- Special Occasions: For special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, you may want to opt for a more elegant and sophisticated bracelet. Precious metals like gold or silver, along with gemstone embellishments, can add a touch of luxury to the gift.

- Casual or Bohemian Styles: If the girl has a more relaxed, bohemian style, consider bracelets with natural materials like leather, wood, or beaded designs. These align well with the casual, free-spirited aesthetic.

History and archaeology can tell us that gemstones have been appreciated for their spiritual powers just as much as their beauty since we first plucked them from riverbeds or sandy shores.

Here are some gemstones you can consider:


Amazonite is believed to have a soothing and calming effect. It accomplishes this by dispelling negative energy and allowing us to let go of sadness and grief. It also look really good on gold.

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Amethyst calms the emotions, encourages clarity of thought, and assists in attaining wisdom. Amethyst is a stone of the mind which brings calmness and clarity. Amethyst is said to attune its wearer with intuition, feelings and values. It has long been regarded as an aid to sobriety and is useful for combating alcohol, food and other addictions. It is also thought to ease obsessive-compulsive behaviour.


Aquamarine is associated with courage and the release of anxiety and fear. It is thought to soothe, calm, alleviate fear and to help relaxation on long journeys. Many believe that it protects sailors at sea, and prevents seasickness. Tradition holds that it gives insight and promotes mental clarity



Diamonds are believed to absorb and amplify the thoughts of its user, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of other gems and their wearers. The ancients also used diamond for detoxification as it is said to protect from poison.


Emerald is a traditional stone, and it is stated that emerald aids fertility, improves eyesight and gives the wearer psychic powers. It is also believed to lift depression and relieve insomnia. Promotes self-knowledge, peaceful dreams and encourages balance and patience.

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Garnet gemstones are regarded as the stone of passionate devotion; toward family, friends, the self and purpose in life. Believed to stimulate the senses, and increase vitality and stamina. Garnet is thought to attract good luck in business ventures. Garnet gemstones include almandine garnet, pyrope garnet, colour change garnet, demantoid garnet, Mali garnet, Malaya garnet, Rhodolite garnet, hessonite garnet, spessartite tsavorite garnet, star garnet and uvarovite garnet.



Opal is regarded as a stone strongly associated with the emotions, including love and passion. It is also thought to promote spontaneity, imagination, dreams and healing. Varieties of opal include black opal, common opal, white opal, chocolate opal, opal-in-matrix, Australian boulder opal, opal doublet, opal triplet and fire opal.


Red ruby is famous as a protector from misfortune and bad health, ruby is also used to open the heart and promote love. Given as a gift, ruby is a symbol of friendship and love. The ruby is also a symbol of vitality and royalty.

What is bangle bracelet? And the difference with a bracelet?

Bangle bracelets are considered a type of bracelet, with the difference that bangle bracelets do not have a lock and the upper part of the bracelet is open, or they have crossed each other or do not meet.

bangle bracelet

Advantages of bangle bracelet you should know:

1. The first and most important advantage of a bangle bracelet is that by purchasing it, you become the owner of a bangle and a bracelet, in other words, you kill two birds with one stone.

2. Another advantage of this product is its extremely beautiful design, which is available in elegant designs.

3. The weight of this bangle is very light, which does not tire the hand.

Through years of experience, we can confidently say that the gold bangle bracelet is one of the best-selling models in the world. Bangle bracelets are available in various models that cover every taste.