18k Solid yellow gold Farvahar Ahura Mazda Zoroastrian Achaemenid Pendant 2.83"

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Beautiful 18k solid yellow gold highly detailed Farvahar Zoroastrian Achaemenid 2500 B.C. pendant.

Average weight approx: 11-11.3 grams

Dimension approxx: 72×30 mm(2.83"×1.18") excluding the bail.

Please note that the weight and the bail might be different because of handmade production.

Two descriptive pictures added to give you a better knowledge of what the sign means.


The winged disc with a man's upper body that is commonly used as a symbol of the Zoroastrian faith, has a long and splendid history in the art and culture of the Middle East. Its symbolism and philosophical meaning is an ancient heritage that extends through three millennia to modern times.

Iranian Symbols

A.The word Faravahar is made up of two parts: “Fara” meaning forward of ahead, and “vahar” meaning pulling, so Farvahar literally means “forward-pulling force”. In ancient Iranian culture, the concept of Farvahar was considered as the invaluable component of human existence because it is an attribute of Ahura mazda’s infinite entity.

It is incorporated in human at birth to guide and lead toward perfection, and after death it unites with its origin or Ahura Mazda as pure and perfect as it was. The emblem of Farvahar is a winged old sage symbolizing Mazdayasna thoughts. The symbol dates back to thousands of years ago. It is made up the following parts:

1.Head 2.Hands 3.Wings 4.Central circle 5.Feathered tail 6.Two hanging cully threads

1. Head

The figure inside is that of an old man representing wisdom of old age that reminds us the Farvahar of the elderly can be a better guide, and that we should consult experienced and wise people.

2. Hands

One of the hands points upwards, telling us that we shoul always be in only one direction (lf Ahura Mazda). The other hand holds a small ring, the ring of promise. This shows respect for promise. In today’s world, we see it in the form of wedding rings signifying the promise between two humans.

3. Wings

The wings are spread apart signifying the ascent of the soul or upward progress of human. Each wing is in three major segments, representing Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds. This suggests progress through the triple principle.

4. Central circle

A circle is a line that has no beginning and no end. The central circle in the Farvahar symbolizes the cycle of life and the eternity of the universe. It tells us that results of man’s actions return to him in this world, and in the other world the soul of the righteous one will enjoy the reward (joins the Domain of Song, and enjoys peace of mind); on the other hand, the soul of the wicked one will fact the punishment (darkness and sadness).

5. Feathered tail

The feathered tail below is also in three parts. It represents the opposite of the wings namely, Bad Thoughts, Bad Words, and Bad Deeds. It indicates the fact that we should always drop bad choices down and avoid them.

6. Two hanging curly threads

These two threads signify Spenta Mainyu (Good Mind) and Angra Mainnyu (Evil and Angry Mind). These may occur in human mind any time, and every Zoroastrian is responsible for embracing Spenta Mainyu and discarding Angra Mainyu to think of the

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The Timeless Elegance of the 18k Solid Yellow Gold Farvahar Pendant

Zoroastrianism, one of the world's most ancient monotheistic religions, holds deep significance for millions of people around the globe. Within the realm of Zoroastrianism, the Farvahar, also known as the Farohar, is a powerful symbol that represents both the faith and the rich heritage of the Achaemenid civilization. Crafted from 18k solid yellow gold, the Farvahar pendant is more than just a piece of jewelry; it is a remarkable emblem of history, faith, and artistry.

Unpacking the Symbolism

At the heart of the Farvahar pendant is a world of symbolism, with each element contributing to the rich tapestry of meaning associated with this emblem. The Farvahar itself consists of a central circular disc with two outstretched wings on either side. In the center of the disc is a depiction of a bearded human face. Together, these elements tell a story that resonates deeply with Zoroastrian beliefs.

The central disc represents the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This symbolizes the Zoroastrian concept of the soul's journey and its eternal connection to the divine. The two wings extend outward, signifying the divine nature of this journey and the soul's capacity for spiritual growth and transcendence. The bearded human face serves as a representation of the human condition, emphasizing the importance of our choices and actions in the grand scheme of life.

A Tribute to Ahura Mazda

The Farvahar is more than just a religious emblem; it is a tribute to Ahura Mazda, the supreme god in Zoroastrianism. Ahura Mazda is the ultimate source of all that is good and pure, and the Farvahar symbolizes the close relationship between the divine and the human spirit.

Crafted in 18k solid yellow gold, this pendant pays homage to the divine through its elegance and craftsmanship. The choice of 18k gold reflects the highest quality and purity, emphasizing the preciousness of the symbol it represents. As a result, the Farvahar pendant not only serves as a piece of jewelry but as a tangible connection to the divine for those who cherish Zoroastrianism.

The Artistry of Craftsmanship

The creation of the 18k solid yellow gold Farvahar pendant is a labor of love, requiring exceptional skill and attention to detail. The intricate design of the Farvahar demands precision, and the use of 18k gold elevates it to a work of art.

Craftsmen meticulously shape the gold to capture the likeness of the Farvahar. The careful detailing of the outstretched wings, the intricate rendering of the human face, and the perfectly circular central disc all attest to the artisan's dedication to their craft.

Each pendant is a testament to the commitment to quality and authenticity. The 18k solid yellow gold is a mark of distinction and symbolizes the lasting legacy of the Achaemenid civilization, where craftsmanship and artistry were highly prized.

A Blend of Faith and Fashion

The Farvahar pendant is not confined to the realm of religious symbolism; it effortlessly transitions into the world of fashion. Its timeless design and elegance make it a versatile piece of jewelry that can be worn on various occasions.

For individuals of Zoroastrian heritage, wearing this pendant is a way to proudly display their faith. It's a statement of identity and a connection to their religious and cultural roots. It serves as a constant reminder of their commitment to the tenets of Zoroastrianism and the values it upholds.

Beyond the realm of faith, the Farvahar pendant appeals to those who appreciate its artistic and historical significance. Its elegant design and the use of 18k solid yellow gold make it a luxurious accessory that can elevate any outfit. Whether worn on a special occasion or as part of everyday attire, this pendant adds a touch of refinement and sophistication.

A Lasting Heirloom

What makes the 18k solid yellow gold Farvahar pendant truly special is its potential to become a cherished heirloom. Crafted with the utmost care and precision, it is designed to withstand the test of time. The durability of 18k gold ensures that this pendant will retain its beauty and elegance for generations to come.

As a family heirloom, the Farvahar pendant can serve as a symbol of faith that is passed down through the ages. It tells a story of heritage, beliefs, and the enduring connection to the divine. Each time it is worn, it carries with it the history and traditions of those who have treasured it in the past.

A Thoughtful Gift

The 18k solid yellow gold Farvahar pendant is not just a personal accessory but also a thoughtful gift. For those who hold Zoroastrianism close to their hearts, receiving such a pendant is a gesture of deep respect for their faith. It's a way to honor their spiritual journey and celebrate their connection to Ahura Mazda.

Moreover, this pendant can be a unique and meaningful gift for anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship and artistic expression. It is a conversation piece that can spark discussions about history, culture, and faith.

In conclusion, the 18k solid yellow gold Farvahar pendant is a testament to the enduring power of faith, artistry, and history. Its symbolism runs deep, its craftsmanship is exceptional, and its elegance is timeless. Whether worn as a symbol of faith, a fashion statement, or a cherished heirloom, this pendant stands as a remarkable piece of jewelry that transcends the boundaries of time and culture. It embodies the enduring legacy of Zoroastrianism and the timeless elegance of 18k solid yellow gold.

The 18k solid yellow gold Farvahar pendant is a tribute to the ancient Achaemenid civilization, a symbol of Zoroastrian faith, and a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Crafted from the finest 18k solid yellow gold, it encapsulates the rich tapestry of symbolism associated with the Farvahar. This pendant seamlessly marries faith and fashion, making it a versatile accessory that can be cherished for generations as a family heirloom.

When you wear the Farvahar pendant, you carry with you the profound history, faith, and artistry that it represents. Its timeless elegance and quality craftsmanship ensure that it remains a lasting symbol of connection to Ahura Mazda and a testament to the enduring legacy of Zoroastrianism.

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