14k tri color gold double sided Virgin Mary Guadalupe & Jesus round pendant 27mm

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Very beautiful 14k solid tri color gold double sided Virgin Mary Guadalupe and Jesus Christ round shape charm pendant.
Weight : 5.4 grams
Size: 27 mm diameter without the bail.
(Please consider up to 0.3 gram scale accuracy difference, more or less. )


Using symbols of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe and Jesus as jewelry can have personal, cultural, and religious significance for individuals. Wearing such symbols as jewelry can serve as a visual representation of one's faith, devotion, or connection to these figures.

For many people, wearing religious jewelry featuring the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe or Jesus can be a source of spiritual comfort and a reminder of their religious beliefs. It can serve as a personal expression of faith and a way to keep their religious beliefs close to their heart, both symbolically and literally.

In certain cultures or communities, wearing such jewelry may also carry cultural significance. The Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, for example, holds immense cultural importance in Mexican and Mexican-American communities. Wearing jewelry featuring her image can be a way to express one's cultural heritage and pride.

Additionally, religious jewelry can also serve as a conversation starter or a means of sharing one's faith with others. It can spark discussions about religion, spirituality, and personal beliefs.

It's important to note that the significance of religious symbols can vary among individuals and communities. Some may see wearing such jewelry as an important act of devotion, while others may view it as simply a fashion accessory. As with any religious symbol or item, it is essential to approach it with respect and sensitivity, considering the beliefs and traditions associated with it.

there are artistic depictions that combine the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe and Jesus in various ways. These depictions often reflect the cultural and religious traditions of the regions where they are created.

One common artistic representation is the image of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe with the infant Jesus in her arms. This portrayal shows the Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus, emphasizing their maternal and filial bond. In these images, Jesus is often depicted as a small child or baby, and the Virgin Mary is shown as the protective and loving mother.

Another representation combines the image of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe on Juan Diego's tilma with a cross or crucifixion scene, symbolizing the connection between the Virgin Mary's appearance in Mexico and the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. These images highlight the spiritual significance of the Virgin Mary's appearance and her association with Jesus' redemptive mission.

In addition to these common depictions, individual artists may create their own interpretations that merge the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe and Jesus in unique ways. These artistic representations can be found in various forms, including paintings, sculptures, murals, and religious icons.

It's important to note that these artistic depictions are not officially endorsed by the Catholic Church or considered canonical representations. They are artistic expressions that reflect the devotion and cultural interpretations of the artists and communities who create and appreciate them.

The Virgin Mary of Guadalupe and Jesus are both significant figures in Christian tradition, particularly within the Catholic faith. However, it's important to note that the concept of a "round" involving both of them is not a recognized or widely known religious event or symbol in Christianity.

The Virgin Mary of Guadalupe is a revered figure in Mexican Catholicism. According to tradition, she appeared to a native Mexican peasant named Juan Diego in 1531. The story goes that she left her image imprinted on Juan Diego's cloak, known as the "tilma," which is now housed in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. The image is believed to be a miraculous representation of the Virgin Mary and holds immense cultural and religious significance for millions of people.

Jesus, on the other hand, is the central figure of Christianity. According to Christian beliefs, Jesus is the Son of God who was born in Bethlehem, grew up in Nazareth, and later became a teacher and healer. His life, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection form the basis of the Christian faith.

While both the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe and Jesus hold deep spiritual and religious significance independently, there is no specific concept or event referred to as a "round" involving both of them. It's possible that you may be referring to a specific artistic depiction or interpretation that combines both figures in a circular composition, but that would be a subjective representation rather than an established religious symbol or event.

Are you seeking a meaningful and elegant piece of jewelry that resonates with your spirituality? Look no further than our collection of Virgin Mary and Jesus symbol pendant. Crafted with love and attention to detail, our pendant beautifully capture the essence of positive energy, serving as a constant reminder of guidance, protection, and hope.


Other Details

Multi-Tone Gold
Metal Purity:
Length (inches):
1.06" (27 mm)
Country/Region of Manufacture:
United States
Base Metal:
14k gold